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Taming the Dragon - Lohan No. 17

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  • Taming the Dragon - Lohan No. 17

    As I do not manage to get the text displayed here correctly - there are unreadable letters despite the preview looks good - the article gets posted as word.docx.

    Update - this version is amended, slightly reformulated and some typos corrected, again:


    From the Content:

    What do you do when you encounter a Dragon?

    Is a Chinese 'long' really an English 'Dragon' or is it mistranslated?

    Dragon in Chinese Culture

    Dragon in Zen

    From Mahakasyapa (First Patriarch of Zen) to the 17th of the 18 Lohan (Arhats)

    Lohan No. 17 'Taming Dragon Lohan'

    Huineng - 6th Patriarch of Chinese Chan Buddhism - and the Dragon in a pond in front of Baolin temple

    Ji Gong - 'Drunken Monk' and Reincarnation of Mahakasyapa/Taming Dragon Arhat

    Chinese Literature - The journey to the West: Monkey King Sun Wukong with the power to subdue dragons and tame tigers

    Chinese Art Depictions - Arhat taming the Dragon

    It's mainly just quoted from sources from the internet with the given links.

    This way, when checking back here from time to time there is not always my old topic from two years ago as last post under this section...

    With Kung Fu Salute



    No. 9 = 'Ride Dragon Strike Tiger':

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