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QiGong & Taijiquan courses in Berne & Zurich

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  • QiGong & Taijiquan courses in Berne & Zurich

    Dear family

    Sigung was visiting our county in August and kindly offered QiGong and Taijiquan courses. I enjoyed and benefited a lot and would like to share some of my experiences:

    18 Lohan Hands course
    This course was vey special to me as my brother joined. I am very proud of him, not only did he do well, he even took his opportunity and asked an important question for him to Sigung. I can definitely learn a lot from my big brother. And I am very happy that he enjoyed the courses and I would like to say a big thank you to my sisters and brothers for welcoming my brother with so open hearts during and outside the courses.

    Bone Marrow Cleansing course
    If this course would have ended after the standing meditation right in the beginning, I would have been already very, very grateful and blessed. But yes, there was lots more to come … the Bone Marrow courses are somehow very dear to me. I remember when one got offered last year in Zurich, I just had to go although I had no knowledge about it. Still today this moment of pure peace I felt after one session is still so vivid within me. This May I had the chance to attend another Bone Marrow course in Italy and this one was indeed very special and beneficial to me. I think it was on the Organ level and when I sat down after the chiflow I got very, very quiet and from deep within tears found their way out. It was everything else from loud crying, it came so softly from very, very deep and it seemed to last forever. I could literally feel how something deep inside me found its peace and vanished. This year in Berne it was the Meridian level that somehow stroke me the most. I could literally feel the chi pulsating throughout all my body and felt so very much alive. As Sigung said later, it gives us good health, vitality and longevity.

    Wahnam Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow Set course
    I do love set trainings and I like to do the sparring in order to challenge myself. And I indeed realized that I felt braver about it than before the last course. And all went well till I got hit and landed on the floor. I was bleeding from my lips and my teethridge and was relieved that this was all. I have to admit that I was afterwards quite emotional and my mind was no more really receptive. In retrospect it was very beneficial to realize how it happened. I remember that I noticed the impressive internal force my Sihing was using during his first punch and his placing was also picture perfect. During his second punch I could literally realize how my mind wandered even more to his arm and fist full of force and having the thought that he would almost sure hit me… which he did with his third punch. Taming my mind and focusing on my own strength and my ability to defend myself (or simply to be able to just step back) would have been a better choice. What a wonderful lesson to transfer in my daily life.

    I would like to say thank you Sifu for the wonderful collection of courses, for the organization and for the Graduation dinner and thank you Simu for making the videos. To Sipak Andrew a thank you for the Sunday courses, they were another wonderful gift and on my way home I felt so much appreciation and love for the blessings we received.

    And a very big Thank you to Sigung for travelling all the way to Switzerland and for transmitting us so many skills in order to enhance our life in so many aspects. I do wish that all the participants got the benefits that are most important and dear to them.

    Happy Chiflow to all of you, Binia

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    Thanks for such a lovely report, Binia!

    Ä liebe Gruess
    Jeffrey Segal


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      Merci & ä liebä Gruess zrügg!


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        The X-mas gifts at our courses

        Dear Binia,

        Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences.

        In our classes we consider such accidents as X-mas gifts which enable us to develop further, much faster than expected.

        You may remember when I told during our regular classes that the horse stance especially is one way to find out more about ourselves. In many activities it's easy to blame others to fail, the only one in horse who can fail is onesselve. If we run away from it, we run away from ourselves.

        Yet the sparring is a further evolvement in this kind of aspect. If we take it the positive way we end up beeing rich of a wonderful experience and we develop greatly.

        Very good carry on.
        "From formless to form, from form to formless"

        26.08.17-28.08.17: Qi Gong Festival with 6 courses in Bern:
        Qiflow-Triple Stretch Method-12 Sinewmetamorphisis-Bone Marrow Cleansing-Zen Mind in Qi Gong