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Level 2 SCCK classes in London

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  • Level 2 SCCK classes in London

    Top of the morning to you all!

    Here's What I've Got: Level 2 Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung classes will start on Thursday 25th September, 18:30 at the Tab Centre in London.

    You can find full venue details here and full details of the classes here.

    Here's What It'll Do For You: The 6 patterns we'll be covering are:

    Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountains- Develops internal force, overcomes rheumatism, promotes mental freshness.

    Green Dragon Separating Water - Overcome depression, beneficial for the Heart and Lung systems.

    Green Dragon Presenting Claws - Overcome: diabetes, digestive dis-orders, worry and anxiety.

    Big Windmill Hand - Beneficial for the Liver and Spleen systems, diabetes and for developing internal force.

    Lift Heels Bend Knees - Good for the knees, brings relief from arthritis and rheumatism. For those who are ready this pattern promotes the Small Universal Chi Flow.

    Divine Crane Rotating Knees - Enhance sexual performance and enjoyment, excellent at overcoming knee pain.

    We will also be looking at your aims and objectives for your practice and helping you to get clear and focused on your life path. These classes will help you to deepen the 3 core skills of Shaolin Chi Kung, learn with a group of people who love Shaolin Chi Kung and have regular access to a certified Shaolin Chi Kung instructor.

    Oh, and we'll also be having a lot of fun doing all of the above.

    Here's What To Do Next: To register please contact Fleur.

    Kindest regards
    Namo Amitabha Buddha Namo Amitabha Buddha