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Very Special Warrior Project Frankfurt Germany

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  • Very Special Warrior Project Frankfurt Germany

    == Very Special Warrior Project in Frankfurt/ Germany ==

    At this 10h Seminar the participants are learning step by step with practical exampels how to realize the strong and weak points of other martial arts like Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Grappling, Judo, Boxing etc.

    Aim of the seminar is: "Know the weak points of the opponent and use it for your defence with Shaolin Kung Fu or Taijiquan"

    At this Frankfurt seminar students and friends of Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt will attend for the last 2,5 h to compete friendly with the Kung Fu and Taijiquan practitioner. These students and friends are from other martial arts like Boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kali/ Eskrima etc..

    This seminar is a good way to finish your "30 opponents programm" without to find them )) because they just waiting for you at the seminar.

    | **Date** | January 26. & 27., 2013 |
    | **Time** | saturday 2:00-7:00 pm and sunday 10:00am-3:00 pm |
    | **Place** | Shaolin Wahnam Institut Frankfurt - Kruppstrasse 114 |
    | **Costs** | 250.00 Euro (200.00 Euro for Members Wahnam Frankfurt) |
    | **Registration** | safe the space via Email : |
    May all beings be happy

    Shaolin Wahnam Germany

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    Hello all,

    I have forgot to tell the ones who are attending to bring following equipments:

    boxing gloves
    mouth guard

    Remember the last hours of the seminar will be competing against other martial artists. So we have at least following their rules who gonna explaned before the competition.

    Keep on smiling keep on training
    May all beings be happy

    Shaolin Wahnam Germany