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UK Students, Family please read

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  • UK Students, Family please read

    Dear Family Members,
    The recent events in the UK has seen us go through some turbulent times, both in the past and present.

    As you are aware I have been made Chief Instructor.

    This is about leading by example and intention

    We follow traditional values, and one of the most important to me is Family

    We are scattered all over the UK, in cities and remote area's, often training in isolation. This is not how family should be.

    So in an effort to get to know the UK Family. I am asking that you send me an email.

    With following details

    A brief statement of what you train, and if you are still training
    And the arts you train, Kung fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung etc.

    This will allow me to compile a database, and to send out updates, maybe give people an idea of were everyone is.

    So if they are in the area they can visit, train, eat good food

    Please send your contact details to

    Also please forward this to any other students who do not access the Forum

    Many Thanks

    Mark Appleford
    Sifu Mark Appleford


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    Poor Internet Access

    Dear Family Members,
    I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have sent me emails, with regards to there training and locations.

    I am in the middle of setting up a group email for the UK. To keep connectivity and closeness amongst the family here.

    Unfortunately I have had trouble accessing my emails at my school email account. This is in the middle of being rectified.

    In the Coming Months I am planning a short trip to London, to generally see what is going on, more importantly hopefully to meet more of the family members and have some fun.

    But I will keep you posted.

    Until then enjoy your training

    Sifu Mark Appleford