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Thread: Shaolin Flower Set and Asking Bridges course discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim View Post
    Thanks Mark, you are missed!

    The searching bridges this afternoon was something else, we went from tiger style to dragon with the same combat sequence then onto chi sau. Chi sau led us back into the combat sequences using dragon form. The Wing Choon course helped with this area but I am pleased to say that as a result of practicing the flower set and searching bridges has enhanced my chi sau. I have to appologise in advance if the odd bong sau or leak hand creeps in as well!

    It's been a great first day and I am looking forward to eating the beef curry Mark T and I have whipped up.

    Great people on the course as well, always great yo reconnect with the family and make new friends as well.
    Thanks Siheng, had to stay at work this time. I am sure our paths will cross again soon.

    Those leak hands again yeah ha ha

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    Love to hear more about your experiences.
    Happy practice and enjoy the course!!!

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    Greetings Shaolin Wahnam family,

    I would like to add my comments to this thread regarding the Flower Set. I can honestly say that I have not enjoyed a Kung Fu course as much as I have enjoyed this one and it is only the second day.

    On the first day I truly understood something that I have often heard. I had an understanding of this principle but I now realise that it was only on an intellectual level. This is the principle of Mind leading chi which leads your physical movements. On the first day Sifu asked us to perform the patterns individually a number of times while relaxed. Our aim was to perform each pattern with more flow without worrying about form or force. During one of these sessions I became aware that I was not physically moving my hand any longer. I was not worried about the hand movement or if my form was correct, my hand was just moving. I could not help but smile as I hand not had an experience like this before attending this course.

    I also gained an better appreciation of how I can perform the fundamental movements of Shaolin Kung Fu 'properly'. Again I had an understanding of how to perform strikes from a stance. It was not until Sifu showed us how to perform the sequences of patterns that I really understood how to perform a strike from a stance correctly beginning with the back leg and ending with the hands. Now all I have to do is practice and apply this knowledge

    These are just two realisations that I have had and the course is not even at the half way point yet. It is really rewarding to not only recieve the instruction from Sifu but to also gain the experience of what the goal of the instructions are.

    I am looking forward to the next few days!



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    Dear Family,

    I'm very lucky to be attending Winter Camp this year and just thought I would share a couple of experiences.

    Firstly - The Flower Set is beautiful During the session this morning we went through the whole set with picture perfect form. To have picture perfect form we have been using both the Shaolin approach - performing one pattern perfectly then moving on to the next pattern and performing that perfectly followed by the Tai Chi Chaun approach - performing a sequence or a series of sequences in a smooth continuous flow without pausing between techniques. At the end of the session - when we went through the whole set, I followed Sigung's instructions to the letter and didn't try to add in any force or flow or let my shen expand. I just allowed my whole awareness to be on the perfection of my form. Guess what happened ? Everything I didn't try to do happened naturally - When my whole mind was on the perfectness of the form my mind expanded and the set flowed smoothly. There were no thoughts, just an expansive, powerful, peace encompassing the body. The form was as close to picture perfect as I've been and I finished the session fresh, cleansed and deeply peaceful.

    Asking Bridge - After twenty minutes into today's session of Asking Bridge, Sigung asked us if we felt we were becoming more sensitive and successful during Circulating hands practice. Everybody put up their hand - but for myself and a couple of other I was speaking to we had improved but felt that the improvement was slight. Thirty minutes later and I was amazed - completely amazed - at the improvement - it feels like I have been practising it for 5 years, not just for half an hour, and not only that, the force that it generated was incredible. There was a lot of laughter and a lot of good Kung Fu. It was great that you could partner with someone once and by the next time you came to partner with them they had improved so much it was like sparring with a completely different person. After some time I was feelilng mentally clouded from a wave of cleansing that the practice had brought to the surface. Once it was released in the final chi flow of the session I was again left feeling clear, solid and free.

    It's really amazing that when we train sensitivity we become rooted, our arms become solid, we feel incredibly powerful and best of all, we release deep blockages that we may have carried for lifetimes. As a result every aspect of our lives is improved.

    Ok, Bedtime

    Best wishes,

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    Dear Family,

    It sounds like everyone is having a great time! Thanks for sharing your accounts, please continue The video glimpses from the course look amazing. I think I might be a bit jealous

    Class in London tonight was somewhat light with all the Londoners attending the Flower Set course, with only Jacek, Marshall, Martin and I holding the home fort. I'm sure I speak for the whole class when I say that everyone's return is eagerly anticipated - I for one am very much looking forward to seeing some of what you've learnt!

    Here's wishing everyone a wonderful course, full of fun and fascinating Shaolin Secrets to treasure for a lifetime.

    Warm Regards,


    Namo Amituofo

    P.S - Could someone possibly remind Nick R about the Tiger Taming Combination Sets -

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    Brilliant . Wishing everyone continued joy, happiness and success .

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    The best of the best of the best

    Hello from Winter Wonderland

    The course so far has been a total joy, and yesterday was without doubt the best kung fu session I've had the privilege to take part in.

    Earlier in the course, Sifu mentioned we are training the 'best of the best', referring to the set and our Shaolin arts. Not wishing at all to be 'smarter than the Master', I'd have to say it's actually the 'best of the best of the best' - as we are also the first to benefit from some incredible advances in his teaching methodology.

    In the opening part of the session we practiced individual patterns from the Ta Chong (building force on stances) section of the set, using mind to lead chi. This is a progression from the flow method we trained the day before. Within 10 minutes, many people experienced more internal force than they'd ever felt before; achieved breakthroughs, clearing longstanding blockages; or had some profound spiritual experiences.

    The results were so powerful we had to take a short break. After we came back, we applied this same method to the first two combat sequences from Ta Sei Moon (four gates), building from individual patterns, to sequences, then performing the sequences in all four directions.

    It was amazing how quickly everyone progressed. For myself, I'm sure this will make a really significant difference to my kungfu; instead of my mind getting in the way of my movements, it felt free and clear. I'm not saying I can perform the skill well yet, or consistently; but I've no doubt it's there, and with further training after the course, will develop and deepen.

    I remembered Sifu mentioning at Summer Camp that he could now teach at a new level of 'heart attainment', so I asked about this and he explained how he has crystallized his methods to transmit skills so 'completely' and directly. I'm not sure if these are 'closed secrets' so won't say any more for now, but he did add that what we had achieved was just the beginning.

    He also mentioned the course is the first time he has taught this skill in this way, so we are very lucky ľ to learn in 10 minutes what many masters may take at least a year to accomplish is quite something.

    Everyone was overwhelmed by the morning's training, very happy and very grateful.

    Best wishes to all,


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    Ng Mui's Specialty

    Dear Family,

    We've lost count of how many times Sifu has said, "this is a closed secret".

    Today was a special day. Sifu focused on transmitting the skill of the Double Worshipping of the Buddha, Ng Mui's specialty. The explosion of force was tremendous, enhanced many times because we employed the Flow Method in our training. I believe it was Sifu Markus who described it as like a tidal wave of force. And what a smooth tidal wave! This is the most powerful fa jing I have experienced.

    We also improved our skill of performing the combat sequences at the flow level. It was really beautiful. We are so grateful for this.

    Fleur Sijie's observations are keen. I am really shocked at how Sifu has improved the teaching so much, even since the Special Wing Choon and Triple Stretch Courses. It's even evident that Sifu's level is noticably increasing as the days of the course unfold! We're so blessed to be a part of what is unfolding here in beautiful Lapland. To sum up our experience so far, I will mention the Song of Secrets. Reading it now after our days here brings tears to my eyes as I'm sure it will for many course participants. Please note that the words Tai Chi Chuan can surely be replaced with Fa Khuen, the Flower Set:

    Song of Secrets for Training in the 13 Techniques
    Don't underestimate the thirteen techniques, the source of life is at the waist.
    Pay attention to 'apparent' and 'solid', without hindrance chi flows with grace.
    Stillness in movement, movement in stillness, adjust according to what the situation is.
    Every technique must be guided by will, combat efficiency will be achieved with ease.
    All the time pay attention to your waist, the abdomen is charged with chi and might.
    The spine is straight and full of spirit, the whole body is relaxed with head upright.
    Be attentive to details in every move, spontaneous let your movements be.
    A teacher's guidance is needed to enter the way, when accomplished, unrestricted the rules is he.
    What is so difficult about the form? Mind and energy are the king.
    What is the aim of Tai Chi Chuan practice? Health and vitality and eternal spring.
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    "Then how could chi kung overcome diseases where the cause is unknown or when there is no cure? The question is actually incorrect. The expressions "the cause is unknown" and "there is no cure" are applicable only in the Western medical paradigm. The expressions no longer hold true in the chi kung paradigm. In the chi kung paradigm the cause is known, and there is a cure."

    -Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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    Dear Family,

    It has been a joy and privelege to read all of your beautiful experiences. Thank you so much

    We are certainly very blessed to have a Sifu/Sigung who is so generous with the teachings and with such profound knowledge and skill.

    Congratulations to Markus for organising such a special course and in such a special place!

    Smile from the Heart,
    Books don't mean a lot unless you open them, Hearts are the same.......

    Valentine's Smile from the Heart 2018 IRELAND - world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

    A magic week of Chi Kung, Internal Force and Shaolin Kungfu
    Generating Energy Flow
    18 Lohan Arts
    Internal Force
    The Shaolin Pakua set- transmitted to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit by his Sifu -Ho Fatt Nam .

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    Heart To Heart Transmission Skill

    We have often seen in kungfu movies where a Master transmits skills instantly to a ready student in a meditative set up .....just like the modern magic of downloading any software from origin to destination PC .

    Now we know or are reminded that this Transmission Skill is very much alive in our Shaolin Wahnam School and the Instructors are also imbibing the skill .

    Thank you Sifu , The Past Masters and All Brothers and Sisters in Winter Wonderland for sharing and inspiring us with your Reality accounts .
    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .



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