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Thread: Travelling Dragon Pakua Set

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    Dear Family,

    Thank you for your lovely comments and for writing about the Valentine's courses.

    Here is a link on some of the 'Cover' aspects taught by Sifu at the Shaolin Pakua set. It is a little hint on what to expect next year!!! So you are being given plenty time to organize yourself

    I will be updating on my website soon once I have the course material and dates confirmed with Sifu and the hotel.

    My special thanks to Kevin, Chris, Dominic and to David for all of their help during the courses and for helping to make Sifu's stay in Dublin (unable to travel due to the snow storm) a more pleasurable experience.

    I can't leave out my fantastic Shaolin sister Racheli who stocked up my house almost for a year in case I would not be able to get out also. 4 days has been enough now! LOL!!! Everytime I turned around in the last few days, I thought .........'Oh, I didn't buy that'! Thank you Racheli.

    When I moved into this house my first winter, we had four/five weeks of snow and ice and I was unable to get out for all of that time as the local country roads were so bad. The first week was a novelty but I wasn't long getting cabin fever!

    Abundant Blessings,
    Books don't mean a lot unless you open them, Hearts are the same.......

    Valentine's Smile from the Heart 2018 IRELAND - world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

    A magic week of Chi Kung, Internal Force and Shaolin Kungfu
    Generating Energy Flow
    18 Lohan Arts
    Internal Force
    The Shaolin Pakua set- transmitted to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit by his Sifu -Ho Fatt Nam .

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    I too wondered why we couldn't achieve the level of the past masters. I think one possible answer could be found in the legend of Luk Ah Choy.

    The monk and he ran up a rocky mountain road with heavy water containers in each hand to train bridges and footwork, and practiced kung fu all day every day together for seven years. Even after all this Luk Ah Choys master still did not consider his pupils Kungfu as "Excellent."

    There are many other examples of the rigorous training that was done by these masters.

    If we dedicated our entire lives to kung fu we could probably achieve a lot as well, but I dont personally know of anyone that trains so hard and sacrifices so much.

    So perhaps its not a matter of an unattainable idyllic past, but simply of all consuming dedication.

    So...for now lets just make sure we have good stances, footwork, and can apply our techniques under pressure without falling apart.
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    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    "Every morning you are born again. What you do today is the most important thing".

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    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,
    And Greetings Damian Siheng, a Shaolin Salute!
    I couldn't agree more. To quote Damian Siheng;
    Quote Originally Posted by Damian Kissey View Post
    As for combat efficiency , our Sifu is already at the marvelous level , although Sifu may have mentioned that his marvelous is at the lower end of the spectrum compared to Sigung Ho or past top masters As for teaching globally , being IT savvy and the Chi Flow innovation ....Sifu is historically unique !
    ...this is the point I was trying to make, if somewhat clumsily. Just simply judging by the indefatigable schedule Sifu maintains joyfully and full of vitality and knowing that Sifu has long been at an unfathomably marvellous level, Sifu's status is legendary. To remember the past masters gratefully and to contemplate our truly wonderful Shaolin Wahnam lineage is really great. It's almost impossible to conceive of their level; my mind-boggles enough at Sifu's marvellous level which always brings me back to the present and I can hear Sifu's voice in my mind, 'Smiiiiiiile from the Heart'. Which of course makes me smile :-) 'Sifu is historically unique' is another great way of putting it Damian Siheng. I dare say, sincerely and without hesitation, Sifu's Chi Flow innovation has literally, figuratively and in all ways, actually changed the World (the Chi Flow innovation of course informing Sifu's tireless and legendary level of travelling to teach and connect us with that Chi Flow innovation also has changed the World for the better). If someone ever publishes a modern up-to-date edition of the Legends of Southern Shaolin, Sifu should be in it. We literally have a Legend who travels to teach us... unbelievable...

    Greetings to all from the island of √Čireann and a special Shaolin Salute in the direction of Malaysia where the
    Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course will soon begin. Historically unique indeed, to be able to walk in to a course in Malaysia and learn all the skills necessary to master the best martial art under Heaven from a modern-day legend of that Art. Wonderful.

    A Shaolin Salute.

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