1) How many of you out there prefer tea over coffee?
Oooooh... I think I could update my brain to tap into the universal mind and cosmic wisdom at the same time, or be reincarnated as a Harvard or Oxford professor, or a fox whose just been made professor of intelligence at Cambridge university to paraphrase Blackadder... and I still would be unable to answer the question do I prefer tea or coffee! I drink more coffee than tea, but I guess the nicest beverage I have ever tasted was a tea. And it was nicer than Coke (hitherto the nicest beverage I had ever tasted)!

2) Herbal or flavored?
No no no no no! Neither! Just proper tea please! I don't even like green tea! Caveat: I have been served tea in China and Malaysia, and by Chinese friends, which is green in colour but tastes nice. But the sort of green tea that can be bought in a typical UK or Irish supermarket and which is enjoyed by posh people in offices, yuk! Proper builders tea, ie Tetleys or PG tips, with plenty of milk, beats it anyday!

3) Medicinal, tonic, ceremonial, or recreational?

4) Top two types/brands/varieties?
As far as Chinese tea goes, I am not sure, a type my Taijiquan master used to serve, or a type called "gunpowder" tea but I don't know the brands.
As far as 'British' (I think it is really Indian) goes, Darjeeling is my favourite and the only brand I know is Twinings.
The Chinese tea I like, and the British tea I like, are actually quite similar in flavour except the British stuff needs milk whereas the Chinese is delicious on its own.

5) How often do you drink/consume?
Every day.

6) How often do you buy?
Every few months.

7) What is the most you have ever spent on a single tea purchase and the most on a tea accessory or tool (tea pot, processing tool, cup, set, etc.)?
Single purchase: If you can count this, I think it was about £60 for "afternoon tea" for two in a posh hotel. It included champagne too. Afternoon tea, as in proper, formal afternoon tea with multiple trays of finger sandwiches, is one of my favourite meals. I'd rather have it than a steak dinner. And was the £60 worth it? Yes and no. Yes in that it was the nicest cup of tea I've ever tasted, and way nicer than the champagne! And no in that £60 for tea and sandwiches is a bit mental really! So it was a one off.
Accessory or tool: I think it was about £50 on a teapot, but it was for someone else, for a present from their wedding list.

I was lucky enough once to live near a very picturesque part of England, where there was a little village with a "Tea Emporium": an establishment divided into a shop selling all kinds of tea, teapots, tea paraphernalia etc, and a tea room where I used to try a delicious pot of different tea every week. Them was the days.

Right, time to put the kettle on...