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Thread: Greetings from Uruguay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos2 View Post
    I read a description of Parkinson by an acupuncturist and although there doesn't seem to exist a acupuncture therapy for advanced cases like mine, I was amazed by the explanation (ankle injuries preventing chi flow, even reversing the flow through the stomach meridian).
    Parkinson's disease doesn't exist in the TCM paradigm! The symptoms may be caused by various issues, but it all comes down to "blocked" energy flow. Western diagnoses have little meaning in the Chi Kung (Chinese Medical) paradigm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos2 View Post
    When I read this explanations I laughed for some seconds before remembering what had happened. After many previous work-related ankles injuries and infections I got a big one and 6 months later Parkinson symptoms began. This also explained that, when practicing Carrying the Moon, I never feel any flow through my legs although I sense something flowing through my arms.

    This is adding 2 and 2 and coming to a result of 5. Like often happens in horoscopes, you read enough of them and you will find something that fits. And suddenly you believe everything that is being said. Parkinson's disease CAN be cured! To do this with Chi Kung, though (as stated in my earlier post) requires a high level. Find a way to learn from a true Master and then your chances are good.
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    I didn't want to imply that Parkinson cannot be cured.
    I am sure that the only way to learn Chi Kung is from a Sifu.

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