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Thread: I did Chi Kung in a forceful manner - Deep intense cleansing

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    Adding to Nessa's post:
    As you learned from experience Peacekeeper, leaning/training from a written source can be dangerous. However you are asking how to build chi on an internet forum. Don't repeat you mistake. Find a genuine master who teaches genuine arts (which gives the benefits it's meant to give) and ask him for advice. Then act on his advice. If you are not satisfied with your current sifu, find someone else.
    One way of comparing wether the school and art is suitable for your needs is to compare what the art is meant to provide and wether the sifu and his students got the benefit by training it.

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    Hi peacekeeper,

    Sorry, I didn't read your post properly!

    Congrats on losing the weight you want, but who says you also need to gain muscle mass? As many here will attest, real strength does not come from having huge muscles (which by locking energy can actually lead to energy blockages in the long term), but from good chi flow and internal force. I met a guy at one Intensive Course I attended who was wiry, yet immensely strong and energised and he even had the stamina to walk all day!!

    I'm not an expert but if you want to improve your physique you could also just keep eating your wonderful diet, maybe increase it to four meals a day (check with a dietatian/GP first), plus nuts and fruit as snacks. Then just some simple push-ups and bridging exercises, perhaps some yoga (which itself has potential for chi benefits); which will strengthen your core musculature. This, in addition to chi kung, good sleep, good social times (alcohol-free), and you will gain weight and strength easily over a few months.

    Then you can write about it here

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