Here comes the second part of answer to question nr 1

(Continued from Part 1)

Because chi kung is so ridiculously debased today, some schools teach the Small Universe to even beginners! Actually it does not matter what they teach because they teach only the techniques, without the skills to generate a continuous energy flow along the Ren Meridian and the Du Meridian.

When I was at Attilio’s hotel in Finale Ligure in Italy about 20 years ago, an inner-chamber disciple of a world-known master described to me how he performed his Small Universe, or Micro-Cosmic Flow as he called it. He visualized energy at his various dan tian, or energy fields. This could be dangerous. It causes stagnation of energy at his energy fields. This person was visibly very sick. He could hardly speak.

This person was an exception. He told me that he woke up at about 5.00 am every morning and practiced his chi kung until about 9.00 am. Then he would attend to his clinic, using chi to heal others!

But others who were supposed to have attained the Micro-Cosmic Circulation did not show much benefit. They only learned techniques, but did not accomplish the benefits their art was meant to give.

When I taught in Spain in my early years of chi kung teaching, some students asked me whether they could straight-away attend my advanced courses as they had learned chi kung before, including the Micro-Cosmic Circulation. But I insisted that they must start from the beginning, attending my Generating Energy Flow course. Most of them later reported to me that they were very happy to follow my advice. They never expected that chi kung was like what we practice, i.e. energy exercise. They only practiced techniques as physical exercise.

I would recommend that only when a practitioner has sufficient chi in his dan tian should he commence learning and practicing the Small Universe. He must also be able to generate an energy flow, a fundamental skill that most other chi kung practitioners, including “masters”, may not know. Only when the practitioner has attained the Small Universe, should he attempt the Big Universe.

Those who attained the Small Universe in the past took about 10 years. I took 3 years, which was remarkable, and justified my reputation as being a kungfu genius. Looking back, I would attribute my speed in attaining the Small Universe to my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, introducing the “Forceful Small Universe” into my training which helped me tremendously to bring my chi from the “hui yin” energy point to my “bai hui” energy point.

It is simply ridiculous that our Small Universe Course takes only 3 days, with the Big Universe added in! Actually it is not just 3 days for the Small and Big Universe Course. Those who will attend the course must have sufficient chi in their dan tian. The 3 days are meant to apply suitable techniques to induce a continuous energy flow along the Ren Meridian and the Du Meridian, and then to expand the energy into the Cosmos.

We are able to apply these suitable techniques to accomplish the skills and benefits of the Small Universe and the Big Universe because of some incredible advantages that we have, that other schools lack. We differentiate between skills and techniques, whereas most other schools don’t. We are able to generate an energy flow at will, whereas most other practitioners cannot. Most importantly, I shall transmit the skills to the participants, whereas other practitioners have to practice the techniques for months or years to acquire the skills.