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Thread: Shaolin Pakua Set

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    I learned the Shaolin Pakua Set at the form level in 2010/11 as Sigung generously suggested this would be a good Shaolin specialization for me, but I didn't have an opportunity yet to learn it properly in a course. Hopefully this will happen in the future .
    Josh, may his memory be blessed, kindly madde an impromptu demonstration, when we met at the Chi Kung Healing Course in 2011. It helped me to figure out some patterns I missed on the other videos... so I share it bellow.
    I remember I liked the flow and the dragon spirit of the form...

    At the moment it does not look like I can take off on Feb 16-28, 2018 for the Irish course. But who knows miracle happens... so I better start revising it .
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    Dear Sihing,

    Thank you for starting this thread and facilitating this interesting discussion. We are incredibly lucky indeed to have the opportunity to learn this set from Sigung here in Ireland.

    I have been learning the form in preparation for the course and I must say it is a very enjoyable experience. It reminds me of the Flowing Water Floating Clouds set with beautiful patterns and powerful flow. I especially love the feeling of the Dragon and Monkey in the set.

    The opening part of the first sequence alone, Cannon to Sky, Fierce Dragon Across Stream,Golden Dragon Plays with Water and Black Crow Flaps Wings highlighted to me that the possible combat proficiency from this set is incredibly high as the patterns flow together so seamlessly with directness and force. It is going to be an epic course.

    Best wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic Roche View Post
    It is going to be an epic course.
    Very epic indeed Dominic!!
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