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Thread: Aunt Irma Comes to Visit

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    Aunt Irma Comes to Visit

    To anyone evacuating South and Central Florida, if you need a place to stay, I have a spare room in West Florida, and it looks like she will miss us, for the most part. In Niceville, if you want to chance it here.

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    That's very nice of you Alex and I hope Irma does not do too much damage with the rest of her journey. I have a friend who is visiting us later this week. She and her family lives in Fort Lauderdale, West Miami and luckily for them, they just got the tropical storm instead of the full brunt of Irma.

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    Hi Alex, I'm glad to know you're safe and were able to stay out of Irma's path. It was also generous and kind of you to extend such an offer to our Shaolin Wahnam family.

    Here in St Petersburg, we were hit, but were very lucky to have only minimal damage. Power is supposed to be fully restored by the end of Friday, and everybody in the area I know came out of it safe with little to no property damage.

    Actually, when we were first allowed back on the beaches on Monday and turned down the street to Christina's parents' house, we saw a huge and very pronounced double rainbow spanning the entirety of the bay! It was really incredible, as if the heavens were smiling down upon us.

    According to local folklore, the Native Americans who lived here believed that the St Petersburg area is protected by spirits. Sifu on his visits here has often remarked that St Petersburg has wonderful energy/feng shui. When I wrote Sifu to let him know Christina and our families are safe, he mentioned that we are also protected by Boddhisattva Guan Yin and immortal Li.

    We took the necessary precautions to ensure our family stayed safe, but I am also grateful to the heavenly beings who kindly look after us with their great compassion and benevolence. Regardless of anyone's spiritual views, I think we can all agree that Irma could've been much, much worse!

    Lastly, I hope that anyone who was affected by Irma and needs help reaches out for it. I have reached out to my local students in the area, but of course we will help anyone who needs it as best we can.
    Chris Didyk
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    Thank You.

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