Dear all,

The upcoming Glory of Kungfu -course at the 2018 Winter Camp will be a very special course, and requires preparation from all participants.

At the course, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit will transmit the essence of all of the following arts, representing the true depth of Shaolin Kungfu:

To help participants prepare for the course, the Shaolin Nordic instructors will be posting additional videos here on this thread of all the above arts / sets.

We will include run-troughs of all the sets in slow motion, so that it will be easier for participants to pick up the intricacies of the patterns / techiniques in their respective sets.

The first video will arrive later this month, and we will be posting content throughout the rest of the year.

To apply for the event, please contact Sifu Markus or Sifu Nessa of Shaolin Nordic directly:

Click here for course details.

Of course, this thread is also meant for discussion regarding the kungfu course, so all your questions and input are most welcome!

With a Shaolin salute,