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Thread: International Wahnam Students Gathering

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    International Wahnam Students Gathering

    Dear family,

    with the blessings of Sigung and the interest of some brothers arose the idea of an International Wahnam Students Gathering with the objetive of offering to our students the opportunity to get together for a week in a nice place and to dedicate intensively to the training of our basic Syllabi. The gathering will be a great opportunity for going over the programe many times as preparations for future courses with our respective Sifus and specially with Sigung (think for example of the Special Course on Levels next year. See here ). Those who live far away from their own Sifus and other family members, just like me, will have the chance to meet and cross arms.

    Sigung authorized me to publish the proposal on our virtual Kwon to see if more people have interest in taking part in the gathering. So if some of you want to be part of it, please contact me. It is important to know first if the proposal have enough responses before going further with the idea. I would take the responsibility of the organization once we know how many of you are in. Dates and places would be discussed after.
    Sigung also suggested that such gatherings can be organized around the world by many of us and not just in one place and time. So feel free to take contact with each other, organize and get together.

    And please be aware: This is NOT a course. We will get together to train.

    Have a wonderful day,
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    Hi Davy, I particularly like Sifu's suggestion to do this in multiple places. If it transpires to be difficult for people from different parts of the world to meet in one place, when they want to save money for courses and stuff like that, or the same with getting a week's holiday etc, then maybe it could be more intensive, have training gatherings for one day, the same day with the same agenda, all over the world, kind of like a world book day? Or make it for a weekend or series of weekends? Prepare for it on the forum, post videos afterwards etc.

    In the UK I remember we organised such training days or training weekends to help us prepare for the Warrior Project (again to help remote students with no local Sifu meet the requirements for Level 2), and we also organised a few to prepare for the 10 Tigers Tournaments (remember those!) (I remember us discussing that we could do the same thing for combat and sparring, kind of like the Geoff Thompson "Animal Days" but then the Warrior Project itself kind of fulfils that!)

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    Great idea...I would like to put together a list of folks in the US interested in such a get together....In my karate days we did a yearly get together called bushi no te, where students

    and teachers from many schools got together and trained hard for 3 days..It really kickstarted a lot of folks to get to a new level..sharing training and experiences,also learning from each

    others mistakes...and it can be done at very low cost too......Thanks for sharing Davy

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