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Thread: International Wahnam Students Gathering

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    Dear Siheng,

    Thank You for this opportunity. I am in.

    With Shaolin Salute

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    Great idea! It is always good fun to practice with others, even for those who are lucky to have family members nearby.
    We were thinking about a Tai Chi Chuan gathering to practicing sequences, but it could be mixed...
    Personally I like the idea of a long weekend (Friday-Sunday), as more might be able to attend.

    Best regards
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    Dear Davy Siheng,

    Quote Originally Posted by Davy View Post
    What about brothers and sisters going to your country? Would be possible for you to take part actively in organizing one gathering?
    Thank you for suggesting this, as I neglected to come up with it earlier. Yes, I could definitely organize a training event if Family members were interested in coming to Helsinki. I could also house some of them if they are not too particular about sleeping on the floor of my apartment which I share with a fellow university student. There are great training locations, such as a tidy and usually vacant park which I like, readily accessible near the Helsinki public transportation system, which is something to not take for granted. Helsinki is also a relatively peaceful capital city, so the visitors could enjoy that experience.

    By the way, I have been organizing and promoting an open Kungfu training group on weekends for a year now. Regularly it's just me and some other person joining in. I have been hoping that more people would join in, but unfortunately the Kungfu mania hasn't taken over as many brothers and sisters as I hoped for, even though it's a fantastic opportunity to come train together outside regular classes. Then again, family and work are big responsibilities for many.

    With sincere respect,
    On my way to understanding the greatness of gratitude.
    Thank you Sifu, Sigung, and Past Masters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davy View Post
    If for the family members in your region is more affordable to gather in UK, then please go a head at start organizing.
    Heh heh, well I've organised things in the past, but at the minute I am working most evenings and weekends so my organising days are currently suspended! But things change...
    The other problem is that I am in Northern Ireland, I can't really afford to go anywhere else at the minute, and I think the nearest other practitioner to me is over 100 miles away. It's not usually easy to persuade people to come to Northern Ireland either, for some unfathomable reason ha ha!

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    Gusty, I'm in Florida from late September to early October so if you are planning a Shaolin sparring weekend around that three week period within a reasonable distance, count me in It has been almost a year since I got my ass kicked at Cosmos Palm by the US family!

    Davy: I assume it was a given that I'm in, since I was one of the "brothers" interested the first place


    Quote Originally Posted by gusty View Post
    Great idea...I would like to put together a list of folks in the US interested in such a get together....In my karate days we did a yearly get together called bushi no te, where students

    and teachers from many schools got together and trained hard for 3 days..It really kickstarted a lot of folks to get to a new level..sharing training and experiences,also learning from each

    others mistakes...and it can be done at very low cost too......Thanks for sharing Davy
    ~Relinquish expectations and open your heart to true discoveries~

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