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Thread: 10 Questions Cotton Palm

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    Part 2

    (Continued from Part 1)

    It is recommended that Cotton Palm practitioners practice the whole Cotton Palm set learnt at the courseat UK Summer Camp 2017. In this way they will not miss any important aspects of the training. They will eventually attain the skill of “Striking a Buffalo Beyond a Mountain”, besides other wonderful benefits.

    If they prefer certain patterns, the following are highly recommended – “Wave Sleeves Light Breeze”, “Cloud Hands”, “Lone Drake Leaves Crowd”, and “Garments Receive Flowing Breeze”.

    The flowing force of Cotton Palm, or any internal force, can be recognized by the initiated. The eyes of a practitioner with such force sparkle, his skin flows, his limbs are rounded and there is a small “drum” at his belly. He is alive and full of vitality. His voice is loud and soronous, though he is often soft-spoken, He is fast, agile and elegant.

    Striking a candle or a gong from a short distance is a test and confirmation of such force. Other tests and confirmations include smashing a water-melon without damaging its skin, causing serious damage to a tree without leaving outward signs, and braking some taufo under water.

    A choice pattern from the Wudang Cotton Palm set for this purpose is “Wave Sleeves Light Breeze”. Besides feeling forceful himself, the practitioner will find everyday a joy for living, irrespective of where he is.

    A main difference between Cosmos Palm and Cotton Palm is that in Cosmos Palm there are both flowing force and consolidated force, whereas in Cotton Palm there is only flowing force. This does not mean that Cosmos Palm is superior to, or more powerful than Cotton Palm. If all other things were equal, Cosmos Palm is good for combat, whereas Cotton Palm is good for health. Needless to say, it does not mean that Cosmos Palm is not good fro health, and Cotton Palm is not good for combat. Both Cosmos Palm and Cotton Palm are excellent for health and combat. Both Cosmos Palm and Cotton Palm develop the skill of “Strike Across Space”

    Because of this main difference, the training methods and application of the skill are also different. The at of Big Windmill, for example, which is used to consolidate force from flowing energy, is found in Cosmos Palm, but not in Cotton Palm. As Cotton Palm focuses on flowing force., its training methods are soft and gentle.

    The lack of consolidation in Cotton Palm does not affect attaining the skill of “Strike Across Space”, though it may affect the breaking of hard objects, like a brick. Striking a living opponent is very different from breaking a brick.

    The training of Cotton Palm, of course, is not just to break bricks. It is easeir to use a hammer. A good analogy is a hurricane. A hurricane may not break a brick like a hammer does, but it can blow off buildings.

    Whether it is easiest to project energy using the finger, the palm or the fist depends on different persons and other factors. But if all other things were equal, it is the easiest to do so using the finger, then the palm and lastly the fist if the person has the skills to do so. Hence, in Shaolin Wahnam Association, which was the fore-runner of our school, Shaolin Wahnam Institute, extinguishing a candle flame from a short distance was one of the items in the First Standardized Test in 1893 because all students had learnt to project energy while training One-Finger Shooting Zen, though many people considered this feat impossible.

    Chi kung healers who wish to project energy to their patients use the sword-finger. However, those who wish to project energy over a larger area use their palm. They never do so with their fist. Yhe finger is the easiest to transfer the skill of energy projection, followed by the palm. It is important that those who wish to project energy must be rained to do so. Without proper training, they are likely to harm themselves or others.

    Tim Franklin
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    Dear Tim Sipak,

    Lucky us, indeed!

    The English language is very nuanced. I had genuinely misunderstood your cue about closing and two more questions: I understood it as an encouragement that a final tenth question was still needed.

    I had written this question already back in August, but I decided against posting it just yet because I wanted other people (in particular those who hadn't ask any) to have an opportunity to ask the missing question. Next time I shall submit my questions for consideration earlier if I suspect that the quota is not otherwise reached, even if they are not selected in the end.

    Honorable Sigung,

    Thank you very, very much for your generosity and wisdom. The answer was instructing and inspiring, thus making it another fine complement to the practical transmission of Cotton Palm. Hopefully around this time next year I will be able to demonstrate Strike-Across-Space and make a dream come true! It's one thing to speak and demonstrate to friends and family about the health effects of our precious practice, but a feat like this will surely widen their eyes and open their minds, even they might still choose not to join us in practicing the wonderful Shaolin Arts.

    With sincere gratitude,

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