Dear family & visitors,

We’re proud to announce that Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit will be teaching the three Shaolin treasures of Chi Kung, Kungfu and Zen in Lapland, Finland early next year!

The event will be held from January 22nd to 28th 2018.

In the past we’ve had the honor of hosting some great courses here in the Nordic countries, but the selection of 2018 will definitely take the cake. Details regarding our courses are forthcoming, but here’s to whet your appetite:

  • There will be three courses altogether; one for Chi Kung, one for Kungfu, and one for Zen
  • All courses will be advanced courses - no beginners courses this time
  • None of these courses have been taught by Grandmaster Wong before

Do you want to guess what courses we’ll be hosting? We’ve started a competition here with great prizes!

The Shaolin Winter Camp 2018 event will be held in Inari, Lapland in beautiful, natural surroundings of wintertime Finland. The event venue is located close to the the Ivalo airport. For participants there will be a range of various lodgings available ranging from luxurious to very affordable. Group lodgings will also be available.

Also, January is generally the best time in Lapland to witness the majestic northern lights!

Look for upcoming announcements about the event. If you have any questions, please contact us directly:

Sifu Markus Kahila

Sifu Nessa Kahila

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Best wishes,

The Shaolin Nordic team