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Thread: Combining Dynamic Patterns with Zhan Zhuang (Possible?)

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    Combining Dynamic Patterns with Zhan Zhuang (Possible?)

    Hello All,

    I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice.

    I learned Dynamic Patterns, Abdominal Breathing and Sinew Metamorphosis from Sifu Wong way back in 2004. I practised after the course but didn't get anywhere with it and so eventually gave up. However, over the course of the last few months I have made some inner progress with meditation and am now wanting to try Qigong again to see if it works any better this time.

    My goal is basically to attain internal strength through Zhan Zhuang. I learned Wu Chi and Three-Circle Stance from Master Lam Kam Chuan a few years ago and so have those skills too.

    My energy is weak and fragmented at the moment, but feels much more smooth and connected after practising Lifting the Sky. I now also feel more open and relaxed after it too, which I didn't until recently.

    I have about an hour to practice in the morning and was hoping for anyone here to give me advice on how they would go about achieving my goal given this available time and skills. I am living in a Tibetan Buddhist centre and so have people who can keep an eye on my development, but who are not specifically Qigong teachers.

    I would like to practice LTS followed by some Zhan Zhuang (or the other way around) every day. If a whole hour is way too much for a beginner to spend purely on Qigong, how would you advise me to use the rest of the time?

    Thanks in Advance ,
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    Dear Jim,

    It’s great that you returned to Sifu’s chi kung practice and that you are now experiencing the expected results.

    Our practice is quite different from that of other schools.

    Back at the times when you learned from Sifu the advice was to practice for 15 minutes per session. Nowadays, after many students experienced over-training, due to the outstanding effectiveness of our training, the advice is to practice for 10 minutes.

    You can have two sessions a day. One in the morning and another one in the evening or at night. Both lasting about 10 minutes. So, you can do Zhan Zhuang in the morning and dynamic exercises like Lifting the Sky in the evening, or the other way round.

    However, as you are stating that your energy is weak now, I’d recommend you to stick to dynamic exercises for the time being. Our experience is that powerful exercises like Zhan Zhuang can be too powerful for a weakened system and can therefore be counterproductive. Although this opinion is different from that from many other masters, we prefer to clear energy blockages with dynamic exercises and chi flow first, only adding internal force later on.

    Interestingly a whole hour is not even recommended for advanced practitioners, as they are able to produce much more internal force in the same timeframe. Therefore, they also practice for 10 minutes, while getting much greater results. We put emphasis on quality, not quantity.

    As for the rest of the hour you have, use your time in wholesome activities and enjoy your live full of vitality.

    Best wishes and happy training,

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    Thanks, Leo.

    It's interesting what you say about Sifu Wong reducing the practice time to 10 mins. Although I didn't say so in the original post, I had also found 15 mins to be too much, but found about 6-8 mins optimal. I'm glad you clarified that one. I do the same number of repetitions as minutes I am practising, so if I'm intending to stand for 8 mins, I do 8 repetitions of LTS and so on....

    Thanks Again,

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    Hi Jim,

    How is your practice going?

    Best wishes,
    George / Юра
    Shaolin Wahnam England

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    Hey Jim,
    Where abouts in Scotland are you based ?


    Sifu Mark Appleford

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