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Thread: Prayers for Siheng Josh Lawson

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    Leo Shaolin is offline Sifu Leonard Lackinger - Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Austria
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    We only met briefly between the Dragon Strength courses, but it was obvious what a shining person Josh was.

    I remember that Andreas Siheng had a special place for Josh in his heart. I imagine them crossing hands and joking around somewhere else in the cosmos.

    May brother Josh have a safe and blessed journey onwards and those close to him be comforted at this time. I am sure everyone did everything they could to help him recover and leave this world in peace.

    Best wishes,

    Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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    Such a sad day. The world has lost one of the true good guys. He was such a friend to many, and he felt like that even to me and probably others who only saw him for a few days every few years. Molly has also been an amazing friend to him and surely helped him enormously through all this, thank you Molly.

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    Josh, it was an honour to meet you and to train alongside of you. All the best to you. May your journey forward be smooth, flowing, clear and bright.

    Molly, all the best to you too. I look forward to meeting you again at another Shaolin Wahnam family-related event.

    Shaolin salute from the heart,

    Emiko Hsuen

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    This is very sad news.

    I only met Josh once for a few short minutes and he was so warm, happy and smiling. A gentleman in every sence of the word.

    Many blessings to him on his transition from this life to the next. And many blessings as well to his family and friends and Molly at this time.
    Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Chi Kung classes in Dublin

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    My Dear Family,

    Such sad news.

    May Josh be safe and peaceful in his new home.

    May his family and Molly find peace and consolation at this very difficult and sad time.

    My deepest sympathy and love,
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    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    My prayers, blessings and good thoughts are with Josh Siheng, his family and friends during this difficult time.

    Thank you Molly Simui for everything you have done.

    May Josh Siheng has a safe and smooth transition into his next life.

    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,


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    Dear Josh,

    It was a privilege to train together and share some good times. I'll always remember our first time together at the special Shaolin Kung Fu course in 2005. May you have a smooth transition and much peace whereever you are going next.

    Dear Molly,

    Sending you special thoughts of rest and peace in this time of grieving. Please take good care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you in the future at a course!

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    All composed things are like a dream,
    a phantom, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning.
    That is how to meditate on them,
    that is how to observe them.
    Onwards and upwards, Josh.
    George / Юра
    Shaolin Wahnam England

    gate gate pāragate pārasaṁgate bodhi svāhā

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    Very sad to hear this.

    My prayers are with Siheng and his family.

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    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    I would like to present my condolences and blessings for everyone who lost a special person in Josh Sisook. Thank you Molly Siguje and Chris Sisook for keeping us informed how valiantly Josh Sisook fought and displayed his love of life.

    With sincere respect,

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