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Thread: How Often Did You Hit Overtraining in Year 2016?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex McLeod View Post
    I didn't hit overtraining at all in 2016, because in 2015 I hit energy overload a ton without practicing at all. It was awful. However, I learned in prayer and meditation before my Guan Shi Yin statue that the triple cultivation must be balanced to avoid over-training. If I end up receiving way too much energy, I convert some to Jing through Golden Bridge practice, or to Shen through meditation. I don't know if this will help anyone, but practicing Golden Bridge at a more physical level will reduce the symptoms of energy overload to almost non-existence. My current theory is that over-training symptoms are a result of the energy portion of the self exceeding the ability of the body to safely contain it, or the mind to safely control it.
    Congratulations. The insights that can come from the Cosmos through our training are invaluable. Treasure such gifts.

    Carry on,
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by understanding View Post
    However, I must further ask you: how do you know that this practice really helps to convert more energy to jing? Or that deliberate conversion of energy to jing is a way to solve overtraining?
    I know because it solved my problem of excess energy flow. My health improved back to its normal excellence immediately.

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    Dear Alex,

    An interesting and useful point mentioned!
    I can confirm from my experience: doing more stance training (at a rather physical level) reduces the feeling of being overtrained.
    Whether it is the conversion from chi to jing or the fact that you work more on the physical level is probably a matter of opinion.
    However, if someone hits overtraining too often, why not try some stances. Remember to not go to deep into the Chi Kung State of Mind.

    Best regards,
    Engage and maintain joyful practice!

    May all of you get the best benefits from what you do.

    Anton Schmick
    Shaolin Wahnam Germany Nord

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    I was reading some of Sadhguru's stuff and came across this article. I think this is very relevant to the issue of overtraining, and is very similar to the conclusions I have come to, but from a traditional yoga perspective. Although, he throws an additional point in the mix with the inclusion of the karmic body.

    An interesting, and topical read, if a little light on the details. We really are fortunate Sifu shares so openly compared to other masters.

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