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Thread: My Ongoing Journal: the Intersection of Shaolin Arts and Life

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    Oh No!

    ~ Cold and Fatigue Strike Again ~

    Yesterday evening I started to feel surprisingly tired and odd in throat. Surely enough I have now another cold in short period.

    This time it doesn't feel like overcleansing or overtraining related because I feel superb. Instead I might have gotten some autumn wind for brief period or germ somewhere, and that together with my sleeping troubles that have continued are the probably at the root. Anyway, I feel tired enough that I will reduce the time of my training by half approximately.

    I wish I knew how to specifically target my sleeping problem because the holistic benefits could be really remarkable. It's hard to believe that I have gotten this far with so little improvement in this. If I had some extra money I would definitely consult Sifu Andrew, but I have already extended all the loan I can and still need to scrape a few hundred more for Essence of Shaolin. Maybe I should sleep on that and see what advice comes to mind next morning?

    Today in Helsinki University I was attending a particular lecture and my head kept sinking down towards my chest practically all the time. This is embarrassing. I want to be a good and deserving student (both in university and in Shaolin Wahnam), but how can I show my respect and keep studying when I cannot help such fatigue that I all but pass out? The prospect of employment doesn't look too good either from this perspective. Maybe there is a positive angle to all this, but I am having hard time finding any other than enjoying forced rest.

    With sincere respect,
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    On my way to understanding the greatness of gratitude.
    Thank you Sifu, Sigung, and Past Masters!

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