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Thread: First Wahnam Poetry Contest Submissions--Closed

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    First Wahnam Poetry Contest Submissions--Closed

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Post your poems here, on the theme of "Changes."

    For information regarding the contest, please see the contest announcement here.

    To discuss anything related to the contest, please go to the "Poetry Contest Discussion" thread.

    Please post only poetry submissions to this page.


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    Hi all! Here is my little poem for you. Hope you enjoy!

    How my life changed for the better
    I will tell you with this letter

    Attended Sifu’s Chi Kung course
    Learned about internal force

    And a great ancient art
    was transmittet heart to heart

    Now live my life the Wahnam way
    Smile from the heart every day

    Having so much joy and fun
    Thank you dear Grandmaster Wong!

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    Fly far to the East for a very special stay
    And get lost in the flow of the rich Sabah way
    Smiles from all around will be a gift for your heart
    All just for writing some poetry art
    And basking in Malaysia as a prize would be nice
    I just hope I can win for eating mango sticky rice
    Love, and do what you will.

    - St. Augustine

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    Haiku 5-7-5

    Shaolin means to ends

    Health Combat Enlightenment

    Chi Kungfu and Zen !
    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .

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    Honoring the School

    Five animals frolic in the flowing breeze
    Jiang Nan's legacy rooted in all continents
    Here, traveling dragons converge every summer
    The Golden Bell continues to ring across the world

    I pay homage to all the great masters of the past and the present

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    As the dusk sinks into the depth,
    the dawn rises, a new life's breath.
    While stars slumber the day away,
    the Sun sits upon its throne to stay.

    Eon's of time drift by in such ways.
    Titan forces strive to rise and fall,
    known to many but remembered
    none at all... sunken, sequestered.

    As such history becomes forgotten
    myth, pure eyes of the dragon insists
    that dreams were once so boundless,
    with potential for fantastical prowess.

    Yet from the ashes will they so rise.
    Reborn again from this path of ages.
    Forged with the fires of trial sublime.
    Beholden to them for such changes.

    Those celestial powers by which fate
    decides what birth of stars sanctified
    our lives. Light flows in ecstatic state,
    which multiplies our world's divide.

    What tomorrow beholds is sung today,
    the present, past, and future display
    such potential for initiation supreme.
    Ultimate Meaning of This Dream.

    I awake to find my life has been
    a dream where day to day I send
    my hopes and faith into the void
    so boundless, with all hearts joy.

    From the depths I now rise again
    to see the lights of the world sustain
    my spirit toward such great heights.
    Looking forward with rested eyes.

    Vague forgotten notions of my slumber
    persist, yet the power they held insists
    upon my very soul today. A life so far
    away, brought towards this new goal.

    Dreams which were so brilliant,

    the change is now instant...

    "Night and Day"
    by David Langford
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    "Every morning you are born again. What you do today is the most important thing".

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    The Five Animals Play

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    Thank you Charles Sidai for starting this fun thread and, of course, thanks to everyone contributing to the fun! :-)

    Here is my little contribution:

    Welcome to the 5 Animals Play
    I'm a monkey in the very first day.

    I am now roaring like a Tiger
    Indiana Jones, Lost Ark Raider.

    What is like to be a deer?
    Well, I don't know my dear.

    Experience it for yourself
    But try not to be an elf!

    Remember, this is 5 Animals Play.
    From the very first to the last day.

    So, you can also be a bird.
    even if you have been a nerd.

    Remember, this is 5 Animals Play.
    and not Lohan Ask the Way!

    Why don't you try to be a bear?
    It doesn't matter what you wear.

    Remember, this is 5 Animals Play.
    Not the best time to pray!

    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,

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    Millions of Years Gone by...

    A million years gone by,
    I watch the people,
    I watch the earth and I watch the skies.
    Born again and again but never in my rebirth have I seen the light
    New is old and old is new
    For as much I have searched the less I have found

    Another million years gone by,
    I know the light is getting dim,
    the disattachment from you my sense growing strong,
    for now nothing means anything,
    for old is new and new is old,
    I am for once agreed!

    For yet another million years gone by,
    I am still here but I see no more,
    far am I from the thoughts and evils of man,
    far am I from your reality,
    I am now on the other side.
    As old is new and new is old,
    I claim listen but do not hear!

    Millions and millions of years have now gone by but alas you haven’t known how far we've come.
    Millions and millions of times away I stand,
    I watch the people,
    I watch the earth and I watch the skies...

    Harmeet Singh Sagoo

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    Man of great changes

    Man of great changes.

    Who is that man who walked into the room,
    Smiling, bouncing with energy and lifting our gloom!

    He teaches us skills which change our ways,
    which allow us to thrive and enjoy our days!

    Somehow he spread his teaching all across the land,
    which wondrously allows our spirit to expand!

    Soon everyone will be healthy, happy and live long,
    Gratefully following the footsteps of Grandmaster Wong!

    Jas Diu

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    Would you?

    Would You travel to Beid star?
    Sigung gets you there by car!

    He came here to teach you mate
    You just need to stand up straight

    Do you need vitality, enhance health
    or better mood?
    Try to learn from this Great Man
    And chi will be your new food

    Would you like your chi to flow?
    Close your eyes and just let go

    Please don`t think and don`t pretend
    And your mind will soon expend

    You will get more than you need
    Energy from head to feet

    * my very first try in english

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