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Thread: The Way of the Master

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wong Chun Yian View Post
    Jim started a thread to ask about this biography few years ago and Robin was so kind to ask permission from Sifu to post and share the first six chapters on the forum. Now finally, the complete autobiography is almost publish and I'm glad that I can read the manuscript first before it is published.
    That seems so long ago and I remember how lucky I felt to have my wish more than fulfilled through Robin and Sigung's kindness.

    Quote Originally Posted by PM View Post
    Cannot wait to read it!

    I will make sure it gets the promotion it deserves and will promote in on my blog - inspiration to all of us!

    All the best to Sifu and Wahnam family.
    That is very nice of you Pavel.

    If anyone else wishes to do their part and help promote our Sigung's books, I would really encourage you to join

    It's becoming a very popular way to discover new books (especially English language books), and I'm one of the only people to have rated and reviewed Sigung's books. Certainly the only Wahnam student.
    I have also added his books to martial arts reading lists and Zen/Buddhist reading lists and it would be great if some others would also vote on them to help move them up higher in the lists.

    On an amusing side note, Sigung's name is listed both as Wong Kiew Kit and Kiew Kit Wong
    I'll try to get a "librarian" status and get that fixed.

    I can't wait for this book.
    Thank you Sigung.

    All the best,
    Sigung: This is a great exercise for women, because it makes them beautiful and radiant.
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    Sigung: It makes women beautiful!
    Smile from the heart!

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    Dear Chun Yian Siheng,

    Thank you so much for sharing those little snippets of Sifu's autobiography with us.

    We also can't wait in Ireland and I definitely wish to reserve my copy of the special limited edition please.

    It will be so fantastic to see it published! We are very blessed.

    With deepest respect,
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    Please reserve a limited copy edition for myself as well!

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    Well, it seems that all of us are really exciting about this book!!! Indeed, I would really like to thank Sifu for putting in much effort and time to make this "little dictionary" available, despite his very pack schedule for last year and this year. Thanks to Pavel and Jim as well for helping in the promotion.

    Before the book being published, I will try to share more stories in different chapters. Here is another one, which relate to another Sigung, Sigung Chee Kim Thong. Probably most of us have heard about Sigung Lai Chin Wah, but not Sigung Chee Kim Thong, who was from Dungun, which located in the state of Terengganu in Malaysia. At that time Sifu was in Dungun to undergo his teacher's training. This story is in Chapter 10 - Learning Wuzuquan from the Living Treasure of the Peoples’ Republic of China


    While practicing on my own the Southern Shaolin Kungfu I learned from Uncle Righteousness, I was always on a look-out for high-level kungfu masters to learn from. So I asked around whether there was any great kungfu masters nearby.

    “You are in luck,” someone told me. “Sifu Chee Kim Thong (徐金棟) lives in Dungun, although he spends most of his time in Kuala Lumpur. His eldest son teaches Wuzuquan on behalf of his father in their house.”

    “But the training is secretive. They do not accept students unless specially recommended.”

    “You may have a chance. You are a well-liked teacher in the school. The town people have heard about you, and they are impressed with you.”

    “I think you have a good chance. The Lion Dance apparatus you used last time was loaned from Sifu Chee Kim Thong’s kungfu school. In fact, the one who performed the Lion Head in the Lion Dance performance is one of Sifu Chee Kim Thong’s special students.”

    “You teach one of Sifu Chee Kim Tong’s sons, and one of his daughters. Didn’t you know that?”

    With all these encouraging remarks from various people, I requested Sifu Chee Kim Thong’s son to ask his eldest brother whether he would accept me to learn Wuzuquan in their house. The next day he came back with wonderful news. I was accepted.

    Unlike my early training of Southern Shaolin in Uncle Righteousness’ school where I had to attend classes six nights a week, I just had to attend Wuzuquan classes, if I remember correctly, just two nights a week in Sifu Chee Kim Thong’s house in Nibong, a village outside Dungun town. We were expected to practice daily or nightly on our own. The secret Wuzuquan classes were taught by my siheng, or elder kungfu brother, Sifu Chee Boon Leong (徐文龙), a soft-spoken gentleman who ran a Chinese medicine shop in town in the day time.

    My first impression of Wuzuquan (五祖拳) was that it was very different from what I thought kungfu was. My impression of kungfu was mainly Southern Shaolin (南少林), which was the style I learned from Righteousness, though I was also familiar with Northern Shaolin(北少林). I was also familiar with Yang Style Taijiquan(杨家太极拳), which was performed in a slow, graceful manner. All the kungfu movies I had seen depicted Southern Shaolin, though sometimes Northern Shaolin was also shown. Hence, my concept of kungfu was what Southern Shaolin represented.

    When I was first introduced to Wuzuquan, I was very surprised. It did not look like kungfu, I thought. To make it more intruding, Wuzuquan was actually an important branch of Shaolin Kungfu.

    This is a useful lesson for many kungfu practitioners. If the kungfu you see does not look like the kungfu you practice, it does not necessarily mean it is not kungfu. It only means that your experience is limited, like mine was at that time. Some people who viewed our Wing Choon demonstration in YouTube indignantly exclaimed that it was not Wing Choon. It only showed their exposure was very limited.


    Chun Yian

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    Dear Chun Yian Sipak,

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories from Sigung’s book. They are heart-warming to read.

    Thank you Sigung for giving us the opportunity to read them.

    Shaolin Salute,

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    Hey guys,

    Here is another small part in Chapter 11 - A Story that Has Changed my Life and Countless Peoples’ Lives, where Sifu met Sigung Ho in Kuala Terengganu. Attach is the picture of Sigung Ho. Enjoy.....

    Meeting Sifu Ho Fatt Nam

    I did not learn Wuzuquan in Sifu Chee Kim Thong’s house for a long time because I was soon transferred as a school teacher from Dungun to Kuala Terengganu, the capital of the state of Terengganu in Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia.

    I taught in a Malay secondary school, called Padang Midin National Secondary School, in Padang Midin, a small village about 15 kilometers from Kuala Terengganu where I stayed. I had a motorcycle then, Honda 80, and rode it to school everyday. It was lovely passing through rustic Malay houses on both sides of the road with gentle breezes blowing onto your face.

    Everywhere I went, I was always searching for great kungfu masters to learn from, although people in general might not think it likely to find kungfu masters, even mediocre ones, in a state like Terengganu where the population was predominantly Malay with very few Chinese.

    On hindsight, it is indeed odd that two of the greatest kungfu masters I have met in my whole life in the whole world were found in Terengganu. They were Sifu Ho Fatt Nam (何法南), the third generation successor from the southern Shaolin Temple, and Sifu Chee Kim Thong (徐金栋), regarded during his lifetime as a living treasure of the Peoples’ Republic of China. It must be divine guidance that I had the very rare opportunity to learn from them.

    “Oh yes, we have a great Shaolin master in Kuala Terengganu. He is Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. He is a spiritualist. People went to him to seek spiritual advice. Regarding kungfu, he has only a few students. He does not normally accept students. He is very strict in choosing them.”

    A few people told me the above information, in different words, not all together but in different pieces, and they all pointed to the same information.

    I paid a visit to Sifu Ho Fatt Nam in his house, which also acted as a temple. It was a Malay-type wooden house on stilts. surrounded by Malay houses all on stilts in a Malay village called Pulau Kambing, which is in the Malay language meaning Goat Island (although I did not find any goats then), about 2 kilometers from the centre of Kuala Terengganu, called Pekan Cina, which in the Malay language which means China Town.

    I was in luck. A few students, who were later on to become my sihengs (senior kungfu brothers), were training. I politely asked to meet the master and was introduced to Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. I was surprised that Sifu Ho Fatt Nam was even smaller in size than me, but his eyes shone like electric bulbs and his skin glowed like diamond. He was, however, soft-spoken, but I could sense the controlled power behind his voice.

    I was told that the kungfu practiced was Southern Shaolin. It was, understandably, different from the Shaolin Wuzuquan I learned in Dungun. But I was surprised that it was also quite different from the Southern Shaolin I learned from Uncle Righteousness in Penang. As the Southern Shaolin of Uncle Righteousness was the same as the Southern Shaolin shown in popular kungfu movies from Hong Kong, I came to a conclusion, which I later found to be mistaken, that whatever that did not look like what Uncle Righteousness taught and what was shown in Hong Kong kungfu movies could not be Southern Shaolin.

    This mistaken attitude is quite common amongst kungfu practitioners. Because of their lacking in exposure, they think only what they practice is the norm, and all other versions different from theirs as variations or freaks.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thank you Sifu, I'm loving reading these sneak peaks of the book.

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    It is always a blessing to learn more about the background and history of my Sigungs, Sigung Ho Fatt Nam and Sigung Chee Kim Thong.

    I feel blessed to be born in Malaysia.

    Thank you Chun Yian Sihing.

    Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sha
    Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sha
    Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sha

    With Shaolin Salute,
    Lee Wei Joo

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    I had a motorcycle then, Honda 80, and rode it to school everyday. It was lovely passing through rustic Malay houses on both sides of the road with gentle breezes blowing onto your face.
    That tidbit of information brightens my day.

    Thank you Sigung and Chun Yian Sisook for the sneak peaks!
    Adam Bailey
    Shaolin WahNam USA

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    Thank you Sifu for sharing with us those inspiring stories.



    Maxime Citerne, Chinese Medicine, Qigong Healing & Internal Arts

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