Dear Shaolin Wahnam brothers and sisters,

I'm so excited now as Sifu is almost finishing his last chapter for his autobiography - The Way of the Master!!! Jim started a thread to ask about this biography few years ago and Robin was so kind to ask permission from Sifu to post and share the first six chapters on the forum. Now finally, the complete autobiography is almost publish and I'm glad that I can read the manuscript first before it is published.

Can't wait to share some parts of chapter 7. The title of chapter 7 is.........

"Adventures at the Malayan Teachers’ College in Kuala Lumpur"

and it begins with.....(enjoy!!!)

I started writing this autobiography about 30 years ago until Chapter 6, and for some reasons have not continued. It is only now, 13th May 2013, when I am 70, but feel like 45, overlooking the blue-green Mediterranean Sea in a most beautiful hotel, Punta Est, Finale Ligure in southern Italy owned by my student, AttilioPosesta, that I have decided to continue writing my autobiography.

After completing my school education in 1964 at Penang Free School, reputed to be the best school east of Suez, I applied to be trained as a schoolteacher. While waiting for my application to be accepted, I took up a temporary teaching job at Sin Min Private School in Alor Setar, about 100 kilometres from Penang, my home town. I had a wonderful time teaching English to students who are about my same age.

But just two weeks after teaching in this school, I had another teaching job offered to me by the Penang Chinese Girls’ High School, a famous girls’ school in the country. Thus I resigned from Sin Min Private School, despite strong appeals from my students who urged me to stay, to teach at the Penang Chinese Girls’ High School, not because all the students in the new school were girls also about my age, hence giving me a lot of opportunities to meet new girlfriends, fulfilling a wistful but not necessarily desirable feeling of a teacher-student relationship, but because the new school is located in Penang, my hometown which I love very much.

It was actually at this time that I first met my wife, Goh Siew Ai (伍瑞爱). I was 21 and she was sweet 18 when we met. She was not a student of Penang Chinese Girls’ High School, but introduced to me by a mutual friend. What impressed me most were her sparkling eyes. She was, and still is, the most beautiful girl I have seen.

Although I spent a lot of time practicing kungfu, I still had a lot of time to live life beautifully, like scouting, hiking, boating, painting, reading, playing table tennis, attending parties and dancing with beautiful girls. I am very happy and grateful that my wife, as soon as I met her, has turned out to be my last romance. I also discovered that I was, and am, her first love.

While dating her, I still continue my dedicated practice of kungfu. I frequented book shops and bought a lot of kungfu books in Chinese, including some classics. One of the kungfu books I cherished was “Rapidly Successful Iron Palm in Hundred Days” (百日成铁掌) by a famous master named Li Yin Erng (李英). I was surprised to find this book which explained in details how to train Iron Palm and be successful in just a hundred days! Such kungfu skills were kept as top secrets.