Generating Energy Flow
19th May 10,30 to 14.30h

This is the Shaolin Cosmos Chikung fundamental course, suitable for newcomers and for students that wish to deepen these important basic skills: Entering a Chikung state of mind and Generating Energy Flow. Besides is suitable for overcoming pain and illness.

18 Jewels Part 1
19th May 16,30 to 20.30h


18 Jewels Part 2
20th May 10 to 14h
18 Jewels Part 3
20th May 16 to 20h

This special new set of chikung exercices developed by Grandmaster Wong are specially useful for overcoming pain and different health problems. Grandmaster Wong will be teaching 18 Jewels for the very first time in Spain.

Bone Marrow Cleansing Part 1
21st May 10 to 14h
Bone Marrow Cleansing Part 2
21st May 16 to 20h

This is an advanced Chikung skill, traditionally atributted to the Shaolin Patriarch Bodhidharma. In this course you´ll learn how to manage energy in different levels, included the deepest one, bone marrow, bones and nervous system.
This is a skill transmitted from master to student (heart to heart transmission), and that students would be able to experience in the course itself.



Baguazhang (Pakua kungfu) Part 1
22nd May 10 to 14h
Baguazhang (Pakua kungfu) Part 2
22nd May 16 to 20h

This is the first time that Baguazhang will be taught in Spain, Bagua or Pakua Kungfu is a beautiful and effective kungfu style. This course will be an unique chance to learn it.


*"18 Jewels" will be taught for the very first time in Europe.
**Grandmaster Wong would be teaching Bagua kungfu for the very first time in Spain and continental Europe.
***On May 18th sifu Daniel Pérez will lead a review class on Southern Shaolin Iron Wire Set

** Discount for registering in advance (deadline April 20th 2013)
Please, bear in mind we have the unique chance of having the same prices as last year.
Courses will be held at :
Martí Codolar (hostel), a place apart from noisy city areas, with beautiful gardens, found in the north of the city. You can easily reach there by Metro (subway), Montbau station (green line). This place is not only the course venue but it also offers a cheap hostel for people coming from other cities and countries to lodge. You can make a reservation by sending an email to:
(you should mention that you belong to the Chikung group and want breakfast and lunch included).

+34 668 807084 / +34 654 155 864-