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Thread: Winter Camp 2012 thread

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    A soft summary of the Choy Lee Futt course.

    The Set was thought within I guess about 8 hours. That was for sure a fantastic achievement, as normally under regular circumstances students spend at least 3 month with learning and training a Set. Of course as with everything one has to train and deepen the forms and the finer points regularly to develop further.

    As the Set training by itsself was not enough within this course Sifu offered generously suitable Internal force methods to not only enhance the Choy Lee Futt but all Kung Fu. The horizontal approach meaning the spread method.

    Sifu kindly thought the hard force method with triple stretch and the soft force training method with the big windmill.

    Then we were intruduced in to the skill of Iron arm training. Rolling bamboo is one possibility. Funny enough it doesn't only strenghen your arms, it's your whole body getting filled up with Internal force.

    The next step was training with tumbbells and performing the Art of 30 punches. This was directly transfered into training different chosen pattern with weights in the flow method. Allthough I expected to feel solid heavy and rooted the kind of training made me feeling more flexible agile and light.

    The other focus of Choy Lee Futt was to create sequences which one can use against any other martial arts.

    The Kung Fu against other martial arts is still one of the best courses Sifu offers. The main focus was to train and develop skills rather learning techniques with simple to the minimum reduced patters.

    Sifu offered here an incredible secret of past Master's training: Many people ask why past Masters would stupidly sit for literally hours in a horse stance or a Tai Chi stance. The answer is simple. Past Masters reduced the techique or pattern or stance to a minimum of content. There lies the secret. Master's could so focus on developing skills.

    Many people would mention then that stance training is not applyable to fight properly. Yes it is, because one of the main ingrediants of combat efficiency is Internal force. The stances made the Masters physically mentally and spiritually more powerful, calm, relaxed and sharp. So how could past Masters then apply this into combat. Here lies the question within the transformation of the gained skills. They would simply put this into sequence training, performing simple techniques over and over with force speed and always the element of a threat.

    Best regards,
    "From formless to form, from form to formless"

    26.08.17-28.08.17: Qi Gong Festival with 6 courses in Bern:
    Qiflow-Triple Stretch Method-12 Sinewmetamorphisis-Bone Marrow Cleansing-Zen Mind in Qi Gong


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    Hello Everyone!

    In the past I've barely ever posted on the forum, despite the growing number of years I've been training these amazing arts. I can't imagine a better time to get off my butt, let go of some insecurity, and share my experiences than after this amazing Winter Camp in Norway. The two go hand in hand. For me this course started out being about honesty in my kungfu, with the expectation that that would necessarily lead to a greater honesty in my daily life. What are my weaknesses? What is my level of force? How clear is my mind under an element of THREAT? (a powerful theme for me during the course) I wanted to get my ego out of the way and really see where I'm at, and what I need to change to get better.

    One thing that I need to change is posting on the forum! The areas of my life with the greatest potential for growth and positive change are the same areas I am afraid to confront. The same is true in my kungfu practice. The easy path is to hyper-focus on what I consider my strengths and turn a blind eye to my weaknesses and insecurities. Well...I'm just really tired of doing that. I want to break through my insecurities and let go of old fears. My primary objective in attending this course was to begin that process, and acquire the tools I needed to continue it in my personal practice as expediently as possible. For me, the course was an amazing success!

    I am not where I want to be in terms of combat efficiency and confidence against other martial artists. However, after this course, I am so much closer than when I started. It is an amazing feeling. Really getting to know my weaknesses (by having them exploited hundreds of times by my loving and forceful classmates) has not made me less confident, but more. After this course I feel empowered! Sifu has given us the method! All I have to do is implement it. I do not need to worry about whether the method will work for me or not. I already know that it will work. I know because I trust my Sifu and his amazing skill and experience. And I also know by my own experience and growth over these past five days. And finally I know by observation of the growth and progress made by my classmates over these five days. It has been truly amazing to watch and be a part of. An honor.

    Many thanks to Markus and Omar for making this course possible and for all their hard work. Thank you so much.
    And my fifth and sixth ribs on the right side would like to offer an emphatic thank you to Tim for pulvarizing whatever nasty emotional blockage had taken up residence there! I'm pretty sure they're gone for good! (never mind the residual soreness...)
    George, is was wonderful to remake your acquaintance
    Thank you Jeffrey and Roland for, ya know.... EVERYTHING.
    Angel, Shawn, Sam, Tapio, Michael, and ...Katian?...someday I'll be able to pronounce your name correctly! It was wonderful meeting you all for the first time and sharing this amazing course with you. I'm excited to cross paths again in the future.
    And of course the other Floridians! You know who you are.

    Most of all, Thank you Sifu for your amazing generosity in transmitting these skills and empowering me to use them to better my kungfu and my life. I will put them into practice better than I ever have before.

    Much love and gratitude to everyone in Norway! See you at the next course!

    Michael Helgeson

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    As I said in the title of this post, "WOW!"

    I know we're all used to using superlatives to describe Sifu's courses but the Winter Camp really deserves some serious superlatives.

    First of all we had two sublime days of Qigong during which Sifu allowed us to experience the 18 Lohan Hands, the 12 Sinew Metamorphoses, Bone Marrow Cleansing and Zen at levels ranging from the physical to the Cosmic. I would have travelled from Melbourne to Oslo and back just for those two days.

    But of course the Winter Camp also had 5 days of Kungfu..........

    To be continued.
    Jeffrey Segal

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    Dear family

    Thank you for your great posts! I very much appreciate them and feel inspired to do well in my development of my combat efficiency in 2012 and far beyond !

    Shaolin greetings

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    A picture is worth a thousand throws

    You've now read the reports on the Nordic Winter Camp, now have a look at how we all looked after 40 hours of kung fu. Increasing the level of threat seems to make martial artists radiate more.

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    Very nice Michael. Everyone is very happy. A good sign after a great week.

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    ...I'm just a little jealous reading about the course...

    Congratulations to everyone!


    Charles David Chalmers
    Brunei Darussalam

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    Dear Family,

    As I said above, after 2 days of sublime Qigong, we had 5 days of Kungfu. There was a wonderful spirit of camaraderie during those 5 days. The training was hard, the transmission was incredible (even by Sifu's incredible standards) and the course has really changed the way I approach sparring training.

    Thanks to everybody who attended the course. It was great training with you and spending time together.

    Thank you, Sifu!
    Jeffrey Segal

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    Dearest Fam,

    Okay, so I have been hesitant to share here on this forum in the past not due to any lack of amazing experiences but rather in a lack of confidence. But after kicking off 2012 with an unforgettable course in Norway, I confronted and over came many blockages and now I want to share my powerful results with my first ever-post to the Forum (woohoo!)

    Diagnosed with a so-called incurable disease 6 years ago, I was unable to see a better life for myself through a pharmaceutical haze. For 2 years now, these arts have had nothing short of a powerful affect on my life as piece by piece, (and sometimes chunk by chunk) my problems are becoming distant dysfunctions of my past.

    As I shed layer after layer of gunk and garbage, I see more and more beauty, in myself, in others, in all around me -(yes, even in that gunk and garbage!) and I am moved with gratitude, hope, and joy.

    There were and have been many instances where I have experienced powerful Qigong and Kung Fu sessions - from mind-blowing Qi Flows to sparring sessions that stirred up and expelled stuck past-trauma. During the Dumbbell Force Training on this most recent course in Norway, I was moved to heights I had never before encountered. After one particular session, I caught a glimpse of vitality, of real strength from the depths of my core to the outer reaches of my physical body. I was strong and powerful and I could feel it!

    I've had powerful moments as a result of practicing these arts since Day 1, but this was something new and different. I wasn't just experiencing a powerful moment, I was powerful! The strength I felt pulsating through my very being, the universe showing me a piece of vitality I have never had, not even when I was "healthy" - here it was illuminating my soul and my body. .

    I was moved to tears as I recalled not just 2 and a half years ago, I could barely walk, and some days not even be able to get out of bed due to muscles locking up and excruciating pain. Fast forward to a Kung Fu Course in Norway (a place I've never been) dumbbells in hand, strength in body, and gratitude in heart. How lucky am I?

    I am incredibly fortunate to have found my Sifu, who helped me when I was in need. I am so very grateful to my Sifu, to my Sigung, to my beautiful Wahnam family. (LOVED meeting and seeing all your beautiful faces, you all are AMAZING in your own awesome way and I love everyone one of you!) I feel so lucky that we have been connected and brought together through these arts.

    Thanks for reading and being a part of my world.

    With love and gratitude,


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    What an inspiring post! Thank you.

    Indeed, everyone in our family who has practiced diligently has felt truly amazing results. We are so fortunate that in our school success is guaranteed (though unwritten as such) provided that we practice.

    I've been practicing Chi Kung for over five years now, but I have yet to take a Kung Fu course. Your post only furthers my new goal of getting to a Kung Fu course as soon as practical.

    Welcome to the forum, and many happy returns.


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