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  • Lifechanger

    Brothers and sisters, I have reached a place where mental activity feels very controlled. I have been climbing up the spiritual ladder during the past days. I am going to honor our Sifu, all masters and all students by tattooing our logo on me.
    Sun aika kukkaan on puhjeta
    kohti taivasta kurkottaa

    Juuret viimein kylmän kiven murtaa
    jos vain ymmärtää odottaa

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    Honouring your Master, Grandmaster, all Past Masters, fellow students and the system itself is very good. A tattoo, however, is not something I would associate with this act. If you truly want to honour this lineage, do so through your thoughts, words and actions. Inspire others to walk this same path.
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      It’s good to hear that you have been making progress and getting benefits from your practice.

      There are many ways to honor the past masters. One of of the best ways is to practice in the way that have been passed down from our past and current masters.
      We are very lucky to have the genuine Shaolin arts passed down to us.
      The best way to honor is to be a good student.

      About tattoos: in my opinion they are always very personal and private. If a person wants a certain tattoo, it is his/her right to choose.
      The only thing to remember is that you’ll carry it for life.
      And in the spirit of honoring, the tattoo should be higher than your waist.

      Best wishes,

      Nessa Kahila
      Shaolin Nordic Finland