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Sifu's Cosmic Shower course: speechless

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  • Sifu's Cosmic Shower course: speechless

    Dear all,

    Last week I attended Sifu’s Cosmic Shower Course in Barcelona. It had been quite some time: my last Cosmic Shower course was in 2005 (and before that at the Intensive Chi Kung course.) It was a regional course and I expected it to be similar tot he one I did in 2005. We then learned to have a Cosmic Shower and how to let it flow along the skin, flesh, meridians, organs and bone marrow.

    It turned out to be very different in two ways. One, it was more simple. Two, the level of the course was high. So much higher than the course I did in 2005, and still much, much higher as well as the Intensive Chi Kung course I did previously.

    We started with the basics, generating an energy flow using Carrying the Moon. It was wonderful and if that had already been the complete course, I would have left a very happy guy. In fact, I will go as far as to say that the sense of wonder and amazement I got from just this part was at the same level as the Cosmic shower at the Intensive Chi Kung course I did earlier! I don’t know how Sifu has upgraded his teachings so far that generating energy flow is an advanced course by itself now.

    Needless to say, the rest of the course was beyond such terms as wonderful and amazing. It was also so very simple. Afterwards, when Sifu asked us to comment or ask questions, none of us had anything to say. We were speechless. My wife mentioned afterwards that she had never felt so wonderful, being so completely at peace that you do not need to say anything.

    This was a really special course. And one I will be doing again (and again).

    Many thanks to Sifu for travelling around the globe and spreading these Arts.

    Best wishes,

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    If I Only Had to Choose One Skill

    Dear Roeland Sisook(?),

    Thank you for your review. I am very happy that this particular course was so successful and everyone had a hefty dose of Chi Kung benefit.

    I am still far behind most students of this School in terms of learned techniques and skills, but I am already quite certain that Cosmic Shower is my favorite skill and will remain so. Its versatility is astonishing as your post already hinted: it can accomplish a lot in very short time, yet its effects are easily manageable in mind level. Its visualization skills are both profund and simple. Our School is very blessed to inherit such an advanced Taoist cultivation method and turn it into an easily attainable and easily operated skill.

    I have been very privileged to learn this skill completely in Dublin 2016 just before the Zen Intensive course, some aspects of it during King's Road event in Helsinki 2016, and quite recently some other aspects of it during the UK Summer Camp 2017. In fact, I really would have loved to come to Barcelona this time and then to Switzerland soon after that even if just to have more of Cosmic Shower.

    Even though I wasn't part of the retinue this time, I would like to thank Sigung for teaching the Art again. Hopefully I can learn it from you many more times in future!

    With sincere gratitude,
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      Dear Olli,

      I fully agree - it is my favourite Art too!

      Many thanks to Sifu again for teaching it.

      Best wishes,