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    First I wanted to say that the Five-Animal Play continues to produce excellent results for me. Guess if I'm really happy and feeling full of vitality right now?

    ~ Asking for Healing ~

    When going to Sigung's courses earlier this year, I had contemplated asking for him to relieve some of my tension spots in my face or right shoulder. Then after seeing Roland Sipak working with his acupuncture needles during the Helsinki Chi Kung courses I also considered whether I should consult him and see if he could alleviate some of my blockages. I never did though.

    It was certainly a mental blockage, no doubt, that I didn't even ask for any help. Nevertheless, when reflecting about my anxiety and uncertainty about asking for healing aid, I must say that I hadn't had a clear picture why I should really ask for an expert's intervention. These problems are bothersome, but individually nothing which greatly hinders everyday life.

    I had known for many years that these tensions are mostly related to my distorted body posture, although I wasn't keeping awarness of that since starting with Chi Kung. Maybe my heart knew that I needed holistic healing and not just removing few blockages as I had imagened? Despite not asking may not have given me some extra comfort I could've gotten, it has now given me the invaluable insight that healing is almost always a holistic concern with no clear shortcuts. That insight I find more valueable than having few acupoints cleared to some unknown healing effect.

    This all returns to an observation I had recently made: Asking good questions is a profound skill worthy of true masters. Otherwise we are just fools asking silly questions that lack the correct timing, context, and effect.

    With sincere respect,


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      ~ Tumultuous Silence ~

      Last Friday morning I had my posture realigned by a professional therapist. He did a fine work, as the results are readily observable in the mirror. I'm sure that my senses and nerves are a bit sharper after the treatment, and there has been unusually lot of gentle chi sensations ever since. Now I'm just waiting for my muscles to reacquintance their proper restful positions before I get back to Kungfu. Until that I'm supposed to have only fairly gentle physical activity without stretching or extending my pelvis into positions that could cause an unfortunate slip back to the bad alignment. It will probably take two weeks to a month before I can confidently say whether the treatment was really worth my time, as lasting1 benefits are too early to tell.

      This week has been spiritually very liberating. Earlier on Monday on the Five Animal Play class I experienced a good pain in the center of my chest and my spirit was expanded many times during and after chi flows. Sorrow overcame me many times and I felt wonderful aftwerwards. There was also another spell of chest pain and subsequent emotional relief in one of the following days, so it seems cleansing is right now exhibiting very good fruit. On the other hand, during my sparring class I felt very weak and incompetent, as after only half an hour I was feeling completely exhausted. Yikes!

      Today evening when having my Chi Kung I experienced something unusual. I had done Carrying the Moon five times to facilitate the integration of my new straightened posture (as I had done before and plan to continue doing for a while), when it became time for standing meditation after the chi flow. At first it worked as usual, but then soon my hands started to experience a sense of clearness and lightness. Suddenly there was a new chi flow happening, which started to get more vigorous despite me thinking dan tian and trying to call the energy back. I could've stopped the flow physically, but dared not to interfere, so I did my best to just let go. It went on for a while and I enjoyed the extra benefit. Suddenly the chi flow directed me on my knees toward the floor and I let out a blood curling scream of agony. Then I felt lightness and happiness again, stood back up and thought of dan tian. This time the flow settled without any resistance and I could finish my practice as like it is supposed to be done.

      It was only the second time I had experienced stillness starting to move me. Apparently it was time to let go of something fairly terrible. I feel somehow different now, but I'm not sure what has changed. My guess is that it was something traumatic from either this or past life.

      With sincere respect,


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        ~ A Quickie ~

        I forgot to mention in my earlier post that there was a very interesting day in the preceding week. Although I felt quite underwhelmed by Chi Kung in the morning and somewhat detached from everything that happened later that day, nevertheless I was smiling a lot and enjoying myself. Definitely one of the weirdest experiences so far, so worth writing it down.

        The posture alignment treatment I went through seems to be successful. As expected, it didn't solve a lot of problems because the underlying energybody issues are still present, but I certainly feel more comfortable now. Also, during the weekly Taijiquan kicking practice my stances felt much more solid than before. Towards the lesson's end I started again feel a bit worn out in strength, although there seemed to be some new energy coming up.

        Today was my final examination for the first period (the university year is divided into four periods in total). I clearly had more mental clarity during this week's examinations than ever before, but still I underperformed. My head still hurts because of blockages, I easily feel famished (despite eating amply before) and cold at extremeties, and generally just weak and numb. Keeping focused and letting the mind flow during peak performance instances remains hard.

        With sincere respect,
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          ~ Another Quickie ~

          I have been wanting to write more about my recent experiences, but I'm busy and a bit lacking of energy. Currently my kidneys and lungs are heavily cleansing, so it's a slogging to get it through. I have many new topics that I wish to write about once the time is right, so be prepared!

          In the meanwhile, pease have my best wishes and blessings to go with you.

          With sincere respect,


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            ~ Emerald Island in my Dreams ~

            Despite my initial enthusiasm and plans, now it's time to practice letting go. Unfortunately, I will not be going to Ireland next February.

            I need to focus more on the basics, just having fun, and letting go especially. Realization came to me that I have a nasty issue about planning ahead and projecting skewed expectations about my practice. It's fostering an unhealthily competitive, serious, and calculating, if not outright deviant, mindset that I would certainly do better without. Sigung has stated many times that we should not aim for our best in daily practice and not become slaves to Chi Kung or Kungfu, but I think it also applies in a more general level.

            These blockages and intellectualizations about getting better seems to be fear related. It probably wouldn't surprise you that currently I feel like I'm cleansing my kidneys a lot and there is a sense of lightness there unlike ever before, which is definitely a good sign.

            All the arts that are going to be taught in Ireland 2017 are so incredibly good, but I'm not ready now... and quite likely not even in February. Besides, the thought of letting go of this opportunity is actually giving me an unexpectedly great sense of relief, as if a rock drops off my chest. It would be asking for trouble if I went against my heart now and chose to go for the courses regardless. I do love it though that my heart talks in very clear terms on this matter. Perhaps I should learn to ask more of its councel?

            It was my hope that I could relive some of the magic that happened this year in Dublin. Saddest of all, I'm not going to meet Joan Siguma there with John(s), Santi, Kevin, Paul, Geraldine, Brendan, Chris (supposing that they are able to attend).

            ~ Why Am I Here? ~

            The previous thirty days have brought in challenges and cleansing in many levels, but I'm grateful to be here and having overcome these obstacles in good company.

            The road to recovery is not always easy. As October was turning to November I had a bad crisis of doubt if I could overcome my remaining illness in time without it affecting my studies. Thanks to Sifu's intervention I was able to subdue my fears and realized a sense of overwhelming confidence like never before. The experience was similar to Merging with the Cosmos in that it was blissful and powerful, except that it was strictly mundane presence instead of expanding beyond it. Something huge fell off my chest. At that very moment I realized how integral part confidence plays in being a normal, healthy human being, and how much I have missed in having never having experienced that before. During that experience my mind turned extremely sharp and focused, all my health felt extremely good (or issues insignificant at least), and overflowing sense of competence and decisiveness overtook my actions. In essence I realized how to just do it. By that I realized why I'm here and what I should tangibly aim for. Now my heart really yearns for that satisfying confidence and peace, as anyone can read this journal and witness how all my issues are basically confidence related. This is the healing I need the most.

            In the following days I crystallized that there are two goals besides the usual benefits of our Chi Kung that I really wanted to focus on or to specialize in: flowing mind and confidence. Both of these are easily justifiable aims for everyday activities and also natural fruit of our work with Shaolin Arts, although for me they are even more important for professional reasons, as academic excellence certainly requires huge amounts of both. Taking part in the Dublin Zen Intensive was definitely the right decision and brilliant opportunity, for which I'm eternally grateful. Now I'm wondering whether there could be a course on cultivating confidence in order to be indebted for two eternities.

            Nevertheless, when I'm thinking of taking any courses with Sigung in the future, I must be very critical of myself and really reflect if either of these qualities, flowing mind or confidence, are trained in the capacity and manner I would wish. Opportunity to learn Bone Marrow Cleansing, for example, is a priceless one, but it might not be the best anwer to the question why am I here and what do I want to accomplish in my level and for my needs. I'm already occupied with the appetizers, so there's no need to prematurely start hogging main courses on the plate.

            It's wonderful to be able to let go. It's also a treasure to be thankful, so thank you again Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung!

            With sincere gratitude,
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              ~ A Happy End ~

              I'm extremely pleased to state that I and my four Taijiquan class mates have all passed the level 2 test in good grace. I wish to congratulate my Shaolin brothers and sisters for their good work.

              I would rate my own performance as a solid "C" in school grade. I will have to improve my Horse Riding and Unicorn stances, and practice more felling and gripping. Thank you Sifu for giving us detailed advice and the chance to address our flaws!

              Strangely enough I couldn't find any earlier trace in my journal how I had discovered a while ago that rising up from the floor isn't heavy anymore. It's absolutely fantastic to be able to immediately spring back up feeling light and energetic even after being felled to ground.

              Now towards a new beginning! Next week we shall continue with level 3, which will finally teach us Fajing at some occasion. I have been missing it since the Lohan Art part 1, which gave us a taste of exploding energy among other methods to generate internal force.

              With sincere respect,


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                ~ Many Hundreds ~

                Yesterday we had the first session of level 3 Taijiquan. Sifu didn't waste her time in setting the tone of practice henceforth as she taught us how to do "Hundred Punches" and "Hundred Kicks" in Taijiquan way. The Hundred Punches consists of White Snake Shoots Venom (covering first), Low Punch, and Thrust Punch. It was probably the hardest training I've had so far, and my legs were going completely lactic soon after we started, although there was plenty more of that following... I enjoyed all of it even though I had to take breaks to shake and loosen my legs. The toughness was an indication to me that I should focus on this particular training routine, while not neglecting any other important aspect, if I wanted to get the best benefits. What I liked about it was how holistic it is. It includes having good stances, using hips to rotate through the stances, keeping the waist pointing in the right direction, learning how to use force with punches, keeping the central line in punches, not extending the shoulders or leaning any forward when punching, having the spine always straight, and staying relaxed. If I can master this one simple practice, there is a lot to gain.

                It's still very encouraging and inspiring that recently I have made significant gains in dealing with mental blockages, as even my chi flows have begun to take much more relaxed and spontaneous expression than earlier. Without much fuss I applied Sifu's instructions and tried the Punches and Kicks immediately today. I felt like giving up few times, but then I chose to relax more and persist. Open up and enjoy more! Sifu's advice on imagining the body opening has been very useful whenever I have felt accidentally doing things too physically or unflowingly. In the end I felt at least two mental blockages dissolving, so it was extremely beneficial to push back my comfort zone. Yesterday there had been some instances of momentarily being able to do the Punches completely relaxed, but today I had clearly improved. Make no mistake: there is much practice be had however.

                I was a bit surprised how pleasant and able my legs felt during kicking. Curiously enough I have found that the Hundred Punches are harder on my legs than the Hundred Kicks but that is probably because in comparison to doing kicks the fairly static stances and hip rotation really underline how tense my pelvis still is. When I practiced the kicks today I realized that I have improved quite a lot in terms of stability, relaxation, and force. I also observed that my right leg is not in par with its left counterpart and this must have everything to do with the scoliosis I have mentioned earlier.

                I am extremely pleased to announce that I shall be committed to Hundred Punches and Kicks for at least 100 days. Not only do I want to make Sifu proud and satisfied with my progress, I got surprise extra motivation after discovering that the UK Summer Camp 2017 will feature the super interesting and beautiful Cotton Palm. Even if I were nominally qualified for all the courses, I wouldn't want to go for Kungfu courses and disappointingly demonstrate Sigung my flowery fists and embroidery kicks. My conscience wouldn't allow me to call myself worthy of any advanced training in particular, so at this stage it's also a necessity for developing my moral character that I really am able to show good results in fundamentals of Taijiquan.

                ~ Next Year in Preview ~

                It's still open what the next year will turn out to be, but I wanted to share something about what is going on in Helsinki. Sifu and Sipak have been hinting that there will be changes in how they teach Chi Kung, and a special course "Dragon in Zen" has already been announced. We will also have at least one combined training lesson for both Shaolin and Taijiquan groups, which is a neat idea. I really am looking forward to learning what else they have planned.

                As a child I liked to read toy catalogs and see what kind of awesome stuff other kids could have. My family background is poor, so we kids couldn't really had afforded to have many toys even if we had wanted them. Still I liked to daydream and imagine what could be accomplished and how much fun could be had with technical toy such as expensive Lego kits in special. I might be nearly thirty now, but reading in Sigung's course schedule all those foreign locations, then later organizers' teasing course announcements, and with open and lovely people attending them makes me feel like attaining again the particular type of childhood enthusiasm and curiosity as I found in reading toy catalogs. Make a guess if I'm stoked for the publication of next year's schedule?

                Currently my heart is not set for traveling abroad or planning for some nice vacation with my dear Shaolin Wahnam Family and learning more of precious Shaolin Arts, but living in the moment and practicing the fundamentals as Sifu is teaching. I guess it is also a natural consequence of finally starting to realize just how good standard of teaching our school's certified instructors have. The UK Summer Camp 2017, however, really feels something that I should be aiming for, so I wish to do everything possible to really justify that I am deserving to attend even a single once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Sigung. There might be some other really 'WOW' events coming up, but only time will tell if I may consider myself ready for those opportunities.

                With sincere respect,


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                  ~ Discovering the Living Shaolin Magic ~

                  There was barely any transition, but since yesterday something has dramatically changed. What I am doing now is not the Kungfu I had been doing previously. This is magic, and I really mean it. There is no more any struggle or need to push myself in any manner, but incredibly enough I let go, just do it, and enjoy all of it. The subtle bliss of Kungfu has finally dawned upon me, and oh how sweet it is. Words fail to seize how grateful and dumbfounded I am by the suddenness and dramatic improvement of my performance.

                  My body has begun to feel incredible light and free. Sometimes I can barely feel the body, or it feels like an empty sack or saturated with a "potent silence" for the lack of better words. No wonder a recent thread recalled how Sigung has called our every day a birthday because now it's completely tangible how alive the Shaolin Arts make us. Even standing up feels more like a spring uncoiling and reaching its natural untensed state, instead of the fight against gravity as it used to be. The change is most prominent in my palms in that I can hardly feel any residual irritation or tension in them. My hand and arm joint mobility and fingers are still not completely clear, but these are minor concerns compared to how huge relief this progress already is. Now I only have two locations that have noticeably oppressing tension: my head and chest. By how things are going, I have good faith that I will be completely relieved of these before the turn of year.

                  Infinite blessings and thanks to you Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung!

                  With sincere gratitude,


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                    ~ I am Becoming Energy ~

                    The days since my last journal entry have been magnificient. I have discovered that my plain Chi Kung has already become automatic in that I only need to relax and breath in and out, and all the appropriate movement happens on its own without any effort. I have also had several instances of my hands vanishing and becoming semi-autonomous entities with extremely sharp mind control whenever it's necessary to utilize that function. Walking is also starting to feel comfortably rooted, very floaty, and impressively self-guided. Then today I finally started experiencing how kicking is showing signs of flow and effortlessness, so the same benefits of Chi Kung are little by little transferring into my Kungfu too. It's incredible to have all this happening even though I don't yet feel fully recovered from my internal injury, though I have to say that every day now seems to result in a noticeably lighter chest and more shining eyes full of resolve and zestful expression. On this evening in particular the final chi flow seemed like having my heart center (or something similar) expand like the regular dantien might do in special occasions. All tension is just creeping away unceremoniously.

                    Yet regardless of all these developments, the most striking sensation of all is how perfectly ordinary I feel. Unlike before, I feel no extended euphorias or mental attachments in this or that phenomenon that might arise, but pervasive clarity and stillness abounds. I am nothing special, just a regular human being like everyone else! It feels very satisfying to be able to relate to everyone with humble and unassuming ease like this.

                    During my childhood days I spent quite a while in a Christian kindergarten where we often sang some comforting children's songs with a subtle religious message. I remember a particular psalm that I liked. The lyrics deal with how on the palm of God everyone is safe and protected. I don't remember the exact day and moment, but I realized that invoking the name of Guan Yin really makes me feel like that I'm either shielded by the palms of something powerful and benevolent or that there's some kind of sheath protecting me. Very interesting experience, but not sure what to make of it. For the record: just twice a day after Facial Massage I briefly pray, ask for forgiveness for my misdeeds, and reaffirm the bodhisattva refuge vow. I also bless whenever appropiate because I just love to think that I am able to benefit others even if in subtle ways.

                    Thank you Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung for giving such marvellous meaning for my life!

                    With sincere gratitude,


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                      ~ Soft Heart and Ease of Relaxation ~

                      Today after Hundred Kicks I had a loud cleansing shout after a fairly long period of relatively quiet chi flows. While closing my session during the point massage I was asking for forgiveness as usual and I suddenly felt very light and pure in my heart. This time it was very tangible that I had let go of a major blockage.

                      Then when I was taking a shower I realized that the effects are even more profound. I seem to be able to enter a new type of relaxation when I just softly relax my heart. Next thing I sense a faint chi current activating all around my body, although for now the effect is most pronounced in my spine and feet. It's not a "WOW" buzzing kind of energetic overload, but rather a very soothing and invigorating sensation of being alive and fully aware. Awareness is a terrific word in context because the experience definitely brings some odd dreamlike quality into the consciousness. It's also very interesting observe how the focus from the soft heart then automatically draws into the dantian which seems to be epicenter of this new energetic emergence.

                      The days after my last post had been more difficult than the preceding ones. It was no longer as easy to stay relaxed or flowing with energy, but I knew this was a temporary adjustment to new energy capacity. Indeed, my body has been feeling quite tender with good pain as an indicator that good progress is happening all the time. I am very delighted and grateful that Sifu taught us the routine of Hundred Punches and Kicks because the timing and the method was perfect for my needs. I don't believe that this method could result in overtraining easily, so I also seem to have passed one very bothersome hurdle in a smooth jump.

                      Generally, my feelings of soreness have also given glimpses of my fingers finally opening up, and there has been an unusually strong accompanying mental tendency for expressing frustration. On last Sunday I felt like I had some very nice flowing moments with my punches, for which I was very happy. I could hardly believe how pleasant and open one can feel for holding a fist and still issue punches with both flow and force.

                      I have much to be grateful for. Thank you Sifu, Sipak, Sigung, and past masters!

                      With sincere gratitude,


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                        ~ The Real Me ~

                        Yestereve's (currently past 1:00 AM when writing this) session was great. I didn't experience anything extraordinary, but it was the best Chi Kung or meditation I have ever done. Everything turned super ordinary. Just plain, unaltered experience with acute awareness of it all. This plainness is difficult to convey because it lacks conceptualization. Everything just gushes forth in a pure and immediate manner.

                        The day itself was a bit complicated. I woke up late after the day before we had a thanksgiving dinner to our Sifus and season closing with the Finnish Shaolin Wahnam Family. It was an excellent gathering, so hopefully we will be having more of those in the future. Anyway, in the morning I discovered to my dismay that the examination I though was on Thursday was actually today beginning in half an hour. Boom! I did a quick Chi Kung in the examination hall before the examination officially started, and I did feel quite nice throughout the two and half hours. Later back home I felt that I need to let go a bit more and just smile from the Heart. It's incredible how much easier and profitable this simple skill becomes with passing time and practice. Nevertheless, the first actual surprise was when I was doing Hundred Kicks I noticed that I was more grounded than before. It was also very striking that my feet felt intensely connecting to the ground through the heel, so that my stances felt more back-supported than before. Conincidentally in our final sparring lesson in last week's Monday Sipak commented how I should take care not to keep my weight front loaded. I didn't have a lot of time to correct my postural bad habit, so this seems more like natural development. It was very pleasant to experience how much more natural Three Levels to Ground and Dancing Crane felt after weight conducting more through the heels. The chi flows were unspectacular, but when I entered the final standing meditation I was overwhelmed by the vast and unamazing consciousness of being here and now.

                        After finishing up it became clear that something had changed. My Heart feels again lighter, but this time my face also has shed a substantial portion of tension, in particular in the nose. It might sound funny, but I can smell better now and my air passages feel more free. In fact, the whole experience brought a recollection of a kind of faint odor that I haven't experienced since childhood. Maybe I had completely forgotten about it and how intimate it felt, but this odor feels somehow very vitalizing and "natural" in that it really makes me feel like a fresh baby. Again, this might escape regular experience, but this is the closest description I can give. During my recovery I have also had some other less prominent instances of recalling some odor and memories going with them, so this wasn't exactly new. What distinguishes it how strong, clear, and prolonged this experience is.

                        I feel exceptionally healthy and clear inside. Smiling from the Heart seems to brighten all my senses with the nose and the eyes especially becoming active windows. There is still some road ahead, but now I experience clearly how all these mental trappings are not going to keep the real me shut inside, for now is the season for flowering and enjoying life and happiness.

                        Thank you Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung for the past year and for all your precious teachings!

                        With sincere gratitude,


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                          ~ Nearing Breakthrough ~

                          Dear diary,

                          I am terribly sorry for the recent lack of updates. I have a few entries sketched that detail some happenings since the year's change, but I haven't been able to finish them when dealing with other more pressing and engaging activities.

                          The past week has seen my everyday practice improve dramatically. Finally it seems that I can train Kungfu, including force training, every day for 45 mins and enjoy all of it without feeling any negative effects. No sign of overcleansing, no returning pain, neither grogginess nor gloomy spirit. After each session I am very much refreshed and full of vibrant health. These benefits, which I didn't experience ever before although the practice has been enjoyable, are simple incredible when compared to regular Chi Kung. Even just practicing sets relaxed on the physical level feels completely different in a good way when earlier it just felt uncomfortable despite all my reasonable adjustments to training.

                          What can we deduce of this? Any blockages I may have had as the result of my internal injury, they are no longer significant enough to cause aggrevated pain or relapsing bad symptoms. Hence building is actually very pleasant now. Hence I am also able to get increasing benefits because I am able to grow the volume of my chi, thus making further recovery easier and faster.

                          Now I feel ready for the grand finale. I am on the verge of real breakthrough that all my health problems become history.

                          With sincere gratitude,


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                            ~ A Funny Zen Moment ~

                            As I have recently written in the Dragon in Zen thread, the flow produced by Dragon in Zen is very efficient. It had been a puzzle why I couldn't harness it for my Taijiquan seemingly at all, and even more so a disappointment because I could get it working very easily for the UK Summer Camp Shaolin Lohan Kungfu combat sequence.

                            So I wrote to my Sipak and inquired in a rather complicated manner which is the best Dragon in Zen skill to unlock similar flow in my Taijiquan. His response was while it's possible to make use of those skills, the best course of action is to practice every day and improve performance instead of intellectualizing practice. Instead of questioning his kind advice, I decided to implement it directly and started practicing Immortal Waves Sleeves with special emphasis on effortless waist rotation. After few repetitions - there! - suddenly the whole concept of waist rotation became clear to me and I could perform it with a new ease and flow unlike before. Thank you Sipak!

                            How ironic, but still a very iconic Zen moment.

                            This development wasn't entirely out of the blue, I suppose, since in the past week I found that my strikes had begun developing an extra flowing sensation from dantian that lends them extra acceleration and force. I have noticed how this made my recent work more enjoyable through not having to put up a similar type of taxing effort as before. Then flowing feet would make life even better because these engender the skills of timing and spacing. The next major goal shall be bringing my basic footwork up to the same distinguished level of simple, direct, and effective.

                            With sincere gratitude,
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                              A Shaolin Miracle!

                              Dear readers,

                              I apologize for the recent lack of updates. Since the last entry I unfortunately hit another wall of overtraining and have had to deal with sore kidneys along with that. Despite that I have felt myself becoming very healthy even if not brimming with excess vitality. I will get back to writing more soon enough, but now I wanted to give you a short update.

                              ~ A Shaolin Miracle ~

                              After 1 year, 7 months, and 14 days I have manifested an excellent result. As I was finished with today morning's eye exercises and started to move towards home, my mind spontaneously took the lead and invited my physical being to follow. Thus I have attained the formative stage of using mind to direct form. All it takes is to relax and set the intention for given action, although it feels a bit clumsy and coarse for the time being. What an incredible joy, and it's a really fun skill too!

                              Thank you Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung!

                              With sincere gratitude,


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                                Dear Olli,

                                please keep on posting your diary. I love when you report about your achievements and ups and downs along the way. It's a good motivation for training