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The Shaolin Journey - Part 1

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    Thank you :-)

    Dear Sije,

    Thank your for you kind words. They are deeply appreciated. Thank you for always being so patient, compassionate and helpful to me.

    I feel much better now. In fact, I have been feeling very blessed during and since the courses. Maybe someone has been sending me blessings at the courses. If so, I could definitively feel them and I feel very thankful to the ones who have sent them.

    I honestly think that you are a living treasure and I feel very happy that I have had the chance to receive the teachings from you as you have saved my life in many ways. Ireland is very lucky to have you.

    I only hope that I can someday return you at least a portion of what you have done for me.

    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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      The Shaolin Journey - Part 36


      "Never cut what you can untie". - Joseph Joubert

      Though I do not consider myself an excellent negotiator yet I am still considered as an example in negotiation skills inside the office. My negotiation skills were effective to such an extent that management decided to invite me to key meetings and negotiate goals and targets between parties. That surprised me a lot as I haven't been trained in negotiation. I attribute this "effectiveness" to the Shaolin training.

      I would like to share some points that made negotiations successful:

      - Living Example -> I first had to ensure that I was always successful at my job and that organisation received a very big return with my work.

      - Ten Shaolin Laws -> I attributed the trust that management had in me to the “Ten Shaolin Laws” practice. Doing my best in following these laws ensured me a trust within the organisation that not many people had.

      - Combat Sequence -> I always considered this strategy one of the best when negotiating with Account Managers. I prepared a list of great benefits before I spoke to the Account Managers and used it straight away in our conversations in a sequence mode. I have found that they almost always agreed with my strategies. As they saw so many benefits they were very happy to implement what I was suggesting.

      - Minimum Force over Maximum Strength -> I believe this is commonly known in Customer Service as “soft skills”. This was one of the most effective strategies when negotiating with Account Managers as they had much more power inside the organisation than me. Being able to apply this skill ensured that we reached the best agreement for both parties.

      - Time and Spacing -> Account Managers always tried to get done the biggest amount of work in the less possible time. Being well trained in “Time and Spacing” via Taijiquan allowed me to know exactly what I could and could not do. That ensured that I always accomplished what was agreed during negotiations and that made Account Managers very happy.

      - Catch the Leader -> It has proved to be incredibly effective to negotiate first with the leader. If leaders were agreeing, usually the rest would follow and accept the conditions too.

      - Having Always a Good Defence -> Having prepared at least one counter for every objection that might occur during a negotiation gave me always a big advantage and ensured successful negotiations.

      - Smiling from the Heart -> I found this skill incredibly powerful when used in negotiations. It boosted the trust and confidence that Account Managers had in me to the point that they were easily agreeing with the goals and strategies that I was setting.

      - Safety First -> I ensured that everything was agreed by written confirmation. After every negotiation I was sending a follow-up mail to the Account Managers with a list of goals and strategies agreed during the negotiation. Before I was proceeding, Account Managers had to reply to that mail and confirm that they were Ok with it.

      - Being Rooted -> Many people in my team struggled when negotiating with Account Managers. As they were many levels above us inside the organisation many team members were scared of them and couldn’t negotiate with them very well. They ended up agreeing with everything that Account Managers wanted them to do. In consequence, many of them weren’t able to finish the work on time and that led to a lot of problems.

      In my case, I was not afraid to say “no” if they were applying the “element of threat” on me. I just stayed in my Dan Tian and explained them in a relaxed manner the best approach for both parties. Being calm in a negotiation proved to be very useful. That confidence showed the other part that I knew what I was doing and they were taking a more relaxed approach with me.

      There are, of course, countless applications for the wonderful skills that Sifu has so kindly shared with me during all these years. These are just a few. I am eternally thankful to Sifu for the tremendous gifts that he continuously gives me.

      Win-Win Negotiation.jpg

      (Picture taken from

      To be continued...
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        The Shaolin Journey - Part 37


        "Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home". - Matsuo Basho

        Roller Coaster seems to have started again with all the twists, ups and downs. 9 days prior my Small Universe Course trip to Canada I can feel deep changes in my body even before having taken the course. How can that be possible? It is like if the course has already started though I am not yet there.

        It is interesting to note that I have been searching for a new apartment since past November. I have only been successful in my search just before going to the Small and Big Universe Course. In fact, I am not moving to the new place until I come back from Toronto. At the moment, it is very difficult to find a place in Dublin so I was very surprised that it happened just before the course as I wasn't even searching for it. It is like if God wants me to have everything ready for the big change even before it happens.

        I am experiencing very deep emotions at the moment. I am accessing to very deep places inside my heart and many memories from my childhood and teenager stages are arising. It is amazing to feel how everything is kept in the heart. I mean, nothing is forgotten. I feel that I am just the sum of all my experiences and I am starting to be able to access to those experiences.

        Sometimes it is quite scary to see how much certain things are controlling my life. Though many times is hard to look so deep inside I feel ready for it and I have a total commitment for overcoming all the blockages that are stopping me from having the life that I just want.

        Changing apartment has been a big blockage of mine and it is beyond my understanding why is has been so. I lived in the same place for the past 3 years. In fact, this has been the first apartment since I have arrived into Ireland and I have been sharing it with another flatmate since then.

        I have had a real need of living on my own since a long time ago. For some reason I was just letting the time pass by. Just now, the place got too small for me and I couldn't deal with that feeling anymore. Even its energy was not the one that I needed at the moment. It was like a t-shirt that becomes too small as one is growing.

        Small Universe.jpg

        (Picture taken from

        To be continued...


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          The Shaolin Journey - Part 38


          "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen". - Winston Churchill

          I must also point out that I have been practicing the combat sequence 7 for about 3-4 weeks and my confidence and determination have improved a lot. Being able to feel that courage made me change apartment when the opportunity showed up. By training now Internal Force more often I am starting to have the courage, honesty and compassion that I needed for encountering all the pain that has been there for so much time.

          It is quite emotional to see and feel how this wall is falling apart. Sometimes I am scared and I wonder if living with the wall is better. This feeling lies in my fear for encountering an unwalked and unknown path. It is exciting but it is also frightening. I am starting to realise why Bodhidharma was helping the monks to be healthy first before searching for an "awakening". One has to be really healthy in all dimensions in order to face all the difficulties and challenges that will happen while getting there.

          That is why I feel so grateful for having Sifu and Sije by my side. As I go deeper, I need an anchor and a lighthouse so I don't get lost. I need to be corrected and guided as I want to follow the right path and safely arrive to my destination.

          Not long time ago, I realised what Lao Tse might have meant when he said that: "Conquering others takes force, conquering yourself is true strength". I don't think that I would be able to access to these areas in my heart and face them with courage, compassion and honesty if it wasn't for the Shaolin Arts that I practice. I am really thankful for having had this opportunity.

          Sequence 7.jpg

          (Picture taken from

          To be continued...


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            The Shaolin Journey - Part 39


            "Be relentless and then you'll break through". - Julie Brown

            In this week I am having everything ready for moving into the new apartment and I could experience a significant increase in my anxiety and fear levels. For some reason, I find a deep blockage in moving to the new place.

            I feel quite happy that this anxiety and fear has manifested as this is bringing me the opportunity to work on something that is rooted deep inside. I have observed that it is always my priority to make others happy even when sacrificing my own happiness and needs. Recently, I have realised how many times I have done that in order to make others feel better.

            The truth is that I am afraid of making others suffering. I have realised that I cannot make everyone happy. Moving into the new place is not a big deal but I get stuck into the process as I will be disappointing my flatmate.

            I know that change is part of life and people should understand that. The big lesson for me is that I cannot expect everyone to agree with what I do. Some people will suffer in the process even when it is not my intention to do so. I cannot keep neglecting my own needs in order to fulfil the others needs.

            Practicing Internal Force since I came from St Valentines Courses, including Sequence 7, has been the key for me in the process of moving into the new place. Opportunity showed up and I took it without even thinking twice. Everything happened really fast and I am very surprised on how quick I reacted.

            For many years, I have been missing the important practice of "Internal Force". The reason why I did so was because I didn't feel ready for it as I wasn't feeling very healthy and I sensed I needed to cleanse first. I am not sure what happened in St. Valentines Courses but, after them, my whole body was asking me for more "Internal Force" training. I felt like an empty glass willing to be filled with liquid.

            Breaking Through Fear.jpg

            (Picture taken from Pixshark)

            To be continued...


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              The Shaolin Journey - Part 40


              "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page". - Saint Augustine

              Tomorrow I will fly to Toronto. Small and Big Universe Course is ahead. I am excited and also afraid. I have been waiting for this course more than 3 years. For some reason, no matter how much I tried, the previous Small and Big Universe Course was not meant to be for me.

              Conversely, this course was incredibly easy to book. My Team Leader granted my holidays with no complaint and I also had the money. In less than a week I had the holidays granted, the course paid, the hotel booked and the flight tickets bought.

              Today, when I was packing all my stuff for tomorrow's trip I was also checking the passport, tickets, hotel booking and I found some documents from my last trip in the bag where I always put my travel documents. It wouldn’t have been a surprise at all and I would have kept going with my packing but this time God had a nice surprise ready for me.

              Last year, I went with my father to Malaysia. Me and my father usually travel together once a year. I love travelling with my father because it is quality time and I learned to treasure those trips as they are very meaningful for both of us.

              As we are on holidays, we both leave aside our busy lives and it is a trip where the present moment is the only thing that matters. My father is a photographer (though he practices it only as a hobby) and loves traveling. When he travels and takes pictures he is happy. It is an opportunity for us to connect in a time and place where we both feel free, relaxed and happy.

              When traveling, I have to be aware of everything as the place is unknown and all senses activate to their 100%. Life becomes more alive than ever. Everything seems to be more colorful, the sounds resonate as if they were guiding my journey and the smells enter into my nose to communicate all the new things that I have yet to learn.

              When senses activate to their 100% I feel like in my best Chi Kung practices. I feel immerse in the present moment and nothing else exists. My father reacts in a similar way. That is why I love traveling with him. We are both more alive than ever and feel each other in an extraordinary way. Our spirits can freely communicate.

              Travelling is a Blessing.jpg

              (Picture taken from libero)

              To be continued...


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                The Shaolin Journey - Part 41


                "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous". - Albert Einstein

                As I was saying, last year I was lucky enough to travel again to Malaysia. When I visited Penang for my Taijiquan and Chi Kung Intensive Courses I was just staying in Penang. I felt sorry for not having the opportunity to visit the beautiful Malaysia.

                I remember that my father was in Malaysia more than 15 years ago. He visited Malaysia for doing a course with Sifu and my father shared with me many times that Malaysia was a wonderful country full of contrasts and stunning landscapes. His pictures were a confirmation of the beauty that he was describing. My father always wanted to come back so I suggested going again and he agreed.

                One year later, namely today, when going through all those documents from the past trip to Malaysia, I found an envelope. In that envelope it was written Chi Kung with my father’s writing. I do not remember when he gave me that envelop during the trip. In fact, I don't remember him giving me that envelop at all. As I was curious, I opened it and found 1000 euros. Interestingly, that was the total amount for the Small and Big Universe Course Fee.

                One year ago, I had not idea that the Small and Big Universe Course was going to happen in 2014. As a result, I didn’t even think on going to a course that wasn’t even announced yet. My father gave me the fee for this course one year in advance without being aware of it.

                The funny thing is that this envelope has been inside my closet for a year and I didn’t even know. The funnier thing is to find that envelop just the night before flying to Toronto. The even funnier thing is that I did not find 500 or 800 euros, I found the exact amount for the course fee. All I could do was smiling, laughing and feeling blessed as this was another proof for me that help is always coming even when I cannot see due to my limited level of understanding.

                As I have mentioned many times, these arts will never stop amazing me. How lucky I feel to have had the chance to join this school and to practice genuine Shaolin Arts. :-)

                The Beautiful Cameron Highlands.jpg

                To be continued...


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                  The Shaolin Journey - Part 42


                  "Wherever you go, go with all your heart". - Confucius

                  DAY 1 - Morning

                  This has been the course with the biggest number of participants that I have ever assisted in Shaolin Wahnam. A total of 61 people are taking the Small and Big Universe Course. It is fantastic to see such an amount of extraordinary human beings together. Energy around is really special and inspiring. That was the perfect start for this course.

                  Though it has been only 2 hours in the morning I feel that it has been very powerful and intense. It was interesting for me to note that I felt Small Universe very familiar. More than a learning a felt that I received a reminder. It felt very natural to me and I felt very comfortable practicing it. It is possible that this was the course were I was more relaxed from all the courses that I have done so far.

                  I have also noticed that coming 3-4 days before the courses start is always very beneficial as I enjoy them much more. I spent 4 days in Toronto before the course started. I was doing some tourism, getting to know the city and enjoying the company of many Shaolin Wahnam members. Having so much fun before starting the courses allowed me to go deeper as I started much more relaxed and centered.

                  In the last morning practice Sifu slightly corrected my hands and that changed everything. It made me realise how important is to have a Sifu that can correct me and how much the energy flow can change by a slight variation in the technique (Abdominal Breathing). This also proves how good teacher Sifu is by always being capable of bringing me the best results.

                  Beautiful Toronto.jpg

                  (Picture taken from seetorontonow)

                  To be continued...


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                    The Shaolin Journey - Part 43


                    "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge". - Albert Einstein

                    DAY 1 - Afternoon

                    It was a very funny feeling to sense my anus vibrating and tingling. It was like receiving a massage in it. I had that feeling many times in my life, even before practicing Chi Kung. I just didn’t know what it was. Feeling my "hui yin" so clearly allowed me to go back in time and fill those gaps generated by many questions that only Sifu has been capable of answering.

                    I feel now incredibly peaceful and happy. I also feel a lot of joy while writing these words. It is like the more I deepen in my practice the more joy I have in life. It is not that I don't value life right now but deepening in the practice makes me value the life in ways I couldn't imagine before. It is like reconquering the joy of a child.

                    The amount of energy generated is so strong that I am right now feeling the energy crashing into the floor through my feet. I can also clearly feel the energy going through the external side of my legs. It is like an internal and refreshing river. I remember having that experience in the Chi Kung Intensive Course though it was not as intense as it is now and it didn't last that long. Now it is continuous and the flow is much stronger and wider.

                    I also experience an incredible will of sharing my joy with others. I feel that I am more open hearted and I am able to connect easier with others. In fact, I am listening music right now and all I want to do is singing and dancing.

                    When I arrived to my room I looked into the mirror and I saw a happier Santiago satisfied with the result of his life knowing that he is going into the right direction and feeling in peace with the world. Though the world might not seem perfect I now feel in peace with it. No hate or disagreement.

                    I have done the Abdominal Breathing in many other courses and I don't remember having had this sense of joy and peace before. I feel amazed by the simplicity in Sifu's teaching. It looks like he is not teaching at all. It is so soft, gentle and relaxed that it soaks in my heart without even noticing it. I think this is extraordinary as I have never found anyone besides Sifu capable of doing that.

                    As a funny fact for today, I have realised that I am staying in the same room number than the password that is in my suitcase. It is funny and fun to see how God has also a big sense of humor and make me feel that is there through these little jokes.

                    Joy in Life.jpg

                    (Picture taken from clipzine)

                    To be continued...


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                      The Shaolin Journey - Part 44


                      "The Chinese term for good luck is "hao yun qi", which word-by-word means "good circulation of chi". The Chinese in the past discovered that if one had good circulation of energy, he would have what we now call "good luck". - Sifu

                      DAY 2

                      Today I feel incredibly happy and free. I also feel a bit like in space. I know that my body is on Earth but I feel my spirit flying around.

                      It was amazing to feel the flow through the Small Universe. Thought I felt the flow in some parts of the Small Universe before I had never felt it complete, intense and so pure. It was like an internal and refreshing river going around me. I wouldn't define it as a liquid river but I definitively define it as an internal river. I honestly don't think that I can find a word that can describe this feeling.

                      I also noticed that this flow was much more powerful in my back. I relate it to the bone marrow cleansing practice at the bone marrow level. When coming up from my spine, I could feel it massaging all my nape and spreading through all my skull like the branches of a tree. In fact, I still have that feeling though the practice ended some hours ago. This feeling is similar to the one that I have with the Cosmic Shower though in this case is much more intense and it is one of the most pleasant feelings that I had in a long time.

                      After this morning session I was so happy that I had to dance when I was in my room.

                      Today, we decided to go for dinner to a complex not far from the hotel. We were in total around 12-14 people and we had no reservation. Taking into account that it was Saturday, this move was quite risky as it was expected to find everything full.

                      It is true that in the first restaurant that we tried it was so crowded and so many people were waiting that we couldn't find a space for us. The second restaurant that we tried was also full and finding space for 12-14 people would not have been an option unless a group of 12-14 cancelled reservation. This was the case! So, their table was ready and waiting for us. :-)

                      Hao Yun Qi.jpg

                      (Picture taken from sheknows)

                      To be continued...


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                        The Shaolin Journey - Part 45


                        "A happy family is but an earlier heaven". - George Bernard Shaw

                        DAY 3

                        Sifu has invited me for lunch. I felt very happy to enjoy his company for some more time. As his student, I love spending time with Sifu as he is the one that I trust more and is patiently guiding me to achieve the best version of myself.

                        I love spending time with Sifu because I love learning from him and listening to his teachings. I love spending time with him because I really enjoy and appreciate being in his presence. I feel an immense gratitude for receiving so much.

                        The course just ended and, while in my room, I realised about the transmission that I just received. I cannot avoid going into tears as I know how special it is. I still didn't have time to digest everything that just happened here.

                        I feel that I can open my heart with the Shaolin Wahnam family as everybody is wonderful and always take such a good care of me. That is the manifestation of the love that Sifu always teaches us. When the heart is opened there is a will for sharing that happiness with others.

                        Most of the times I don't know how to express the gratitude that I feel towards Sifu, the past masters and all the Shaolin Wahnam Family members. That is why I cry as I feel overwhelmed by the immense power that is around me.

                        I had the chance to meet many wonderful people and every single one was beautiful in his or her own way. Having the chance to meet such extraordinary individuals willing to be the best they can be is a big inspiration for me.

                        What Sifu has built is truly amazing. Having such a wonderful family all over the world is a blessing as I have always felt very welcomed in all the courses that I assisted to. I honestly didn't expect this present in this life and I know that many more will come to my life as Sifu provides me with all the tools that I need for reaching the best version of myself.

                        Shaolin Wahnam Family.jpg

                        (Picture taken from

                        To be continued...


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                          The Shaolin Journey - Part 46


                          "Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you". - Saint Augustine

                          It is true that, after The Small and Big Universe Course, I note life going smoother than before. I must admit that I sometimes feel a bit scared of so many changes happening at the same time as I feel like being in a rocket cruise.

                          I realised that all my prayers have been listened and help has always been coming to my life. In some moments of my life I cannot avoid being overwhelmed by this immense power and force and I cry as my emotions surpass me. When that happens I always ask for help and help always comes in a very special way. It feels like the hug from a mother when scared as a child. It is the same warm feeling that I have when I feel the protection of my parents. It is the tranquility of knowing that I am very safe and that there are many beings looking after me.

                          It is a very humbling experience as I feel that I am not alone and that high beings are taking good care of me and they've always been by my side. Though I cannot see them I can feel them and that is a better proof for me than what my eyes are capable of seeing.

                          I also feel that praying is a very powerful tool. Since I pray in a honest and sincere way help is always coming fast. Help is not always coming in the way that I have expected but help is always coming. All I know is that I have been given help in the way I need and not necessarily in the way I want.

                          I feel thankful for that as I know that receiving the help in the way I need and not in the way I want is far more useful and meaningful than getting just what I want. In fact, this is always a very humbling experience as it gives me a very important lesson in life. What I want is not necessarily the best for me. That is why I accept the help from the ones that can see what I cannot see. I want the best for my life even if that means not getting always what I want.

                          I found that by having the correct attitude I achieve results that I could not even imagine. Following the 10 Shaolin Laws is a very good example of having the correct attitude. I must admit that it is not always easy to follow them as temptation is often present but I do my best and try to follow them as good as I can.

                          I found especially useful humbleness, respect, forgiveness, praying, compassion, smiling from the heart, being relaxed and enjoying. The more I improve my attitude towards life the more benefits I get. It is amazing to see how others open their hearts when I improve my attitude. It is wonderful to see how they flower when I open my heart to them.

                          The Power of Praying.jpg

                          (Picture taken from ereidmiller)

                          To be continued...


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                            The Shaolin Journey - Part 47


                            "Accepting help is its own kind of strength". - Kiera Cass

                            One week has passed since the Small and Big Universe Course. I think that it should be called the Small and Big Changes Course. I cannot stop feeling overwhelmed by the power and immensity of the one called God.

                            I am going through deep cleansing and lot of tears have happened today. I was missing so much my mother that I called her today. I don’t usually cry when I talk to my mother but today was different. I felt a deep heart to heart connection. I felt my mother in the way I was feeling her as a child. I could not stop my tears but I tried to hide them in a way that she didn’t notice as I didn’t want her to worry.

                            It is very a humbling experience to accept help from others. It makes me realise how powerful help can be for my life and how easy is to progress once I have the right approach. Opening my heart to the help I need is probably the hardest but also the most useful thing that I have ever done. I have discovered that, when I sincerely ask for help, help is always coming.

                            Moving apartment is shaking a bit the floor where I stand. I have realised how much can a simple change mean in my life and how much one change can affect to the rest areas of my life.

                            The reason why the move is creating insecurity and anxiety in me is because I have been using my room for the past three years to heal myself. Lot of tears came there and lot of wisdom has been transmitted within those walls. I feel the protection from the above and the high beings in this room more than anywhere else. I feel very safe there.

                            When moving my things to the new place I have realised that this room has contributed to my healing in indescribable ways. It gave me peace when I could not find it anywhere else. I am now a complete different person than the one arriving to that room more than 3 years ago.

                            It was very emotional to remember that I landed into that room full of anger, depression, anxiety, worry, sadness, insecurity and an immense suffering and realise that many of those things are now healed, strengthened and nourished. It was special to be aware that those walls have seen a tremendous transformation in the past 3 years.

                            Accepting Help.jpg

                            (Picture taken from 1-life)

                            To be continued...


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                              The Shaolin Journey - Part 48


                              "If you find out that you have made a wrong decision, or there is a better decision, you make an instant change without fuss and without question". - Sifu

                              Two days ago a friend from work posted in her Facebook the pictures of her flat as she is leaving Dublin. She is moving to Barcelona as her boyfriend found a job there. She promised me that, whenever she was leaving Dublin, she would offer me her flat first than anyone else. She did as promised. This flat it is only 50 euros more than the one that I just rented but it is many times better. Interestingly, this flat is in the same exact complex where I live now.

                              My heart tells me to move there even if I lose the deposit from the other flat that I just rented or even if the landlord gets upset for leaving the flat so soon (I just signed the contract 2 weeks ago).

                              I got this flat just before going to the Small and Big Universe Course in Toronto and the other new flat just showed up after I came from the Small and Big Universe Course. Big lesson for me to understand that big decisions should be taken after Small and Big Universe Course and not before. This new flat would have come even if I didn’t rented this other flat before the course. Needless to say, I did not know that then but I know now how powerful the Small Universe Course is.

                              I often ask God to show me the way in a form that I can understand. I am unsure of what to do. My heart wants me to move to the other flat even if I lose a significant amount of money. I asked God if I should move to that flat and the answer was a straight Yes.

                              I must admit that, what is happening, is sometimes overwhelming. I know that all these changes are for good and I just have to trust God with all the plans that he has for me. I feel that it is a test of courage for getting back on track so I can achieve what my heart really wants even when I have to face some loses, difficulties or adversities.

                              Not taking any action has been stopping me from getting many things in life so I decided to change that. The flat that I just rented wasn’t perfect but fulfilled the goal of living on my own. Later, I am having the opportunity to get the flat that I just want so I am going to take it. As Sifu remarked on the 36 Strategies Course in Saint Valentines Festival "Apply one strategy. If it does not work, apply another strategy". This also reminds me of “Sequence 7”.

                              When I called my mom this morning, I asked her for advice. She told me that if the change is for the better I should take the flat even if I lose some money. I might lose some money but I will gain in happiness. She gave me her full support on this and even offered helping me with money.

                              Sometimes I feel bad when taking my parents money as they already gave me enough. My mom told me that parents feel always happy to help their children and that she prefers to give me the money now that she is alive or when I am going through some difficulties instead of receiving it as a heritage when I might not need it anymore.

                              My parents have always helped me in all my adventures. They have always supported me when I faced difficulties being abroad. I made many mistakes and they always helped me to solve the challenges that I had.

                              Good, Better and Best Decisions.jpg

                              (Picture taken from elitetrack)

                              To be continued...


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                                The Shaolin Journey - Part 49


                                "Our heavenly Father understands our disappointment, suffering, pain, fear, and doubt. He is always there to encourage our hearts and help us understand that He's sufficient for all of our needs. When I accepted this as an absolute truth in my life, I found that my worrying stopped". - Charles Stanley

                                I think that my emotions are a total mess just after the Small and Big Universe Course. I have been feeling incredibly spiritual and I had to go to church praying for help and advice often. The advice and help came in form of tears. Deep cleansing have been happening throughout the day. I have been walking in the street feeling connected to every being that I faced. It was a very humbling experience. I cannot really explain what happened in Toronto but I felt an incredible force guiding me.

                                I somethings face a lot of fears and insecurities when I go through this cleansing. When that happens I just pray and ask for help. Help always come. When I pray from the heart help always comes fast.

                                Accepting help makes me feel very compassionate. Because of that, help comes in the most diverse ways. Through the smile of a stranger, through street musicians playing a song that comforts me, through the kindness of a waiter, through the words of a loved one.

                                I realized that help is always available. I just have to put no conditions and accept the help in the format that it might come. The more I accept that help the more thankful I feel. The more thankful I feel the happier people feel when helping me. It is like an endless circle.

                                Since the Small and Big Universe Course I have been feeling the energy going up through my spine and opening like tree branches in the top of my head. It is a very comforting feeling. It nourishes a very special part of my spirit. It is opening a sense that lets me feel things in a whole different way.

                                I am not sure of what Sifu has done in this course but something has opened deep inside. It is like if I was able to feel my true nature. Everything starts in my heart. It is calling me and it is like if I was walking home. I feel the call stronger than ever and it is attracting me like a flying insect gets attracted by the light bulb in a dark night.

                                I think that this is the course where I followed instructions in the most relaxed way. This is the softest course that I have ever experienced. Sifu’s teachings seem to be more Zen than ever. It is so soft that I didn’t even realized how much the course has changed in me and in my life.

                                The truth is that I will never be the same again. When I landed in Dublin I felt the change in a more obvious way. I remember Sifu’s words: “God wants us to be rich”. I think that I am starting to understand what he means. I am allowing God to take my hand. I am now trusting Him and letting Him lead me to where I belong.

                                It is true that Big Universe is incredibly spiritual. Though I am a bit scared and afraid of the changes I must admit that I see the hand of God in many events that have happened since I arrived from Toronto. Though I cannot understand them I can feel them and I learned to trust them.

                                God's Hand.jpg

                                (Picture taken from bitaites)

                                To be continued...