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  • On Forgiveness...

    Since our Festival in St Pete, I continue to receive reports from many of my patients and students who attended on how profound their experience wa during one of the sessions in which Sifu asked us all to forgive.

    I myself have experienced how amazing this can be at many courses but now it seems I am experiencing it from all these new eyes and once again it has touched me deeply.

    At the course itself there were multiple folks in tears after the forgiveness exercise, but amazingly as I looked around they were all clearly tears of joy. Many people came up to me to give a hug after - in particular one of my patients and my good friend from Europe. I didn't know what either of them had forgiven but I did know that they both were radiating love and happiness and a sense of weightlessness that made my heart feel lighter and full of joy.

    This post is being written because at least for my patient that single act of forgiveness in class has led to some amazing real life results. She gave me permission to relay the result here.

    Mrs M. had a long and incredibly destructive relationship with her long time boss. She felt she had been passed over for promotion many times because her boss disliked her even though her performance was always top notch. She felt angry and unsatisfied every morning going to work and every evening coming home. In retrospect she realized that her relationship at home with her husband suffered because of her anger and her many illnesses may have been a way to get out of going to work.

    She told me that during the class with Sifu when he asked her to forgive her boss immediately flew into her mind and for a moment she felt all of her anger and hatred for this man fill her up until she felt like she would throw up. All at once she decided to just follow Sifu's instructions and let go, forgive, release all that pent up anger. She stated that it was if in a moment she had lost 100 lb weight that had been sitting on her heart. She felt filled with peace.

    Mrs M said the last few weeks she has been able to be friendly and cordial with her boss and even enjoyed going to work each day. Just two weeks ago her boss came to her and let her know that she would be up for promotion soon and that he intended to help her get it!!

    Perhaps most amazingly Mrs. M has decided to forego her promotion and in fact is resigning from her job to become a full time painter instead. She told me that painting is what saved her time and again from her anger and is her greatest joy in life. She has already landed a large commission for a group of paintings and will be making more from them than her promotion would have given her!!! Astounding!

    It never ceases to amaze me how profound the lessons Sifu gives us can be if we relax, don't worry, don't intellectualize and just follow his instructions!

    Not only did Mrs M forgive, release her potentially illness causing anger and create a better relationship with her boss. She also gained the courage to realize that she is in control of her destiny and there is no one but herself who can stand in her way!

    I am constantly amazed at the students of Shaolin Wahnam and eternally grateful to be a part of such a courageous and loving family.
    from the Heart...

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    Thanks for sharing. These real life stories are really powerful in building confidence in both teachers and students.

    With metta,

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      Thanks for sharing, sister. The Art of Forgiveness is indeed very powerful.

      See you soon
      Jeffrey Segal


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        Beautiful, congratulations, Mrs. Emm.
        Love, and do what you will.

        - St. Augustine


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          Thanks for sharing, Christina! And congrats to Mrs. M.

          Best, Zach


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            开心 好运气
            kai xin... .......hao yunqi... - Sifu's speech, April 2005
            open heart... good chi flow... good luck ...
            Have we not opened up thy heart ...? (The Reading, 94:1)
            Be joyful, ..and share your joy with others -(Anand Krishna)


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              Thank you for sharing, Christina, inspiring.


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                Dear Sister,

                Thanks for relaying this message.


                "Then how could chi kung overcome diseases where the cause is unknown or when there is no cure? The question is actually incorrect. The expressions "the cause is unknown" and "there is no cure" are applicable only in the Western medical paradigm. The expressions no longer hold true in the chi kung paradigm. In the chi kung paradigm the cause is known, and there is a cure."

                -Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


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                  Dear Christina,

                  Thank you, that is very beautiful! So simple, yet so profound.

                  Many blessings to Mrs M and congratulations for following instructions!

                  Lots of Love,
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                    Dear Christina,

                    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

                    Forgiveness is a healing art...although it´s not always easy to let go of the anger against those who have wronged you...but is for one´s wellbeing to be able to forgive.
                    Daniel Pérez


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                      Dear Christina,

                      Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!


                      Sifu Leonard Lackinger

                      Shaolin Treasure House

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                        Dear Christina,

                        Thank you for that lovely story of forgiveness. I’m really happy for Mrs M.

                        I remember sharing a wonderful experience of forgiveness with you at Summer Camp a couple of years ago. There is something uniquely liberating and purifying about forgiving in Sifu’s presence, with his guidance and help – it’s transcendent. I can really understand the tears of joy you described.

                        During these sessions with Sifu, I often find there’s nothing to forgive as far as others are concerned, but it’s a bit harder to forgive myself.

                        Thanks also to Jeffrey Siheng for coining the phrase ‘Art of Forgiveness’, which helped my understanding.

                        Best wishes,



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                          Thank you Christina for sharing this. Especially in difficult times being able to forgive is a great gift. I am very thankful for the course and for your hug ;-). Smiling from the heart makes forgiving easier, in my experience. It's an amazing tool. Thanks again and a big hug from Amsterdam, Relinde


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                            Thank you Christina for sharing this. Especially in difficult times being able to forgive is a great gift. I am very thankful for the course and for your hug ;-). Smiling from the heart makes forgiving easier, in my experience. It's an amazing tool. Thanks again and a big hug from Amsterdam, Relinde