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Testimonial, overcoming yearly Bronchitis with Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung

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    Congratulation Mark! Such stories motivates even me, even though I do not have any illness and enjoy health and vitality since many years but it deepens my trust in our art even further


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      Thank you for sharing Mark! Great result both in terms of the health benefit you have achieved and also in having the determination to follow the excellent directions given to you by your Sifu Joan. Unfortunately there are those who have been privileged to be taught our excellent arts but who do not achieve the best results because they subsequently do not follow what they have been taught.


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        Awesome! Thank you for sharing, and continue on with your daily practice.

        Wishing you all the best .

        Young Caine: How does man rid himself of such terrible things?
        Master Kahn: Each man must start with himself, within himself.. By slowly forging his Chi, the bond between the finite and the infinte, the inner essense of his strenght and the limitless power of the Universe, only thus can you conquer the power.. and the presence of evil.