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10 questions on Small and Big Universe

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  • 10 questions on Small and Big Universe

    Thanks to Karol, Sifu has kindly and generoulsy agreed to answer 10 questions on Small and Big Universe. What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you Sifu for this opportunity.

    I will leave Karol to explain any other specialities of this thread.
    Sifu Andrew Barnett
    Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

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    Dear Family,

    December this year will be an amazing month. Many of us have opportunity to learn one of the most precious Kung Fu sets - The Essence of Shaolin. Furthermore Sigung kindly offers to transmit the skill of two very advanced Taoist Arts - The Small and Big Universe.

    In this Q and A we have a rare chance to ask Sigung about Small and Big Universe.

    Please feel free to ask Your questions.

    17 November will be the last day. After that most interesting questions will be chosen to present to the Grandmaster.

    Considering its a very rare and precious opportunity, please choose your questions wisely.

    Thank You Sigung for giving us this amazing chance.

    Thank You Sifu for helping me with this work.

    Thank You Sipak Andrew for Your help with this thread.

    With Shaolin Salute


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      Thank you Sifu for this wonderful opportunity.
      Thank you Siheng Andrew and Karol for facilitating this thread.

      Dear Sifu,
      When practicing Small Universe you have mentioned that Wuji Stance is best for beginner/intermediate students and that Cosmos Stance is best for advanced students as it enhances results when they are ready. What of practicing Small and Big Universe in the seated (lotus/half lotus) position? Is it more or less advanced, and how do the purpose and effects of Small and Big Universe differ in the seated position versus standing? Are there other traditional postures in which Small and Big Universe were trained?



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        Dear Sifu,

        I have been practicing the Small and Big Universe for several years now.

        Right at the moment I practice the Small Universe in the Wuji Stance just because it feels nice. The Big Universe though I practice rather in the Cosmos stance, again just because it feels good.

        Could you please give your opinion about this development as it‘s a spontaneous happening rather than a intuitive one?

        Another question came to my mind concerning the Big Universe. The Big Universe is also been activated with the 12 Sinewmetamorphosis exercises. Though it seems I feel a difference when I activate the Big Universe with the orthodox traditional way in the Cosmos stance, than using one of the 12 Sinewmetamorphosis exercises. The former eventhough standing in the Cosmos stance feels more flowing than using for instance Flicking Fingers which is performed in the Wuji stance.

        Could please elaborate on that further?

        Thank you Sifu for taking your time to answer our questions!

        Best regrads,

        "From formless to form, from form to formless"

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          Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

          This is another wonderful opportunity. Sifu is always so generous!

          I remember clearly that The Small and Big Universe Course was a stepping stone in my practice. For that I feel very grateful. Thank you Sifu.

          I would have two questions. One is regarding the Small Universe and the other regarding the Big Universe:

          - How can the Small Universe enhance our Kung Fu? For example, how can it enhance our combat efficiency?

          - What is the difference between Bone Marrow Cleansing at the Meridian Level and the Big Universe?

          Thank you Sifu for your endless generosity.

          Thank you Andrew Siheng and Karol Sijat for starting another amazing Questions and Answers Series.

          With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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            Dear Sifu,

            We know that the Small Universe (or microcosmic circulation) is a very high level art.
            - How is it that so many schools in the world offer this as the first exercise for beginners?
            - Could Sifu compare the benefits of Small Universe as practiced in our school with the "same" exercise as practised by beginners in other schools?
            - If all things were equal, at what point in a student's training (or development) would Sifu recommend learning and practicing Small Universe and Big Universe?

            Many thanks,
            Sifu Andrew Barnett
            Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

            Flowing Health GmbH (Facebook:
            Healing Sessions with Sifu Andrew Barnett - in Switzerland and internationally
            Heilbehandlungen mit Sifu Andrew Barnett - in der Schweiz und International

            Chi Kung Courses: May 2019 in Landquart CH
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              We have already many good questions and still two weeks to go. Good work!

              My question is:

              Dear Sigung,

              Does the practice of Small and Big Universe help us to attain enlightenment, and if yes, how?

              With Shaolin Salute


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                Dear Sigung

                When a practitioner attains the Big Universe before he attains the Small Universe it does not automatically mean that the practitioner will be healthy all the time. I am curious why this is the case. Do the meridians of the Big Universe build one circle of energy like the Small Universe does with the two meridians?

                When a practitioner has a real breakthrough in the first two of the eight wondrous meridians the practitioner has attained the Small Universe. When a practitioner has attained a real breakthrough in the third wondrous meridian every day will be a joy. What are the results and benefits of a real breakthrough in the other five of the eight wondrous meridians?

                Thank you Sigung for the possibility to ask questions.

                Thank you Andrew Sipak and Karol Siheng for this thread.

                With best regards
                "No matter what you do, you must be clear in your conscience." - Sitaigung Ho
                "Goodness begets goodness." - Sigung


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                  I'm not sure if my question will be of help to others, but I may as well ask and if it is unhelpful may it be disregarded.

                  Dear Sifu,

                  Can a breakthrough of the small and big universe be given as a gift by a benevolent non-physical being(for instance, the Buddha or Kwan Shi Yin)?

                  If so, would the nature of such a gift be the same or different from the natural breakthrough gained through training or transmission?

                  Thank you again for your generosity in sharing these arts.


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                    Dear Sigung,

                    as the Small Universe provides its practitioners with a smoth continuous flow of energy around the Du and Mai meridians and distributes the chi from them to the other woundrous meridians, can we affirm the the Small Universe at some point reduce or even eliminate the overtraining symtoms of the practitioners? Can you please elaborate on this statement, explaining why is it true or false?

                    Thank you!


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                      Dear Sifu,

                      During the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan you told us that practicing small universe is excellent against radiation hazards.
                      Could you tell us why some skills like small universe are better suited then other chi kung excercises for such purpose?

                      Shaolin salute
                      When one door closes, another one opens.


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                        Thanks to Sigung for the opportunity for the 10 Q's on this course.
                        And thanks to Karol for the action that mad it happen.

                        My Question is;

                        Dear Sigung, what would be the best way to prepare for the Small & Big universe course in December and after the course what would be the best way to continue practicing the Small & Big Universe. Would the Small Universe be progressive to achieve the big universe in practice or vice versa?

                        Many thanks, best wishes


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                          Dear Sifu and the Shaolin Wahnam family, thank you very much for allowing us this opportunity to ask and talk about the Small and Big Universe! Every school in which I have trained internal arts has remarked on the importance of the Small Universe, relegating it to either the very beginning of training or reserving it for advanced, indoor disciples. Naturally, I'm quite curious about it!

                          Sifu mentioned in several of his books that the Small Universe is the foundation for many advanced arts, including Golden Bell and Cosmos Palm, especially as trained by Shaolin discples in the past using orthodox methods. What is it about the Small Universe that made it a requirement for past practitioners to attain advanced force such as Golden Bell and Cosmos Palm? On a similar note, what it is about the way we train in Shaolin Wahnam today that enables people who do not possess the true breakthrough of the Small Universe to attain Golden Bell, Cosmos Palm, and other advanced or specialized internal force? Does the order in which one learns advanced arts, e.g. Small Universe before Cosmos Palm, or Cosmos Palm before Small Universe, change the final results obtained by the practitioner?

                          Thank you very much again!

                          Sincerely with Shaolin salute,
                          - Fred
                          I like making silly videos (including kung fu ones!) every so often on YouTube and taking pictures of weird things on Instagram.


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                            Dear Sigung,

                            A common theme I find in spiritual traditions is the importance of opening the heart and opening the crown chakra. How does attaining the small universe and big universe, respectively, contribute to these two processes?

                            With Gratitude,
                            Andrew R
                            Love, and do what you will.

                            - St. Augustine


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                              doubts and expectations and how to meet them

                              Dear Sifu,
                              dear Shaolin Wahnam family!

                              Thank you for this fantastic opportunity for Q&Q.

                              A question was on my mind for a long time and I would like to ask it now.

                              The experience I had during small and big universe course few years ago was just splendid and far beyond all my expectations.
                              After the course, great and extraordinary surprises continued popping-up for a long time. It was like I have planted a garden and in spring every now and then new flowers blossomed and each time I was full of awe.

                              For a long time now I did not have such a fabulous experience anymore and I was worrying a bit recently if my high expectation would prevent me from having the genuine experience and if I should do the course at all.

                              Dear Sifu, what is your advice in general for all those who did the course and are planning to do it again, few years later. I know that the three golden rules and an excellent attitude anyway. But still I feel that if the level is higher perhaps the doubts and the expectations may be an obstacle.

                              In spite of the fact that this or similar questions were asked before I truly hope to receive and answer.

                              Thank you.
                              .•´¯`•.¸¸.•´¯`°irene°´¯`•.¸¸. ´¯`•.

                              “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”