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10 Questions on the Essence of Spiritual Cultivation

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    The Grand Finale ........ Essence of Spiritual Cultivation: Question-Answer 10

    Question 10

    One hallmark of Shaolin Wahnam is that we are always aiming at cost-effectiveness.

    What is the most cost-effective and easiest way for lay people like us to attain spiritual fulfillment, i.e. attaining Nirvana or returning to God?

    Sifu Leonard Lackinger


    The most cost-effective and easiet way for lay people to attain spiritual fulfillment is to take regional courses from me where the courses range from an elementary stage like “Generating Energy Flow”, “18 Jewels” and “Five-Animal Play”, thorugh an intermediate stage like “Internal Force”, “Bone-Marror Cleansing” and “Cosmic Shower”, to an advanced stage like “Cosmic Breathing” and “Merging with the Cosmos”.

    In just two or three days, these lay people will have the opportunity to experience all the three stages of spiritual fulfillment from the elementary to the most advanced. The fees they pay for the courses are expensive when compared to other chi kung courses elsewhere, and they may have to travel to another country to take these courses. But compared to the benefits they get, the course fees they pay are very cheap. Compared to the time they would have to spend elsewhere to have smilar results, if they ever have similar results, it is simply ridiculous. Instead of spending at lease 10 years, probably 20, they just spend 2 or 3 days!

    This way is the most cost-effective, and in my opinion it is also the easiet, though some people may not consider booking a hotel and traveling to another country to take the courses easy.

    Will these lay people have all these spiritual benefits stated in the respective courses? From our informal statitics, more than 70% of our students derive these benefits. As a comparison, if they spend 20 years cultivating elsewhere, the chance of them acquireing similar beneifts is less than10%. It is too good for many people to believe this is true. That is their business, not ours.

    Spiritual fulfillment, which means fulfilling the needs and sspirations of the spirit, is not just attaining Nirvana or returning to God. Attaining Nirvana or returning to God is the most noble and most supreme of spiritual fulfillment any being can ever attain.

    We do not aim at attaining Nirvana or retruning to God in our courses, not even in the most advanced ones. One main reason is that I myself have not done than – at least not in this life. I teach attainments which I myself have achieved.

    Another main reason is that our studnts who attend the courses are not ready for attaining Nirvana or returning to God. They can have a glimpse of Nirbana or God, called a sstori or spiritual awakening, and return to our phenomenal world.

    A third main reason is that it is not a philosophy of our school to help students attain Nirvana or rturn to God. Our philosophy is to enable students to enrich their own lives and the lives of other people. Those who wish to attainNirvana or return to God will have to seek elsewhere.

    Our spiritual fulfiment covers all stages except this final stage. For convenience we may classify all stages of spiritual fulfiment into three main levels:

    1. To be peaceful and happy in our daily life.
    2. To attain peak performance joyfull.
    3. To sxpand into the Cosmos.

    The coming UK Summer Camp will provide opportunities to experiences all these stages of spiritual fulfillment.
    Sifu Mark Appleford



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      Thank you, Sifu, for all of your answers on this thread. And thank, you, Mark Sihing, for organizing it for us. I know you will be having a marvellous time at the summer camp right now. I send my very best to you and everyone there.


      Charles David Chalmers
      Brunei Darussalam


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        Still time..............

        Hey Charles,
        Thank you for that. You know there is still time for you to fly across and attend the course ......................


        Sifu Mark Appleford



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          Thank you Sigung for such enlightening answers.

          I had a friendly chat with a director in a large investment bank some time ago. He was successful and always seemed so happy, which was unusual for someone working at a bank in his position. I asked him what his secret was.

          "Every morning, I pray to God to ask Him to be at the center of everything that I do for the day. I also take time to reflect and be grateful for everything that I have."

          Best wishes,


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            PDF and EPUB of this Q&A are available here.
            George / Юра
            Shaolin Wahnam England

            gate gate pāragate pārasaṁgate bodhi svāhā