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Legacy of Ho Fatt Nam - 10 Questions to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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  • Andrew
    Excellent questions to kick things off, Anton and Andy. But remember, "The Art of 30 Punches", "Taming the Tiger" and "One Finger Shooting Zen" are only a part of this monumental Chi Kung course!

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  • Andy
    Dear Sihing,

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Dear Sifu,

    Thanks for sharing the legacy of Sigung Ho Fatt Nam with us!

    May I ask:
    • Taming the Tiger, Art of 30 Punches and One Finger Shooting Zen have formidable combat benefits. Many would not believe the internal depths. Please can you tell us about any "A-ha!" moments you had when Sigung transmitted these practices to you? and also how the benefits of these practices transcend combat application?

    Shaolin Salute,

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  • Anton S.
    Dear Sigung,

    what are the different levels of skills that derive from One Finger Shooting Zen, Taming Tiger and Thirty Punches? How long does it take Shaolin Wahnam students to reach the skills (assumed they practice as they are supposed to)? How to test the skills? And how is each one of them useful in combat and daily life?

    With kindest regards,

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  • Legacy of Ho Fatt Nam - 10 Questions to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

    Dear all,

    As you will have seen in the Announcements Section, Sifu has agreed to teach a fantastic 2-day Chi Kung course in Switzerland in September 2015 titled:

    The Legacy of Ho Fatt Nam


    As Sifu has noted to me, he is most excited to be teaching this course. Sifu has also very kindly agreed to answer 10 questions on this special event. So, ladies and gentelemen, let's have some wonderful questions so that Sifu can amaze us with his awesome answers !