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Yang 108 pattern set : 10 Quesions for the Grandmaster

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  • Yang 108 pattern set : 10 Quesions for the Grandmaster

    Once again Sifu has kindly agreed to answer your questions on a fantastic and well known set. Don't miss your opporunity!

    By the way, Kevin_B from Ireland is responsible for making this happen. So a big thank you to him, too.
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    Dear Shaolin Family,

    Yes indeed, Sigung has very kindly offered to answer ten questions on the 108-Pattern Yang style Taijiquan set. What an absolutley fantastic opportunity this affords the Shaolin Family as we train and prepare for next February's epic in Killarney.

    As well as deeply enriching our preparations for the course, the thread will also be left for posterity - thereby enriching the practice and knowledge of the set for many years to come. All of the "Questions to the Grandmaster" series are absolute classics and this one will be no different.

    So lets avail of this outstanding opportunity and ask brilliant questions on this wonderful set and reap the rewards which our Grandmaster's profound wisdom and extreme generosity offers us.

    Thank you Sigung! Thank you so much.

    All the best,


    PS - thank you to Andrew Sifu for opening this thread!


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      Dear Sigung,

      Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity you have given us.

      My Question: As a set to eventually specialise in, would the Yang 108 Pattern Set be a good choice over a set like the Flowing Water Flowing Clouds Set?

      Thank you Andrew Sisook and Kevin Sihing for making this possible.

      Shaolin Salute,


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        Thank you Dominic for the opening question! Fantastic!

        Let all the great questions roll from here and let this thread become the classic it is destined to be!


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          Dear Sigung,

          At last year's Festival of Taijiquan in Florida we learned the signature set of the three main styles of Taijiquan. My experiences of practicing the three sets were remarkably different.

          The 108-Pattern Yang Style felt soft and smooth. It was deeply meditative, light and uplifting. It nourished my scholar mind.

          The Flowing Water Floating Clouds was very forceful. It was extremely powerful and full of deeply invigorating Chi which set my meridians on fire like nothing before. It nourished my warrior mind.

          The Wudang Taijiquan set was spiritual bliss and absolute beauty in motion. It nourished my eternal mind.

          My question is this: is there any relationship between the nature of these three sets and the five levels at which Chi flows in the body i.e. the skin, the flesh, the meridians, the organs and the bone marrow. Does the Chi generated from practicing these three sets cleanse and nourish the five levels in different ways leading to different experiences and benefits for practitioners?

          Thank you Sigung for affording this wonderful opportunity!

          All the best,



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            Dear Sihing,

            Those are some fantastic observations & questions!

            Dear Sifu,

            I believe that the Yang 108 Pattern Set is one of the softest sets in our syllabus. Please can you talk about the reasons for this emphasis on softness, and the particular benefits that go along with it?

            with thanks,
            Sifu Andy Cusick

            Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
            Shaolin Qigong


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            "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
            - ancient wisdom


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              Dear family

              What a wonderful thread! A huge thank you to Sigung for doing series like these over and over again! Sigung's overwhelming generosity with time and knowledge continues to baffle me!
              I'm looking forward to the courses SO MUCH !

              Dear Andy Sisook
              I wanted to post a very similar question but you were quicker and asked it perfectly, too! Thank you ! And I'm very much looking forward to Sigung's answer!

              Dear Kevin Sisook
              Amazing! Can you say something about the experiences you've made with the practice of "Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow"?

              This thread is so exciting already! Thank you to Andrew Sipak and Kevin Sisook for opening it!

              Shaolin greeting


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                Hi Fabienne,

                Delighted to hear you're coming! Woohooo!! It is going to be such a special course. If you need any travel or logistics advice please feel free to send a PM.

                Thank you Andy Sifu for your great question.

                Three questions asked - seven to go. Really looking forward to reading them...and of course Sigung's profound answers!

                All the best,



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                  Dear Wanham Family

                  I just finished reading the Q&A series on the 18 Lohan Hands and are delighted to hear that there's another series coming up!

                  Thank you for the privilege of addressing the question to Sigung. What a remarkable opportunity!

                  I'm not a Yang style practitioner (I'm considering taking it up) but I have a feeling that these questions I have might be relevant to wider community. It's primarly about how Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung fits into the practice of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

                  • Do we in Wanham tradition adopt any Chi Kung exercises that are traditionally done by Yang style practitioners, or do we replace these with Shaolin Chi Kung?
                  • What Shaolin Chi Kung techniques and skills are particularly relevant for the correct practice of Yang style TCC and does it depend on the level of practitioner?
                  • I was also wondering how to recognize a suitable / competent Yang style teacher, but please ignore it if it's too many questions.

                  Thank you very much Sigung

                  With gratitude


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                    Dear Shaolin Family,

                    What a great opportunity we have here again. Thank you so much Sifu for this wonderful opportunity. These Q&A series mean a lot to me. I always come back to them and every time I read them I get Aha moments.

                    Also big thanks to Andrew and Kevin Sihengs for starting this thread.

                    I am not very knowledgeable about the Yang 108 pattern set. I am trying to learn the set now so I can be ready for Sifu's teaching in this coming February. I have to admit that the set is really long (and I have only learned 50% of it).

                    I have also noticed that since I am learning this set I am going through a deep cleansing. The cleansing is really emotional and it touches a deep side of me that was never touched before by any of the practices that I have done so far. I also feel my Tiger side going stronger. I am unsure if this is caused because my incorrect practice or because this set is very different to the Taijiquan that I have learned so far.

                    After this introduction I include below my questions. I apologise for having more than one question but I really need to make them:

                    1) Why is this set so long in comparison with other sets? or why are other sets so short in comparison with this set?
                    2) What are the expected results if I specialise in this set in comparison with Wudang set or Flowing Water Floating Clouds?
                    3) Would it be more beneficial for my level to specialise in Flowing Water Floating Clouds or in Yang 108 pattern set?
                    4) What are the things that I should take into consideration when choosing a set for specialisation?

                    Thanks again Sifu for being so generous, patient and comprehensive. I truly appreciate from the heart everything that you are doing for me.

                    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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                      Dear Sifu,

                      If you don't mind I have more then one question.

                      Sifu how would the 108 Pattern Yang Set enrich our daily lives be it in relationships or business life, in this regard What advantages would this softer more flowing set have over sets that are generally more forceful?

                      Not just in the Yang set but in alot of Kung Fu sets there isn't any ground fighting, Sifu why is this?

                      Thank you Sifu for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

                      Thank you Siheng Andrew and Kevin Si Jat for opening this thread.

                      Shaolin Salute,


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                        Dear Sifu,

                        Thank you for offering another 10 questions classic!

                        The Yang 108 Pattern Set is full of repetitions and mode changes.

                        I have a few related questions to this:
                        - Is there a difference if the repetitions and mode changes are practiced within a set VS repeating a set a few times?
                        - Is it advisable to mirror complete sets?
                        - Is it advisable to mirror the basic Tai Chi Chuan combat sequences to practice the applications on both sides?

                        And another one:
                        - “Wild Horse Separates Mane” is a frequent pattern in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and happens to be one of my favourites. I noticed that it is found in at least three selective sets, but not included in the standard syllabus. Is it because its applications are too sophisticated?

                        Thank you in advance for your answers!
                        Thank you to Andrew Siheng and Kevin Sijat for starting the thread!

                        Best wishes,

                        Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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                          Excellent questions guys!!! Totally fab!!! It sure is exciting to be participating in the creation of a modern Tai Chi classic!

                          Very interesting to hear Wild Horse Separates Mane is a favourite Leo. It is a big favourite of mine too. Some of my happiest Tai Chi memories are of practicing it on the first evening of last years Intensive in Penang where Sigung integrated it so beautifully into teaching the basic body mechanics. I am really looking for forward to Sigung's answer to your question Leo. And I'm also really looking forward to learning some wonderful applications of it in February.

                          Interestingly, and as pointed out to me last week on Facebook by Robin Sifu, Wild Horse Separates Mane is a similar but different pattern to Flying Slantingly (or is it Flying Diagonally?), which is also found in the 108-Pattern set. I must confess I don't know what nuances exist between these two very similar patterns but I'm looking forward to asking Sigung in February!

                          Only three more questions left!!!


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                            Dear Sigung,

                            The Yang Taijiquan I currently practice is different and involves a lot of intricate movements to complete one pattern. I would like to use "Cloud Hands" as an example.

                            Before the hand completes its downward movement in "Cloud Hands," there is a downward backhand strike, a side strike and downward chop! The same three striking movements are repeated on the left side and the right side in one continuous flow, completing the sequence of "Cloud Hands." The three striking movements are executed very subtly from the wrist to perhaps prevent outsiders from "stealing" the art. From the outside, it looks like one large continuous flow with no break.

                            Aside from training strikes, the extra movements seem to serve no actual purpose in combat. My flow of internal force also feels choppy when I perform it this way. However, I can't help but wonder about the correlation between the wrist movement and generation of internal force.

                            Could this version of "Cloud Hands" be developed from spontaneous chi flow? Perhaps Yang Lu Chan discovered this movement one day in spontaneous chi flow while practicing his Chen Taijiquan and decided to formalize his discovery into a new pattern. After all, nothing is rigid and structured in spontaneous chi flow. Yang Deng Fu would later simplify "Cloud Hands" to be one continuous movement.

                            Thank you Sifu Andrew Kevin for starting this thread!

                            Thank you Sigung for agreeing to start this thread!

                            Best regards,
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                              Thank you for your great question Stephen. Sigung's answer is going to be amazing!!!

                              Only two questions left to be asked!