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18 Jewels of Shaolin Wahnam Chikung: 10 Questions to Grandmaster Wong

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    Healing at the Copthrone Hotel

    Last December during the Small Universe course I had to go to the reception due to a billing issue. The lady immediately said to fix it without checking any paper or computer stating that she would know me from my last visit (which was indeed in April for the Intensive course). I was quite surprised and congratulated her on her good memory and she replied: Yes, I still recognize you although you gained some weight and you look healthier and brighter now. She then made sure that me - Westener - would understand also the point about the weight in the same positive way she meant it . So my billing issue turned out to be a confirmation of my healing and I chose the lady to be the receptionist of the year!

    Thank you very much to Sigung, Daniel Sisook and the family members who asked questions for this wonderful Questions/Answers serie on the 18 Jewels.

    Happy Chiflows to each and every one of you, Binia


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      Receptionist of the year

      That brought a big smile to my face!

      With Shaolin Salute,
      Lee Wei Joo


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        Originally posted by Leo Shaolin View Post
        Thank you for sharing your experience, Matt Siheng.

        Now I need to adjust my prior statement
        I am not surprised, but amazed, that one of our brothers and sisters has accomplished the art as a side effect of his/her training, or at least had a glimpse of it.


        Best wishes, o\

        Sifu contacted me regarding my post/experience with the Art of Lightness. I think his response will make many Shaolin Wahnam members happy!

        Dear Matt,

        Thanks for sharing your experience in the Art of Lightness thread, and congratulations for your remarkable achievement.

        Indeed you have attained both the Art of Thousand Steps and the Art of Lightness without even practicing the form. It is incredible but true.

        Actually I wanted to mentioned this aspect of our training, that many of our students and most of our instructors have achieved the Art of Thousand Steps without having to practice the form, i.e. the physical techniques. But somehow I missed it, and it is good that you shared your experience. Do you know how you and the others achieved this ability. Yes, through chi flow!

        You also have attained abilities normally attained through training the Art of Lightness. Do you know how you have achieved the abilities without practicing the form, i.e. the physical techniques. Yes, through chi flow and mind, the two higher levels of the art.

        Best regards,


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          Great thread, thank you Sifu and Daniel




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            Totally amazing thread. I get so excited when I read each and every question and answer from Sifu.

            Thank you Sifu and Daniel Sihing

            Love is wonderful, because anyone with love in his heart wants to see everyone in bliss, everyone healthy and everyone availing freedom. This is the state of a man who considers the world as his family. Such are the wise man, the great souls. (Shri Shantananda Saraswati)