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Visit to Sifu Wong: August 3rd - 6th 2004

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    Master, Method, Student

    Originally posted by Baguamonk1
    Great reports and everything, but quite honestly if in 3 days he could demonstrate and apply things better than you could after 3 years, I think that has more to say of your training than his "genius"
    The Student plays a crucial role in the equation, but the master is also a neccesary part. If this is criticism, I'm not sure what it's based on.

    少林華南台灣 Shaolin Wahnam Taiwan


    "Then how could chi kung overcome diseases where the cause is unknown or when there is no cure? The question is actually incorrect. The expressions "the cause is unknown" and "there is no cure" are applicable only in the Western medical paradigm. The expressions no longer hold true in the chi kung paradigm. In the chi kung paradigm the cause is known, and there is a cure."

    -Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


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      Don't bother, Mark. Mr. Baguamonk doesn't think much of us or Sifu Wong, as evidenced by his posts in other threads here and on other forums. And that's fine. He's entitled to his opinions.

      Some people have already made up their minds. They are not really interested in changing. They are happy to watch our videos and make fun of "unrealistic" applications, or scoff at internal force, or laugh at the idea of curing incurable diseases. And that's fine. To each their own.

      As you probably know, I was skeptical in the beginning too. But rather than draw conclusions from a distance, I decided to go find out for myself. Whenever I've been curious about a master, I've always gone to meet him/her in person. And every time, I've reinforced an important lesson: things are different face-to-face.

      That's also what Franciskus (Quatro Bajina) did. He was skeptical in the beginning. Then he came to see me in NYC, and liked what he learned. Then he went to see Sifu. In the end, I think he found what he was looking for.

      I think you can tell if someone has already made up their mind by the level of respect they show. If Baguamonk were genuinely interested in meeting Sifu Wong, then he would show more respect (here and elsewhere). Even when I was skeptical, I showed great respect to Sifu Wong. It's just a good policy. I show respect to every master I meet. After all, you never know when you're going to step outside of your current paradigm and into a new one.
      Sifu Anthony Korahais
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