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    Hi, everybody,
    I have been air hostess for a very long period of my life and I know a lot about jetlag...
    Once I asked Sifu about and he gave my his key:
    "Very easy, before the flight you do a few times´lifting the sky´ and a few more times when you arrived".
    Like this I don´t have jetlag anymore, since I do as instructed.
    Enjoy travelling without jetlaging.


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      My favorite

      Hello all,

      I also travelling a lot to conduct seminars etc. and my favorite Chi kung is the "Small Universe" because you don´t have to move or Meditation since I´m practicing that I don´t know anymore how jetlag is like.
      May all beings be happy

      Shaolin Wahnam Germany


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        Jet Lag??? What is this Jet Lag???

        How about getting some sleep as you are flying on the plane?
        Everytime I fly, I end up sleeping through the most of the flight.

        If you are nervous about the flight, then Relax, smile from the heart, and enjoy the flight.
        Should you feel tired upon arriving at your destination, then do your Chi Kung.
        If you don't know Chi Kung. Have a coffee, Splash some water on your face, or just rub your hands and massage the face.

        Lots of things a person can do for Jet Lag.

        Best wishes



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          sounds nice!

          Anton you are always strike in your answers so thats good but I wonder is Coffee good choise when we think about health? and now when we talk bout Erle Montaigue what do you said about this: Wudang History_? on this webbpage from Erle Montaigue!?


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            A good one for a plane is "head to toe relaxation". Relax your mind.
            Agreed. In my opinion deep relaxation is a very good way of enjoying long flights, even when being cramped up in small seats. Add meditation to this every once in awhile, even better. You might even notice being fresher coming out of the plane than when you left! Also, Sifu's advice of Lifting the Sky before and after the takeoff is an excellent advice.

            I wonder is Coffee good choise when we think about health?
            If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, then yes . If you're like me, and your body doesn't react too well to coffee, then no. Also, anything excessive is not a good idea - so try to limit your caffeine intake to one pan per day only .
            Markus Kahila
            Shaolin Nordic Finland



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              Originally posted by Markus Kahila
              Agreed. In my opinion deep relaxation is a very good way of enjoying long flights, even when being cramped up in small seats.
              That's usually been a problem for me. I'm actually pretty small framed, but somehow I always get seated next to someone much larger. Being smooshed in a seat is definitely a challenging for deep relaxation !


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                Chi Kung While Flying

                Try this.

                Direct the palms toward each other, as if holding an invisible ball in between them.
                Resting the arms on arm chairs.

                Relax, smile from the heart, and enjoy the Chi Flow.

                Best wishes,

                Anton Skafar
                Shaolin Wahnam Institute Kitchener


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                  Just tried it at my desk - lovely.

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                    Dear Sunyata,

                    here’s another jetlag-story: before flying home from the intensive Qi Gong course in Sabah last year, I asked Sifu about travelling tips and jetlag. He said: “Jetlag? No problem. Just take a cosmic shower; like this: Hhhaaaa…” and he "simply" showed me how to breathe out, nothing else (or so it seemed). Of course, his instructions are always simple (though not necessarily easy…), but this was just ridiculous. Anyway, I tried it as soon as I was on the plane and only after a few breaths the Baihui-point on top of my head started to pulsate vigorously (the fact that Sifu was on the same plane definitely enhanced the experience ).
                    The effect was unbelievable: after travelling for over 21 hours (and sleeping not more than three hours on the plane), I arrived in Munich at 7 in the morning, went straight to the school where I was teaching at that time and worked there till 5 in the evening. When I came home, I wasn’t even tired and there weren't the slightest jetlag-symptoms in the following days!

                    Afterwards, with Sifu not being around and the immediate effects of the intensive course fading away slightly, this cosmic shower-breathing didn’t work as good any more and unfortunately I stopped practising it (interestingly, after the course in Switzerland two weeks ago, it happened spontaneously on the train home). But you definitely have to ask Sifu about it the next time you see him!

                    Kind regards,


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                      travelling tips

                      [QUOTE=celticdragon]........ I just found this.QUOTE]

                      I found this too!