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    I've created this new forum specifically for questions. I did a search for all threads with the word "question" in the title and moved them here. This will not cover all of the threads that involved questions, but it's a good start.

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    I've changed the title of this section to Frequently Asked Questions. Instead of having people post in this section, we've decided to instead try moving appropriate threads into it. The moving will be done entirely by the instructors, though suggestions are welcome via Private Messaging.

    Normal members will be able to post in this section, but they cannot create new threads.

    Happy reading everyone.
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    Sifu Anthony Korahais
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      The posts here by Antonius are for information and not for others to add questions to. Please post questions in the relevant parts of the forum. If necessary the forum moderators and administrators will move posts into this forum.

      To avoid people adding to this thread (yet again) it will be closed.

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