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    Hello all,
    I'd just like to ask some questions about various experiences and problems I've had. Firstly I have practiced various ch kung forms at least once a day for the last 6 months after attending Sigung's workshop last year; also I have attended and practiced shaolin kungfu in London for about 4 months.
    I have suffered from M.E or chronic fatigue syndrome for many years now and would say that this was my primary aim for doing chi kung.
    The experinces I have encountered have been generally aches and pains all over with anything from mild headaches to painfull headaches. I have to say that due to the many things that I have tried over the years I was not unduly worried about these side effects as I put them down to cleansing reactions. I thought that I was making good progress eating well, sleeping well and practicing everyday from 1 to 2 hours. I managed to increase my time in golden bridge up to 15 to 18 minutes but found that my calf muscles seemed tight after the stance training. After returning from a holiday break where I had still practiced everyday I noticed a large vein had come up on my left calf. I stopped stance training as It was generally hurting not in a good way and for one month only practiced chi kung and chi flow which seems to have helped. I suppose this may be a case of too much too soon either way I don't think that kungfu for me at the moment is the right thing. I would also Like to know whether if someone is generally under weight and fatigued should they be practicing lifting the sky, pushing mountains and carrying the moon with self induced chi flow; the reason I ask is that if these tend to be mainly cleansing excercises surely they will make a deficient person more deficient?
    Could you let me know what address I use to ask Sigung a question please.
    many thanks for any input you can give me


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    gained weight

    Hi, I am not an instructor, I first joined the intensive chikung course only 2 years ago. I was underweight, stressed and fatigued. In 4 months after the course, I gained weight steadily up to 7kgs which seems to have plateaued for now, I have increased vitality and enjoy my daily work. I only practise daily for about 15-30 minutes any one of the 3 dynamic forms Sifu taught for the intensive course or all 3 forms for self manifest chi flow. Sifu has taught us that less is often better. By simply enjoying these simple excercises, I have cleared blockages thus making my body metabolism more efficient.

    I also attended 4 more review sessions since then where Sifu teaches us other excercises. In a overzealous spate last year, I "overtrained" by combination of forms and training time, resulting in much pain when cleansing is too rapid. I forgot that simply enjoying our simple training is not the same as being simplisitic. Smile from the heart.

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      Hi John.

      So you've been practicing chi kung for the last 6 months and kungfu for the last 4 months? Is that correct?

      If you are having problems, then I would suggest that you cut down your training time, especially with Golden Bridge. It sounds to me like you are over-training. Too much energy can overload the system. It takes time for your energy system to adjust and prepare for increased energy levels.

      Go back to basics: 15-20 minutes of dynamic patterns and chi flow once or twice daily. Leave Golden Bridge and Kungfu aside until you feel better, and even then, start at 1-2 minutes for Golden Bridge and a few minutes of Kungfu and progress gradually from there.

      Sifu Wong's e-mail is
      Sifu Anthony Korahais
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        Adam and Antonious,
        many thanks for your quick reply and advice, I have already done what you have advised and feel better for it. although I had tried to be moderate with my training I guess I was too eager to get better and so overloaded myself.
        I will try to keep an eye on it from now on.

        many thanks



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          Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

          Since we are talking about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, what are the best Chi Kung exercises in Sifu Wong's books to combat this disorder? If one had this syndrome, what program would you recommend? What exercises? How many reps? How many minutes? et cetera


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            You probably expected this answer .... but any of the exercises will help. As recommended in Sifu's books (or in his courses), 15 minutes of practice twice daily is enough. More is not more in this case. This is not physical exercise but energy exercise.

            For this particular disorder, self manifested chi flow would probably be best. Lifting the Sky, of course, is thoroughly recommended too.

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              Lifting the Sky

              I have heard people say that "Lifting the Sky" is the best exercise in the Wahnam style. My question is why? What does Lifting the Sky do that makes it better than others? What are the general benefits of this exercise and the specific benefits that make this exercise better than others?


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                Excellent question .... and I think it has been answered before ... nevertheless:

                There are many reasons why it is considered the best (or one of the best) and I will list just a few (have to go to Germany on business in a little while):
                - It has probably the greatest allowance for mistakes
                - It can be appreciated on many different levels - from beginner to Grandmaster
                - It specialises in generating and energy flow in the most simple and direct fashion
                - Because it is considered (one of) the best, it is taught to Shaolin Wahnam students first (unlike in many schools where the best is kept back)
                - It can be used for building and/or circulation of energy
                - It can be used to clear blockage from injury
                - It can be performed at a low level and any other level (including the highest)
                - It is probably the most flexible in its application -- particularly for the beginning student
                - etc.

                Sifu Andrew Barnett
                Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

                Flowing Health GmbH (Facebook:
                Healing Sessions with Sifu Andrew Barnett - in Switzerland and internationally
                Heilbehandlungen mit Sifu Andrew Barnett - in der Schweiz und International

                Chi Kung Courses: May 2019 in Landquart CH
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                  Sorry, I am not an instructor but I could not resist posting.

                  There are two major reasons I can think of why Lifting the Sky is so good.

                  First, as the full name of the pattern implies (Lifting the Sky to regulate the three warmers), the exercises is holistic in function - it works all the organs in the human body in the three warmers (the brain is not an organ in Chinese medicine theory). Even as a physical exercise, it stretches the whole body and the spine.

                  Second, it is easy to do anywhere because it looks so innocuous - try doing self manifested movement in a public park....
                  Persevere in correct practice


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                    Originally posted by Zhang Wuji
                    try doing self manifested movement in a public park....
                    the best is the peoples stares, nothing like being looked at kooky...


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                      this is for antonius..or any teacher i think

                      hello again.


                      dear antonius,

                      i had a few questions and wanted to know some things, if you would take a moment and please listen

                      it says you are an instructor for shaolin wanham under your venerabal name. does this mean you actually where you do your job? is it a place?

                      second, if it is, is it quiet enough, or have a quiet enough place for one to meditate and completley seperate from ones body without much disturbance?
                      and if so, where is it?

                      third, in a year or two im going to need somewhere quiet(very no doubt) to train and practice nei kung, to live while i do it, to not be a burden. if shaolin wanham is such a place, is it possible to get a job there, to work enough to earn a place there yet have enough time to train properly?


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                        Shaolin Wahnam Institute is an international organisation founded by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit with the express objective of preserving true Shaolin Arts for future generations. Grandmaster Wong started this undertaking in Malaysia and has since trained and authorised about 50 instructors to teach worldwide.

                        The only residential training possibility with Shaolin Wahnam for the moment is the "Shaolin Wahnam Center" in South America. I don't know whether or not a long-term residence is possible there. If you would like to know more, please contact Sifu Rama via this forum (his user name is also Sifu Rama, so you can use the Private Message facility).
                        Sifu Andrew Barnett
                        Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

                        Flowing Health GmbH (Facebook:
                        Healing Sessions with Sifu Andrew Barnett - in Switzerland and internationally
                        Heilbehandlungen mit Sifu Andrew Barnett - in der Schweiz und International

                        Chi Kung Courses: May 2019 in Landquart CH
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                          Preparing for Future intensive Kung Fu course

                          Hello I am Steven. I like to one day to apply for the intensive Kung Fu course with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. As background information I had experience in Wushu so I am familiar with the stances in Kung Fu. I will learn from the book The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu to prepare for the course. I want to ask if I should wait till the year before I take the course or could I practice now? It will be 5-7 years until I can apply. Please reply back ASAP. Thank you.


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                            Dear Steven,
                            I am glad you consider taking an Intensive course with Sifu Wong.

                            In general, students who wish to apply for this kind of courses need a solid backround of martial arts training. I guess from what I have read you have some of it.

                            Of course it would be more time efficient if you could take classes with one of the instructors in the US instead of learning from a book or using the internet checking review videos.

                            With the right mind set and sufficient training it will not need to take you 5-7 years to take part at such a course. In fact that would be a paradox to the fact that Shaolin Kung Fu follows the simple, direct and effective way.

                            It's highly suggested that students are familiar with the basic material, to take the chance to deepen their skills and go more into details.

                            Normally the Intensive Kung Fu course covers the following material:
                            - Stance training
                            - Moving in stances
                            - the Art of flexibility
                            - the Art of 100 kicks
                            - the basic patterns
                            - body mechanics to explode force
                            - Combat sequences 1-16
                            - The application Sets of combat sequences 1-16

                            To mention roughly the course content.

                            It's wise to be familiar with most of the topics as students will be lead to their physical, emotional mental and spiritual limits and over.

                            The following link may help for preparation, but as mentioned it would be more time effective finding a solution to train with a Master:


                            Here is the list of available Masters in the US:
                            "From formless to form, from form to formless"

                            26.08.17-28.08.17: Qi Gong Festival with 6 courses in Bern:
                            Qiflow-Triple Stretch Method-12 Sinewmetamorphisis-Bone Marrow Cleansing-Zen Mind in Qi Gong



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                              There are videos on Sifu Wong's website that can help you to learn the basics. But if you want to save time, consider coming down to Florida to learn from me.

                              This article may help:
                              Sifu Anthony Korahais
                              (Click here to learn more about me.)