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  • Gratitude for the Shaolin Arts

    Dear Shaolin family,

    today I had the most wonderdul morning kungfu practice. Throughout the whole session I was filled with a sense of gratitude, love and calm. I felt I could have practiced on forever.

    How grateful I am for being able to practice these arts, and to be able to teach them for prosperity.
    I am grateful for having such good students, that take the effort to practice diligently daily. It's a joy to watch them advance and enjoy their practice.

    With gratitude,

    Nessa Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland


    • Honorable Sifu,

      Congratulations on your progress!

      I am not sure if anyone else (of us continuing students or your immediate family) has seen a change in you lately, but I have observed that during the two latest Wednesday lessons your oral teachings have become subtly different. Now your speech has been more flowing, eloquent, and direct: it's definitely coming from the Heart in a more profound level.

      On my own behalf I would like to express my fondest gratitude for your continued teaching and bringing out the best in us.

      With sincere gratitude,


      • Dear family,

        yesterday, part of the roof of the house we have rented our apartment in caught fire. I was among the first who exited the building together with our 1.5 year old daughter (her mother was not at home).

        Luckily, nobody was injured. In this exceptional situation, I was pleasantly surprised by the calmness and clarity I experienced. I am very grateful for the many skills our arts give us, among others :

        - quick decision making
        - applying "safety first"
        - the ability to relax, smile from the heart and let go.

        Additionally, throughout the whole experience, I distinctly sensed that me and my family was protected.

        We have received a lot of offers from many sources to help us and almost immediately found a place to stay at for the next weeks.

        Thank you Sifu for initiating me into these life changing arts and thank you to every other being helping me on this path.

        Kindest regards from Germany to all,
        May all beings be happy

        Thank you.


        • Hi Steffen,

          good to hear everyone is ok.
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          • Hi Steffen,

            Thank you for sharing you inspiring story.

            All the best to you and your lovely family!

            Best wishes,

            Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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            Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung
            Southern Shaolin Kung Fu
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            • Gratitude for Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung which has given wholesome health to all members of Shaolin Wahnam Sabah ( SWS ) and the extended global Shaolin Wahnam Family .

              During the pandemic , chi kung has given us good health and freedom from adverse effects : additional to practising hygienic lifestyle , SWS also used the latest science ( SmartCoat nanotechnology ) to mitigate the risk of disease transmission at the Kwoon ( ie WinWard Hall ) ....

              So thank you to Science & Technology , thank yous to all frontliners & healthcare workers all over the world ..

              And much thanks to Sifu and all the past Masters for transmitting the Shaolin Arts to Us .
              Damian Kissey
              Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .