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  • My attempts at restful sleep were suddenly stopped when I realized (again) how lucky and blessed I am to be part of the Shaolin Wahnam Family.

    I am gratefully forever indebted by the blessings, kindness, and beauty that you have shown me. I love you all so very much.

    Everything seems immensely beautiful and wonderful. I find it hard to believe that this is still the same world I was born into.

    Whatever expectations I have had for happiness, pleasure, and welfare were all skeptic's delusions. The truth turned out to be much more sweeter than any of my attempts to imagine what it would be like to actually enjoy them without effort -- just to be here and now.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to actualize that I still could be the upright person I always wanted to be and enjoy the fruits of righteousness. I vow to uphold the Shaolin Laws and help everyone realize their perfect nature.

    I bow to you Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung!

    With sincere gratitude,


    • Simple, Direct, and Effective

      Last night I was again suddenly visited by warm feelings that were way too special to leave unshared.

      I love you Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung!

      With sincere gratitude,


      • Deepest gratitude

        Dear Sifu,

        I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your beautiful family a very happy Christmas and a happy new year. And also to the wider Shaolin brothers and sisters and family!

        I feel privileged to have discovered these arts and such an incredible teacher in you, and so lucky to be practicing them. I believe it has been part of my Divine timing on my journey and I can't express in words my gratitude for the benefits and changes these arts have brought. They have been my wake up call to broader awareness bringing me out of a low place, and they have been expanding my awareness ever since. It's such a wonderful adventure!

        Thank you for sharing these arts with me, for which I feel so blessed and lucky to practice. Thank you for inspiring me by your example and leaving me in awe at your knowledge, understanding, practice and transmission of these amazing arts.

        Bless you.

        Happy Christmas.

        With love and Shaolin salute /o
        With love and Shaolin salute /o

        "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

        Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


        • Dear Family and guests,

          Yesterday there was a new experience and very special moment in my life. Instead of looking into the eyes of people, I directly realized that I was looking into the window of their souls. The sense of connection and intimacy was unbeliavable.

          Bottomless thaks to the precious arts and all the kind teachers that have enabled me to realize this!

          With sincere gratitude,


          • Dear Family and Friends,

            I wrote this on my new blog on the Shaolin Wahnam Japan website, but also thought to post it here since it is an expression of my heartfelt gratitude to Sifu.

            From the heart,


            Feb. 12, 2017

            Dear Friends, 

            Thank you for checking in and reading here today. 

            It's hard to imagine how long ago it was when I first met Sifu in Malaysia in December 2000 and attended his Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course. What a life-changing course that was - I am so grateful - and I have never looked back since.

            Today, I wake up each morning, still pinching myself on my "good luck" to be initiated into the Flow, that this enables me to enjoy good health, and that I receive such an abundance of energy from the training that gives me zest and vitality for life. 

            When I was much younger, I used to wake up with a heavy feeling in my heart and stomach, almost with a 'sense of dread' for what the day would bring. It seemed that each day merged into the next, and it required much effort to get out of bed and prepare myself to go to work. Once I was into the activities of the day, I could smile and interact well with others, but that first waking moment of the day was always a battle of will for me.

            I wondered if others felt the same way as I did. I recalled how, as a child, I would wake up with eagerness and anticipation for the day, and I genuinely thought that those days were a happy childhood phase that had unfortunately been 'outgrown', and that adult life was all about struggle and determination.

            Yet, here I am today, in February 2017, and I can honestly say that the wonders of these Shaolin arts never cease. I look back, and somehow, somewhere along the line, my adult life took a subtle yet profound turn towards 'possibility',  'opportunity' and 'hope'. Somehow, the childlike curiosity and enthusiasm for life returned.

             I do not recall exactly when it was that I began to wake up with that keen, alert, fresh interest for what the day could bring. But, through daily training, I can honestly say that it has been the 'new normal' for more than fifteen years. 

            I am so grateful for the opportunity to train and disseminate the authentic Shaolin arts, the arts that have opened me up to the joys of a life lived with freedom of spirit, in increasing harmony with the laws of the universe.

            How incredible this gift called Life is. Wishing everyone 'happy training, happy life'!

            Best wishes,

            Hsuen, Emiko

            Greetings and thanks to Sifu, Shaolin masters past and present, and all of those who have gone before. 
            Emiko Hsuen

            Taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
            4th generation successor of the Southern Shaolin Monastery
            Small and Big Universe Course: Nov 21 to 25
            Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Practitioner: Nov 26 to Dec 2
            Cultivating Spirit Nourishing Energy: Dec 2 to Dec 8
            Intensive Chi Kung Course: Dec 9 to Dec 13
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            • Dear Family and Friends,

              Recently many things have taken a turn to much better in my life. Most significantly my Heart feels light and at ease. It is a wondorous change that the mind no longer lingers in negativities, but finds home at giving good thoughts, blessings, and prayers.

              Thank you everyone from the bottom of my Heart. Thank you Sifu, Sipak, and Sigung!

              With sincere gratitude,


              • Family

                Hey Folks,
                I am grateful for Family, both biological and those connected by essence


                Sifu Mark Appleford



                • Remembering the Invisible Assistance

                  Heyyyy my dearest Family and Friends,

                  Gratefulness is beautiful. If life is beautiful, then is life itself gratefulness?

                  It is often said that best things in life are free, but then again common wisdom says that receiving benefit without any cost may easily lead to ingratitude.

                  Divine mercy and benevolence are freely available to everyone, but it supposes openness and acceptance to receive these mysteries. For the fool I had been in my youth, I consciously rejected both. Luckily God and Heavenly Beings knew better than I did what is good for me, and so after overcoming my ignorance and ingratitude with conscious repentance, I have come to realize the incredible fortunes I have received and continue to receive. How lucky is it to directly realize how much we all are blessed?

                  Now I would like to dedicate a special remembrance to the invisible and otherworldly beings that have assisted me and helped me to avoid trouble while I have been stumbling about in samsara. May my work in helping and serving sentient beings on their way Home never diminish while I still have as unreturned favors all the countless blessings and prayers, and virtues and merits generated through them. With joy I look forward to paying back that entire debt!

                  In particular I wish to thank Guan Yin for her presence and comfort when I have struggled.

                  With sincere gratitude,


                  • Gratitude : Symbolic and Living It

                    Sifu prostrating to Heaven at Ranau Temple near Mount Kinabalu
                    Attached Files
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                    Damian Kissey
                    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


                    • Thank You

                      Damian Siheng, thank you dear brother for posting this picture. It is very touching for me at the moment i see it, on many levels. I'm sure you understand. I just felt a special depth

                      during my prostrations at a large Quan Yin statue i have at the entrance to my training room and clicked to this. And many feelings of blessing are flowing thru me.

                      Gratitude, Warmly Gusty


                      • Dear Family,

                        I want to joint this threat. I got right now my exemplar of Sigung´s Autobiography. I was wishing to have the chance of buying the book since it came out. So I was really excited. The book came before I thought and it took me by surprise. I opened it and read Sigung´s words written by hand. Now my eyes are literally full of tears of joy. I feel such a deeply happiness and gratitud towards Sigung. It means so much to me that who I consider the greatest living teacher in the world remembers me, knows me by name and wishes me well. So yes, I am grateful for everything Sigung gives me, my family and all my dear brothers and sisters. I just hope to be a good, deserving student, who can make him and Sifu feel proud of me.

                        Thank you Sigung, Sifu and past masters


                        • Gratitude

                          Dear Wahnam Family and Friends.

                          I am grateful for the hard work Sipak Andrew and the other instructors do in maintaining this forum. Today, I am able to access the forums again from Poland and it is a wonderful sprinkling of sugar on my day.

                          I am grateful to have my Sifu, who continues to help and guide me despite me living on the other side of Europe. I have a healthy and happy family. All is well.

                          I am grateful for my brothers and sisters in the school and for having the rare opportunity in this lifetime to be a part of it.

                          I am grateful to Sigung for his continued generosity and wisdom.

                          Blessings to all of my family.


                          Peter Clayton
                          Shaolin Wahnam Ireland
                          "Though one man may conquer in battle a thousand men a thousand times over, it is he who conquers himself that is the greatest of conquerors". - Dhammapada.


                          • The Fruits of Happy Family Life

                            Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                            I returned home two days ago after having spent an entire month with my family in my birth town. It was splendid beyond my expectations.

                            There was a noticeable improvement in my demeanor and attitude since my last visit around the Easter holiday. If someone bickered, the negative speech didn't affect me at all, but I replied back with courtesy and kindness. Most remarkably, I could not call my relatives by their first names anymore. I had made it an unnecessary and distancing habit long time ago, but now calling mother anything than "mother" or father anything else than "father" felt inappropiate. There was no conscious effort on my part to make this change, as these words simply jumped out naturally from my softened Heart.

                            Thank you mother and father, and everyone else.

                            With sincere gratitude,


                            • Originally posted by understanding View Post
                              Thank you mother and father, and everyone else.
                              Sifu Andy Cusick

                              Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
                              Shaolin Qigong


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                              "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
                              - ancient wisdom


                              • How to Begin Any Day the Right Way

                                Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family and Friends,

                                Isn't it just great to wake up into love, feeling lovely and loving for everyone and everything?

                                With sincere gratitude,