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  • Montana Azul

    I feel grateful for visiting the Montana Azul. Rama ji and Adelaida have created a very special place there with the help of many other beautiful people.

    There is a poem of Rumi that I stumbled over some days before my visit to Montana Azul which I would like to share as it suits this place and practicing our arts there very well.

    You have no idea how hard I’ve looked for a gift to bring You.
    Nothing seemed right.
    What’s the point of bringing gold to the gold mine, or water to the Ocean.
    Everything I came up with was like taking spices to the Orient.
    It’s no good giving my heart and my soul because you already have these.
    So I’ve brought you a mirror.
    Look at yourself and remember me.


    • I am grateful for having eaten real meat again

      I stopped eating meat about over twenty-five years ago and would always call myself a Pseudo-Vegetarian. I am afraid I have to admit I did not eat no meat for reasons of diet/health, issues about animal rights (which would be understandable in my case) or any religious or spiritual considerations or any other noble or understandable reasons. I was taken unexpectedly to a slaughterhouse, was shocked and from the next day onwards I did simply not eat meat again. The picture was burnt into my mind. I blocked myself. I am also afraid I drove my poor mother crazy, nothing helped, I was not to convince to eat meat again although till that day a chop of meat was my favorite birthday-wish-lunch…

      Now some days ago I was at a barbecue-party. And, out from nowhere, I felt a strange appetite/desire for a piece of meat. It was really strange and my friends were quite surprised aswell. When they realized that I was not making a joke, and I realized that this was a real desire, they were very nice and made sure that I got the best piece. And the really funny part: I liked it and enjoyed eating it!

      So with every chi flow I may come back more and more to my natural state of being and for that I am very grateful. Eating meat again is maybe not a big deal, but having in mind that there are many other things that I would actually enjoy aswell (again), makes this for me a big thing.

      There have been happening other funny, some challenging, beautiful and heartwarming things this year for which I all feel very blessed and can feel they are all for good. With my gratitude I leave them up to the Universe to know about.

      Happy Chiflow to all of you, Binia


      • Dear Binia Sije

        That's wonderful news! Now I can finally invite you to taste the amazing green-curry-chicken dish that I love so much ! I'm so happy for you! Not only because of the meat, of course, but because of the progress. So inspiring .

        Lots of love


        • As I have been practicing Shaolin chi kung for 10 years now, I wanted to say thank you.
          Thank you Sifu, from my heart, for the opportunity to learn and practice the Shaolin arts. And thank you for your help and guidance during difficult times.
          I feel truly blessed to have found these arts and to be able to share them with family and friends.
          And to all my Shaolin Wahnam brothers and sisters, it is always wonderful to meet old and new friends during courses and classes.

          During these ten years I have overcome so many health problems: chronic neck and back pain, allergies, eating disorders, lack of vitality, anxiety, panic attacks and low self esteem.
          The benefits are so many, I'm not going to list them all! 😊

          Two years ago I started practicing Wahnam Taijiquan and I feel that that started a new and much stronger cleansing prosess, in a deeper and even more holistic way.
          Taijiquan has been for me a very effective practice to finally let go of some very deeply rooted problems and becoming more confident, living with joy and gratitude and precence.
          I especially enjoy combat sequences and sparring, something I never thought I'd be able to do!

          I have always dreamed of being able to express my soul in everything I do, be it parenting, practice, artwork or simply being around others. Now I feel my heart is opening more and more, and my spirit is showing more. I can't describe how wonderful it feels!

          Finally I want to thank you Sifu, for the opportunity to become a Shaolin Wahnam Instructor. I feel very blessed to be able to give back some of the joy and benefits I have experienced during these years and doing my part in keeping these arts alive. I'm looking forward to next year and starting Wahnam Taijiquan classes! 😊

          With gratitude,

          Nessa Kahila
          Shaolin Nordic
          Nessa Kahila
          Shaolin Nordic Finland


          • Dear all,

            Thanks for sharing your experiences!

            It may give us a gentle reminder that the chi flow always takes care of us and our needs to restore Yin and Yang balance.

            Congratulations to a normal state of life!
            "From formless to form, from form to formless"

            26.08.17-28.08.17: Qi Gong Festival with 6 courses in Bern:
            Qiflow-Triple Stretch Method-12 Sinewmetamorphisis-Bone Marrow Cleansing-Zen Mind in Qi Gong



            • Dear Nessa Sikujie,

              Congratulations on such wonderful results, it's clear that you will inspire many people to heal themselves.

              Very Best,
              Love, and do what you will.

              - St. Augustine


              • I'm grateful, that through thick and thin, my Qigong training is always there, always ready to remind me to smile from the Heart and let go.

                Thank you, Sifu!
                Jeffrey Segal


                • I just came to realize that after being blinded by depression for years, in which I wasn't able to see the beauty in the world, I am now so grateful that I can actually feel grateful about hundreds of things during a day thanks to practicing our arts! Absolutely beautiful feeling!
                  Thanks a million to Sifu, Sigung and all the past Masters!
                  With a smile from the heart,


                  • Gratitude Thread to our Sifu Wong Kiew kit

                    I just came to realize that after being practicing Chikung everyday I feel strong and full of life in my body, mi mind and my spirit. Thank you Sitaigung. for your trasmition from heart to heart.


                    Sifu Kenya Araujo
                    SHAOLIN WAHNAM ECUADOR
                    Quito, Ecuador
                    (593) 2-3566 814
                    (593) 991483544

                    SKYPE: Kenya Araujo


                    • Grateful

                      I am grateful to be doing these arts and having Sifu as my teacher, if I hadn't come into them I don't know how my life would have been


                      Sifu Mark Appleford



                      • I hope to have a humble and grateful heart at all times, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

                        With Shaolin Salute,
                        Lee Wei Joo


                        • Originally posted by LeeWeiJoo View Post
                          I hope to have a humble and grateful heart at all times, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

                          With Shaolin Salute,
                          Lee Wei Joo
                          I accidentally quote with reply but I have the same hope so its a mistake I'm grateful for!

                          I'm eternally grateful to Sifu. The past Masters. Our Family. Our Arts. Difficult situations. Guan Yin. People, events, things, places, past, present and the potential future. Good or 'bad'.
                          And the daily, momently practice to return to when things go 'bad'

                          Best wishes,



                          • The whole evening I was very tired from work, and I was planning on going to bed early.

                            It's 11.24 pm now, I just finished Horse Stance under a bright moonlight, and I feel very revitalized, fresh and strong.
                            Truly amazing. Now listening to some awesome music, and tmr early morning Chi Kung again before work

                            Words cannot express my gratitude.

                            Thank you Sifu.


                            • I am grateful for all the recent QnA series with Sifu

                              I am also grateful to be able to train Zhan Zhuang and Qigong as they were intended feel the benefits every day ...and to be able to pass on those benefits to the deserving

                              With Gratitude,
                              Sifu Andy Cusick

                              Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
                              Shaolin Qigong


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                              "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
                              - ancient wisdom


                              • I am grateful to love the job I am paid for. Priceless!

                                Maxime Citerne, Chinese Medicine, Qigong Healing & Internal Arts

                                Frankfurt - Paris - Alsace