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  • Dear Sifu, dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Great Guan Yin Pusat for all Her protection and blessings, and for guiding me to Sifu.

    Dear Sifu, from my heart, thank you for the rare and precious opportunity to learn from you. The Small and Big Universe Course, and the Wuzuquan Course have been wonderful (although the Wuzuquan Course is not over yet!). Especially, and always, thank you for the heart-to-heart transmission - which has remained alive within me since the first meeting in Dec 2000. I look forward to many more opportunities to learn from you.

    Dear family, thank you for your warm welcome and genuine care. It has been lovely to see so many of you, and particularly special to see those with whom I have been close. I have also thoroughly enjoyed meeting others for the first time. Thank you to each of you for the learning opportunity.

    Shaolin salute - with all my gratitude, love and respect,

    Emiko Hsuen

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    4th generation successor of the Southern Shaolin Monastery
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    • Dear Sije,

      What a pleasure it is to read you again in our SWI forum - welcome back!

      I also want to make use of the topic of this thread - Gratitude - to thank you and our dear Sifu for the great lessons I received throughout these three years, and especially this last one. Your respect and gratitude to Sifu and Sifu´s welcoming openness and warmth to you have been a profound inspiration to me. They are great examples of true Kungfu Family Love, capable of erasing any issues from the past and focusing on a present together to build a strong joint future - Wow!

      With deep gratitude to you and the SWI/J&F Team from Canada and Japan,

      With love, gratitude and respect,

      Your brother,



      • Dear Emiko Siguma

        Whilst I have never met you in person, I have enjoyed MANY (yes, capital letters are needed here) of your inspiring, brilliantly written and thought-out contributions to the forum when I first started to enjoy Sifus teaching. I once asked Sifu about you (back in 2010) and was very surprised to hear that you had apparently left the school. When I visited your website out of curiosity, I was surprised to see that you mentioned an immense gratitude towards Sigung and still paid him a lot of respect. Surprised because I immediately assumed that you leaving must have been in bad blood, even though I never knew about the circumstances (the only thing I never cared to be curious about and still am not to this day ).

        Again, I have never met you, nor do I know you personally, Siguma. But you have left your mark on me through your writing when I was very new to this community. Short: I'm glad you're back . And yes, Sigung and you reuniting must have been quite inspiring indeed.

        Shaolin greetings and my apologies for the possible creepyness of this post .


        • Well said, Piti!

          Thank you, Emiko.

          Thank you to our wonderful sisters and brothers from Canada and Japan.

          Thank you, Sifu!!!

          From the Heart,
          Jeffrey Segal


          • Dear family,

            I just began my new job as a laboratory technician on Monday. I'd taken and taught freshman biology laboratory classes for the past year and a half and realized today that I used literally every piece of knowledge, skill, and equipment that I'd derived from that experience in just the past three days of work. Every time I demonstrated some bit of knowledge or skill, the grad students breathed a sigh of relief that they didn't have to teach the newbie from scratch.

            This seems to be a recurring thing in my life experiences, such as kung fu, dance, my education, research, and other jobs. It seems to me that the most important lessons have always been the first lesson and the final lesson. The first lesson builds and develops the foundation and most fundamental skills. The final lesson is the realization and blossoming of mastery.

            Maybe my words aren't cutting it, but I felt like I had to get that out in the open. Thank you to all my teachers, especially Sifu, Sigung, Mom, Pop, Prof Sally, Dr. Iten, Debbie A, Caitlyn, Anna, Christopher, Chris, and so many more, you're incredible and have helped me grow so much.
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            I like making silly videos (including kung fu ones!) every so often on YouTube and taking pictures of weird things on Instagram.


            • Gratitude

              Dear Sigung

              From my heart I wish to express my love and appreciation of being in your presence for the Small Universe Course and for the Wuzuquan Course. In this course the connection to the internal arts which you keep alive and fresh will remain with me. Your connection to the Universe is felt in the room and in everyone's willingness to connect with their own longings for what is real. I have learned many things to keep me going and following. Thank you for the warmth and love you have shown me.

              Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

              Thank you for your smiles from the heart and for your spirits shining in the sets and when relaxing in humble settings. It is wonderful to see you again and to see the commitment to wholesome learning. I have learned so much from each and everyone of you. I would not have been able to have this wonderful experience without you. From my heart, Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

              Much Love and appreciation to the journey of warriorship,



              • Thank you so much.

                Dear Sigung and Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                Dear Sigung,

                I trust that you are well and enjoying life.

                This year, thanks to the chance to see you again and to learn from you, has been a very special 2012.

                I will treasure enerything you have taught me and I look forward to training them.

                Thank you, from my heart.

                I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful new year.

                Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                Thank you so much for all your beautiful smiles and learning opportunity.

                It was really wonderful time for me.

                wishing all of you a wonderful new year.

                with much gratitude and respect,



                • Welcome Back

                  I'd like to express gratitude for the return of Sije Emiko and her team from Japan and Canada.

                  Unfortunately I did not get the chance to speak to many of you at the Small/Big Universe Course - so I hope for the opportunity to get to know you all better on future Courses

                  Sifu Andy Cusick

                  Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
                  Shaolin Qigong


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                  "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
                  - ancient wisdom


                  • Dear Sigung and Shaolin Wahnam family,

                    Thank you so much Sigung for another opportunity of a lifetime. The Small and Big Universe course was a truly special chance for me to make big changes in my life. Your powerful heart-to-heart transmissions lifted me up and helped me to let go of so many attachments. My life is now so much more full-full of the joy of living and full of love for the people around me. I express my deepest gratitude for this opportunity to change and grow.

                    Dear Shaolin Wahnam family,

                    Thank you so much for your warmth, your kind smiles and wonderful conversations. It was a great joy to see old friends and make so many new ones!

                    All my love and gratitude,


                    • Thank you to be here and living every momento!!

                      It is a great post and thank you for it. Make me remember how important is to thank for every thing in my life, my parents, my husbund, my children, the great blessing to have the Shaolin family in my life.
                      Great to be here, this momento!

                      happy New 2013.

                      Sifu Kenya Araujo
                      SHAOLIN WAHNAM ECUADOR
                      Quito, Ecuador
                      (593) 2-3566 814
                      (593) 991483544

                      SKYPE: Kenya Araujo


                      • Living example, living transmission

                        Dear Piti Siheng, dear Jeffrey Siheng,

                        Thank you both for your kind and heartwarming words. It is more than lovely to be back. The training post-December-courses has continued to be profound and enriching.

                        It was an honour to cross hands with both of you in the Wuzuquan course - I learnt a lot, and I look forward to the next opportunity to train with you.

                        Dear Fabienne and Sifu Andy,

                        Thank you also for your kind words and warm welcome. It is a true privilege to learn from Sifu. There are many other benefits that I have received, such as quality of life, and the special opportunity to train with and learn from so many brothers and sisters around the world.

                        Fabienne, I am also happy to confirm that there was never any "bad blood" at all at any time. The statement of gratitude and respect to Sifu on my website stands true, and always has. Sifu is indeed the greatest master I have met, not just for his wisdom and skills in Shaolin (and all ensuing branches of kungfu/Taijiquan), not just for his characteristic kindness, patience and generosity, but also for his "marvellous", big-picture view of the world. I am grateful for his living transmission and example. (Thank you, Fabienne, for giving me this opening to write in this way.)

                        With gratitude, love and respect,

                        Emiko Hsuen

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                        Taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
                        4th generation successor of the Southern Shaolin Monastery
                        Small and Big Universe Course: Nov 21 to 25
                        Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Practitioner: Nov 26 to Dec 2
                        Cultivating Spirit Nourishing Energy: Dec 2 to Dec 8
                        Intensive Chi Kung Course: Dec 9 to Dec 13
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                        • I am extremely grateful to Sifu for his Loving Kindness and for always taking care of his children, even when they are leaving the house for a while...

                          And I am certainly extremely grateful to the Cosmos for bringing back Emiko and Hubert in here. They have NEVER left my heart all those years, quite the contratry actually, but to read that post above makes me feel they are even closer.

                          Love & Light Above Ego to All,


                          Maxime Citerne, Chinese Medicine, Qigong Healing & Internal Arts

                          Frankfurt - Paris - Alsace




                          • Thank you for your inspiring post, dear Brother!

                            I fully agree with you in all you write!

                            ...and special gratitude for your wise words - "Love and Light Above Ego to All!"


                            Your brother,



                            • Dear Family and Friends,

                              These past few days I have found myself increasingly grateful at realizing how much good will and heart the genuine Shaolin Arts can generate. And it made my increasingly grateful at having the immense privilege of learning these arts from Sifu. And it also made me increasingly grateful at having met so many people who are committed to the same path. This is not a journey I could have ever walked alone.

                              Thank you Maxime Siheng for your kind words. Sifu and The Shaolin Wahnam Family have always been in my heart too, and I am humbled and inspired by Sifu's big-picture view. That is a skill I am eager to learn!

                              Oh, and like Piti Siheng I also love the "Love & Light Above Ego to All". I might make a big banner and put it over my bed!

                              With much gratitude, love, and respect,

                              Hubert Razack


                              • Dear Sigung and Shaolin Wahnam family,

                                It was a great honour and privelage to be in Malaysia for the Small Universe and Wuzuquan courses in December 2012.

                                Thank you from the heart Sigung, for your profound teachings, great compassion and generosity. It is always exciting, very rewarding and especially a blessing to learn directly from you. I'm always amazed at the great depth and wide range of the Shaolin Arts.

                                It was also fantastic to re-connect with old and new family members. The training was memorable and the time spent together was fun, a great joy. Thank you for the opportunity to train together as it is always a wonderful experience to learn , grow, and improve my skills.

                                With deep gratitude, great love and respect,

                                Shaolin Wahnam Mississauga