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  • Dear James,

    Thank you for sharing that article, it was a pleasure to read. I especially liked the story from The Hiding Place about the fleas. Please do share anything else you come across!

    Lately, every time I say 'thank you' to someone, I take a moment to stop my actions and thoughts and really look at the person, and truly smile from the heart when I say 'thank you'. I can see their smile grow deeper, and we both enjoy the happy chi that arises.

    Happy smiles to you,


    • what a joyous thread!

      today I am grateful for...

      sunrise streaming through into my home
      birdsong as the soundtrack to my awakening
      my solitude this morning
      a healthy breakfast
      the challenge of the day
      ++ smile ++ from ++ the ++ heart ++
      Rich Denyer-Bewick
      you can connect with me on: Facebook (personal/social), Linkedin (professional) and Twitter (a bit of both!)


      • Learning more about what it is to be a warrior in daily life.

        Breathing and feeling the magic that is in the cold mountain air over Killarney right now.

        Faith, Hope, Hapiness and Courage

        Much love to my Brothers and Sisters.
        Peter Clayton
        Shaolin Wahnam Ireland
        "Though one man may conquer in battle a thousand men a thousand times over, it is he who conquers himself that is the greatest of conquerors". - Dhammapada.


        • Originally posted by Peter Clayton View Post
          Much love to my Brothers and Sisters.
          Many blessings to you too Peter Sihing . Its always inspiring to hear brothers and sisters grow with the Shaolin arts.

          Kindest regards



          • Today I am grateful ...

            for the generosity, transmission and guidance by our "past" Masters. ... It is a great privilege to be in their lineage.

            Enjoy some Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong!

            Evening Classes in Zürich
            Weekend Classes in other Swiss locations



            • Today I am grateful for:

              My Sifu!

              For having the opportunity to study in China and improve my Chinese.

              My health.

              My dear friends here in China.

              With respect,

              “Greatness lies not in never falling, but in rising after every fall"


              • Thank You!

                Thank you!

                I am grateful I have such a privileged life.
                I am grateful to Sifu Jean Lie, Sifu Emiko Hsuen, Sigong Wong Kiew Kit for teaching me Chi Kung, Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan.

                These arts have a profound impact on my health, family, work, life and spirituality.
                Blessings to my teachers and all past masters that have come before us, I am thankful for your teachings and grateful for your help!



                • Hello Carlos Sihing,

                  Thats beautiful. Mya your life continue to be filled with joy and happiness .

                  Best wishes



                  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
                    "Take a moment to feel how wonderful it feels just to be alive."
                    - Sifu


                    • Thank you, Sifu for sharing the Shaolin arts. I cannot thank you enough. My life and my family as a whole have been enriched through these last two years of practice.

                      Thank you also to Siheng Anthony Spinicchia, Siheng Anthony Korahais, and Siheng Chun Nga for also sharing so generously.

                      Thanks to both Anthonys for introducing my six year old, Blake to Chi Kung and Kung Fu. My heart smiles hearing Blake practice the Art of 30 Punches and Tiger Claw in the woods around our house.

                      I am grateful for all of Chi Kung and Kung Fu, for their profound simplicity and complexity. Zen has also enriched my life.

                      These last weeks I feel especially grateful for One Finger Shooting Zen. It's a wonder how this stance self aligns and clears the mind.

                      And lastly, I feel so grateful for this forum: all the wisdom and great people.

                      It's an honor to be a part of this welcoming Shaolin Wahnam family.

                      Thank you, everyone.



                      • So uplifting

                        Dear Zach

                        thank you for your beautiful post and my heart goes out to Blake running through the woods practicing tiger claw. It creates such a wonderful picture.

                        warm regards

                        "Just enjoy life wholesomely" Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


                        • Zach,

                          Warm regards from me, too. Thanks for sharing the image of your son practicing in the woods; it makes me think fondly of our own home in the forest, and how happy I am to share our arts with my own family.

                          I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well.

                          With Warm Regards,

                          Charles David Chalmers
                          Brunei Darussalam


                          • Since Wednesday I´m grateful that Benedikt has come back from Malaysia and that he shares all his wonderful and amazing experiences with me. Once more and more deeply, I´m grateful to have such a wonderful son and I feel that spending time together is getting even more precious.

                            Thanks to the Wahnam family who is contributing to his education and spiritual growth, opening the mind and heart for amazing skills and possibilities. Special thanks to Sigung for many precious hours he spent in teaching Benedikt (and healing his ancle) and Emiko (I´m sorry, I don´t know how I am supposed to call you? My aunt? What is the chinese word?) for giving him an impression of what a dragon can do.

                            Shaolin greetings
                            Anne Hardy


                            • Dear Anne,

                              I'm delighted that Benedikt was able to attend the wedding and the intensive Kungfu course in Malaysia. I enjoyed spending time with him and the rest of the very friendly, very motivated Shaolin Wahnam Germany crew in Frankfurt last year. All the best to you and Benedikt for 2009.

                              I think I'll start another post to say what I'm grateful for
                              Jeffrey Segal


                              • I'm grateful for the safe arrival of our lovely son, Alexander Donald Segal, born on Christmas day. He's lovely!

                                From the Heart,
                                Jeffrey Segal