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    Just for mental gymnastics fun ya ….

    Truth , Polarity and Fuzziness

    Taiji = Phenomenal Cosmos = Differentiated Complementary Yin and Yang : in Taijiquan terminology , Taiji Stance is also called Three Circle Stance.

    Wuji = Ultimate Undifferentiated Infinite Void : in Taijiquan terminology Infinite Ultimate Stance is also called Wuji Stance .

    Boolean Logic : Yes or No
    Fuzzy Logic : Boolean logic + Fuzziness ( spectrum between Yes and No)
    Yin-Yang Logic : Fuzzy logic + Yes and No
    Beyond Logic : Yin-Yang logic + Neither Yes nor No + Neither not-yes or not-no + all possible Yes-No permutations

    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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      Thanks! This makes great sense
      I would be interested in reading your explanation or reading about it in from texts (if you can do me a suggestion?)


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        ps. i was referring to the picture in my previous reply

        For teh logic, I can partially follow- you mention 'spectrum': is it continous or discrete (I'm not a specialist on fuzziness)

        What do you mean with this:

        Yin-Yang Logic : Fuzzy logic + Yes and No : doe sit mean yes and no at teh same time?
        Beyond Logic : Yin-Yang logic + Neither Yes nor No + Neither not-yes or not-no + all possible Yes-No permutations : what does all yes-no permutations mean?

        I'm working as an academic researcher and I'm thinking a lot about the 'end of thinking or logic if you want'
        Science claim they have all teh answers, but in fact, they don't ...what happens if you reach the end of your thinking: it is panic and chaos-nobody seems to be able to deal with not-knowing, with the end of what can be possibly known or of what we know.
        What is at the end of the thinking: is it the acceptance? and how to handle it?


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          Dear Goedele , my earlier posts were just for providing relaxing conceptual framework fun ya .....and not to cause more mental stress.

          Sifu Andrew ( who also happens to be an electronics engineer and expert in quantum logic ) and Sifu Miguel have given you good and relevant advise.

          By the way the head of our school Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit has written about wuji and taiji and their connection to taijiquan in his website are some relevant links :

          Best wishes in your good taijiquan endeavours

          Damian Kissey
          Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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            this is funny, I'm actually working in the field of quantum chemistry - but I don't know much (almost nothing) on quantum logic
            and from working, I realize more and more that nothing is exact in exact sciences and that what we know or can grasp (with science) is a drop in an ocean

            thank you for referring me to the articles


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              Hi Goedele,

              This is funny. I also live in Belgium and I know your dentist from Malaysia. He used to be my dentist and he was the one who told me about Shaolin Chi Kung. I am still very grateful for this (I had Taijiquan lessons in my village at that time). He recommended me the book "The art of Chi Kung" by Grandmaster Wong and I started practising from this book, later from "Chi Kung for Health and Vitality" by Grandmaster Wong. I longed for real Shaolin lessons but it still took me several years to take the step to travel to the Netherlands. Final push was given by Sifu Andrew and I have never regretted one single moment.

              Training from books was successful to a certain level; I did experience some energy flow and movements, but having real lessons from a Shaolin Wahnam instructor was completely different, great experience and very clarifying. It has something to do with heart to heart transmission for learning skills. Just want to say that insight arises in the first place from direct experience. Reading might be helpful but it never can be a replacement.

              Best Wishes,


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                Thank you Aloyse for sharing your story. In fact I took one online lesson with Sifu Miguel from Utrecht, because travelling is not possible without quarentine.
                After that lesson, I'm very determined to go to The Netherlands, when it will be possible again.

                yes, I'm very grateful for meeting this dentist, for the online class and for all things that it has opened

                Many thanks


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                  Oh, that is good to hear, Goedele! Then I wish you lots of luck and happy training, and please say hello to Fr. W. from me if you see him again.

                  Warm regards,


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                    Thank you Aloyse and I will certainly say hello to FW