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    I have been practicing chi kung since 2011 since I learnt it from Grand Master Wong in Valentine course in Ireland (with great help from Sifu Joan). Lately, on the website I found a section "Video lessons for non-Shaolin Wahnam members". Perhaps someone could answer a few questions of mine.

    Can I practice from the lessons on my own safely?

    What would be the best art to choose? I thought about Tai Chi Chuan as the lessons contain most material to practice alone.

    I would practice mostly on my own, perhaps from time to time I could spar with a friend who is a student of other martial arts (Karate, Krav maga). I was thinking about practice of Grasping sparrow's tail and cloud hands (after achieving some competence in stances and footwork) and then trying to use it in sparring.

    I practice chi kung in the morning and in the evening. Is it better to add new practice or to replace one session of chi kung. I thought about practicing Tai Chi (or perhaps kung fu) before one of my sessions. This is because I learnt chi kung from Sifu Wong so probably it is not better to replace even one session. Another reason is that if I do something wrong learning from videos, the chi kung session made afterwards would mitigate any ill effects.

    Thank you for any help.

    With regards

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    Dear Marek,

    Welcome back to our discussion forum!

    As you have learnt and practiced Chi Kung from Sifu before, your martial arts training with the help of the recently provided videos becomes Chi Kung, meaning training of energy, too.

    Therefore, you can replace one session by your martial arts practice or add the new material into a longer session, while taking care not to over-train.

    At the start, when you only practice the stances used in the martial arts, I recommend substituting one “Chi Kung” session with the stance training. Later, when you have added moving components to your training, you can extend the length of your sessions up to 30 or 60 minutes and mix in dynamic Chi Kung exercises you learnt earlier, if you like to.

    Of course, the best way would be to attend one of Sifu’s courses on martial arts, but I wish you much joy and success training with the videos in the meantime!

    Best wishes,

    Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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      Dear Sifu Leonard,

      Thank you very much for help.