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Profundity of Cloud Hands

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  • Profundity of Cloud Hands

    Dear Wahnam family,

    For some reason today, I was inspired to learn the condensed San Feng Wudang set composed by Sigung. I managed to learn the first set of the form from the video Sigung posted for the Ireland course.

    What happened next was amazing - as I flowed through the form at the mind level, I felt myself merge with space around me. The force I experienced was soft and penetrating. Shocked, I decided to carry this newfound mind level over to the familiar Dragon Strength force training routine.

    Same incredible results. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I decided to focus on Cloud Hands and found myself effortlessly approaching Lightning speed without breaking a sweat.

    "Strange," I thought. "In my daily Dragon Strength training routine, I had to rely on vigorous chi flow to achieve similar speeds. Sometimes my muscles would ache from moving so fast. Yet, here I am effortlessly whizzing my arms in Cloud Hands and feeling my body merge and disappear blissfully into the cosmos."

    It then truly hit me at how deep Cloud Hands is - the highest skill condensed into such a simple form.

    Back to training!

    Best wishes,

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    Last week, I decided to practice Cloud Hands via the Black Tortoise training method. Again, I am not sure why the benefits have only started blossoming almost a year and half later since I took the Dragon Strength course.

    I could not believe the timelessness, unity and the feeling of my chi merging with the cosmos via training the Black Tortoise method. When everyone was experiencing what I just experienced last week during the Dragon Strength course, I was a little disappointed I didn't feel what my brothers and sisters felt.

    I am glad I finally caught up. For those who don't fully process that same day what Sigung teaches at a course, don't worry! The seeds are planted. They will sprout when the time is right!

    Best wishes,


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      Dear Stephen,

      Thank you for sharing your inspiring experience of Cloud Hands.

      I especially like the versatility of Cloud Hands in combat applications. Practicing these always gives a sense of practicing 'the heart of Taijiquan'. Flowing with the opponent and his/her movements.
      Love it.

      Best wishes,

      Nessa Kahila
      Shaolin Nordic Finland


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        Thank you Nessa!

        I love that am I finally getting it after a year and a half. It is definitely a huge change to my daily practice and eventually daily life.

        I just finished a rather brief session of Black Tortoise this morning. During Standing Meditation, the best words to describe my experience besides the feeling of expansion is that I was a shining golden light.

        Best wishes,
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          Good evening everyone,

          Tonight when I practiced Cloud Hands, I felt my mind merge with my arms. Actually, this happens a lot when I practice the Black Tortoise method. However, during my normal speed of practice, I typically let my mind gently direct my energy flow.

          Something interesting happened. My mind became one with my arms during my normal speed in Cloud Hands and I felt like I was chi coursing through my arms and body. The experience was similar to the Merging with Cosmos exercise where Sigung guides us to become our Dan Tian and expand. However, this time I felt like I was chi! I expanded into the cosmos briefly before coming back startled.

          In my mind's eye when I expanded, I saw myself looking into a large space in front of me with dark and purplish haze (similar to looking into outer space with no stars).

          Talk about amazing!

          Best wishes,


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            One of the most impressive things I have seen is watching Sifu doing cloud hands at speed. I wish I had it on video

            Best wishes


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              Inspiring to hear about your progress Stephen!




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                I like clould hands. Although it seems to be such a simple form its profoundness can be missed easily. Actually, there is much versatility to it which lies in sublte differences:

                - big
                - small
                - palms facing outward
                - palms facing inward
                - recatangular form of cloud hands
                - include hip rotation
                - moving in cloud hands


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                  yes))) it not only hands! cloudy hands, meet in many movements Tai Qi. Any blocks and blows... also we don't forget about the movement of legs and knees...